”Ashley. ” Ashley heard Chloe call her name again from her desk for the umpteenth time that day, like doesn she get tired? She decided to finally look up at her friend, giving her a questioning look which got her speaking, ”have you heard anything about the new CEO coming in today? ”

Ashley hadn really heard much about the new CEO, but she remembered some of the ladies discussing about it in the rest room earlier that day, and she hadn been concerned.

She couldn really express how she felt about a new CEO, she was so used to Mr Marshall and it had shocked her when he announced that he was going to retire. She shook her head in response to the question Chloe asked this got her talking on.

”He is the successor of our company, the only child of Mr Marshall, and I heard he is very hot. ” Chloe ended this with a squeal. It was a miracle no one else seemed to mind. Ashley looked around the large working space to see that everyone was busy working.

Ashley rolled her eyes at Chloe, it had always being about hotness, nothing else seemed to matter to her. She gave her the response she was expecting anyway, ”so… ”

”Are you a lady at all? You should have atleast swooned or something, ” Chloe said in frustration. ”I don know what to do with you anymore. ”

”Just don do anything okay, ” Ashley said typing away at her computer. She understood Chloes frustration over her clearly, but somethings are just not meant to be.

Yeah, you can call her a workaholic, but working had always being a means of escape for her. Yes! Escape. She had a lot of things she wanted to erase from her life, a lot of things she wished so much never happened. Her mood dampened a whole lot more as these thoughts swirled through her mind.

”Is it back? ” she heard Chloes voice ask. The voice sounded very quiet unlike before. Ashley looked up at her and saw the look of concern on her face, she must admit she hated seeing that look. ”The nightmare; is it back? ”

”No, I haven had that in months, ” Ashley said, mustering up a smile. She had been lucky enough this past few months, her nightmares had stopped. Ashley knew that Chloe was still deeply curious about how she ended up having recurring nightmares, but she didn probe. That was the most unique thing about Chloe, she would never pry, she would rather wait until the person came clean.

”Then why do you have that troubled look? ” Chloe asked again.

”Nothing much, just random thoughts flowing through my mind, ” she answered.

Chloe went back to her work after giving her one more disbelieving look.

Ashley sighed and also returned to her work. Just as she was about to email the draft she had just completed to her boss, an email came in from the management for all staff to gather at the conference room, ”what again! ”

”It must be about the new CEO. ” Chloe piped in from her seat as she stood up with so much eagerness, looking all happy. Her brunette hair seemed to bounce up with her as she stood up. ”Come on lets go. ”

Ashley was greatly surprised, this was the first time Chloe would be so eager to answer a call from the management. She also noticed that the rest of the staffs seemed to get up really fast, today must be a good day at Marshall enterprises. Ashley on the other hand felt a little reluctant about standing up since she still had some unfinished task.

”Come on Ashley, you don wanna be late, do you? ” Chloe whined.

At this point Ashley had to leave what she was doing, and stood up.

They walked side by side at first, but soon enough Chloe got so annoyed and literally dragged her to the conference room. When they got in, the two feelings that hit her was shock and irritation. Ashley was shocked to see that the majority of the staffs at Marshall enterprises were already seated. This was a big news to contain because usually she was among the first ten people to get there. It seemed like everyone was really interested in this new CEO. And she was irritated by the noise in the room, the usually polished and neat conference room looked scattered today, there were people everywhere having several discussion which contributed to creating the cacophony in the room.

”See, I told you that we should hurry up but you kept on walking like a **ing bride, now theres no good seat left. ” Chloe whined like a baby, this baby seems to always forget that she is twenty two.

Ashley was forced to look around at this point and couldn comprehend what Chloe was saying, because she could definitely see more than enough good seat.

”Now we have to sit at the back and won be able to get a good look at the hot CEO, ” Chloe continued muttering, staring daggers at the people seated at the front. She dragged Chloe to the back and sat down, forcing Chloe down into the seat beside her.

Ashley shook her head at her friend who was still angry, she soon ignored her and got lost in her own thoughts thinking about nothing in particular. The noise in the room didn give her much space to think, she abhorred unnecessary talking, and it was quite unusual to see the employees at Marshall enterprises this disorganized.

It was about thirty minutes before the CEO Mr Marshall came in, this put an end to the silly talks as everywhere grew quiet. There was a young guy walking closely behind Mr Marshall. Ashley focused on the guy, watching him intently, she had always found people interesting, she loved people watching, one of the reasons Chloe refers to her

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