Chapter 63 Pre-war Preparations

Chapter 62 Tataras tragic fate

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Tatara felt that he must have offended the supreme god or that he was cursed……

It couldnt be…… thinking back to all his past deeds, he couldnt think of anything particularly that was a great sin, save for scamming peoples money, not paying his debts, being lecherous and greedy.

Ah…..there was also the time when he was still studying magic in the church. He would often get absent-minded, and dozed off during the routine prayers of every day and evening classes……

Even so, such a pitiful fate shouldnt fall on an important person like me, Lord Tataras head!

Ah, God! I am a magician! I am of the continents noblest profession, a magician!!

Although, in order to avoid his creditors, Tatara wandered to an impoverished, barbaric, and uncultivated land place like Primal Wildfire Town, he thought that his own pitiful fate would end when he started to follow the noble and beautiful Highness, after she freed him from that young, cut-throat thiefs hands.

He knew about Adelines noble identity! If a low-level magician like him, who had only reached the first rank, followed Her Highness around, it couldnt be said that he would get many advantages. However, at least in the future, he could have a long-term meal ticket. He wouldnt have to worry about food and drink, right?

Unfortunately, Tataras wishful thinking was not fulfilled.

Her Highness never meant to let Tatara follow her; in fact, she didnt even think about her own fate after she went back. How could she let Tatara follow her? Furthermore, she only brought Tatara with her at that time, because she simply wanted to avoid letting him reveal her true identity.

After taking Tatara away, Adeline forced him to swear a magical oath during the journey. Although he was low-level, a magical oath contract was sufficient enough to close this fellows mouth forever.

Therefore, when they returned to Primal Wildfire Town, the pitiful creature released Tatara, making him fend for himself.

Of course, the good-hearted Adeline didnt treat Tatara too unjustly, and let knight Tryp give him a small amount of money before leaving. After all, they also shared hardships together. Although it was not a lot, a 100 gold coins were still enough for a magician to spend for a very long time.

Moreover, Adeline naively believed that she did a good deed. After all, she let this magician regain his freedom……

However, she was wrong!

People like Tatara had no self-protection skills at all. His magic was extremely weak, and in a place like Primal Wildfire Town, where thugs filled the streets, it was without a doubt like throwing a fat sheep into a wolfs den.

What was more unfortunate, this fat sheep carried 100 gold coins on him. Such a fortune would make anyones eyes red with jealousy!

Therefore, Tatara was screwed!

What made this magician most annoyed was, he met the same group of thugs that robbed him the last time. It was those guys who stripped his clothes and threw him outside the city.

As a result, not only was this fat sheep delivered to them again, he also unexpectedly brought a small fortune!

The thugs were very happy and kindly accepted this unexpected harvest. The pitiful magician was again stripped of his clothes and thrown at the corner of the city wall – in kindness, , those thugs let the magician keep his underwear this time.

Adeline probably would never have thought that her good intentions would make this magician suffer such a tragic fate.

If ……If Primal Wildfire Town had not been occupied by the army, then Tatara could have sold himself again. Since he was an intellect who could write and count, he could have sold himself to a caravan to work as a servant and at least get some warm food and clothing.

However, he encountered a tragedy in a miserable situation. Both Tatara and Shaar came across a group of soldiers that were force drafting young men! What was more miserable was that the pitiful magician didnt have Shaars powerful fighting strength.

After having suffered from several whip slashes from trying to escape, the magician didnt dare to try again.

Being brought into the porter camp, he gloriously became a hard labourer that silently contributed towards the Byzantine Empires war against the invaders……

The gluttonous and lazy magician now became a hard labourer, and someone who got bullied inside the camp. His physical strength was extremely poor, and always lagged behind during work, but he did not eat less than others. He would naturally receive a severe beating from the soldiers supervising the work every other day.

Of course, he didnt spare any efforts to explain his true status: An honorable and noble magician.

However, unfortunately, his words were treated as crazy talk. When he tried to use his magic, his enhanced dust technique actually provoked the guarding soldiers, making them angry.

“Fuck! You actually dare to throw sand at me!”

As a result, the magician got another heavy beating.

Before meeting Shaar, the pitiful magician already struggled in the porter camp for many days…..

When speaking about this continents history that lasted thousands of years, perhaps Tatara would have neither a predecessor nor a future successor for the spot as the magician with the most tragic fate!

Having ended up in such a miserable situation as a magician……If this story spread, perhaps the whole continents magicians would be so ashamed that they would wish to kill themselves – of course, before killing themselves, they would certainly first execute Tatara who put their community to shame!


Sitting on the ground, with snot and tears on his face, Tatara told Shaar the tragic experience he went through. Their fates intertwined before, after all, and even Shaar couldnt help but have a bit of sympathy for this pitiful bottomfeeder.

“Alright! I want this guy!” He announced after turning around to face that fat military officer, “I am taking him as my squire! When can I take him away?”

The fat military officer carefully examined Tatara as if he was checking cattle – this guy was so thin, that he barely had any meat on him. Leaving him in the porter camp would only waste the grain.

Thus, the corrupt official revealed a respectful smile and said, “You can take him away at any time – as long as you wish to do so.”


After a big circle, the magician once again fell into Xia Shaars evil clutches.

After abandoning the “honourable” status of a porter, the new status of this magician was a cavalry squire.

……ehm, well, at least being squire was a hundred times better compared to a hard labour porter.

However, Shaars words quickly put away any of Tataras wishful thoughts.

This hillbilly grinned and announced, “From now on, you are my personal slave.”


The only one who had some doubts was Kevin. Looking at this emaciated fellow that Shaar wanted to take away, he couldnt bear and constantly turn his head to take a look at this suspicious fellow as he pitifully followed them – No matter how he looked it, that mans appearance was really dreadful and sneaky looking……

Moreover, according to Kevins professional perspective, this fellow really didnt look like he could do a competent job as a squire. He seemed a bit sly, and didnt have the appearance of someone who could bear hardships and stand hard work. Furthermore, with his thin physique, he didnt seem like someone who could do physical work. Everyone knows that a cavalrymans equipment is very heavy! Can this guy even lift it?

(Editor: Does this guy even lift?)

“Why did you choose such a guy?” Kevin sighed.

“He is an old acquaintance of mine. Seeing him in the porter camp was too much of a pitiful sight.” Shaar casually answered.

“Oh? What was his former profession? What skills does he have?”

Thinking for a moment, Shaar answered: “Erm… small magic tricks. Yeah, he was a trickster.”

(Trickster……Tears started to stream down the magicians face as he heard those harsh words while following them.)

“What use does a conman have? He doesnt look like he can do much work. Also, this person seems somewhat sly.” Kevin expressed his uneasy concern, after all, a squire was still very important to a cavalryman.

Shaar grinned, his eyes flashing with a strange light, before he replied Kevins question, “Relax, he will be obedient,” As my foster father once said, “A dutiful son is made with a stick! Hehe……”

The magician coughed blood and thought, “Oh gods, please pray for me and please bless me so I can survive this hardship…..”

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