My Perfect Storm

Chapter Eight

Gregs head instantly shot up as he heard what Ashley said, ”you would like to what? ”

”Resign sir, ” Ashley said now sounding more convinced, because to him she sounded not too sure when she first said it.

He looked at her face trying to search for answers, which he knew was ridiculous.

Why does she want to resign? Does she feel he was too bossy? Did she get tired of the too much work? Or what?

She doesn seem like the one to quit, then why? Greg wanted to ask her this questions, but he would look like he needed her too much, ”so. ”

Ashley looked at him with disbelief like she expected another answer, he looked at her more closely. Her auburn hair was in that usual tight bun that he had gotten used to, ”then I guess I can just go. ”

”To where? ” he asked curtly.

”My house of course, where else? ”

”Last I checked you were my employee, and if Im right this is still working hours, so why will you be going home, Miss wells? ” he said with a matter of fact tone.

”Look here Mr Marshall, I came to tell you this because I couldn just walk off without informing you… ”

”Do I intimidate you? ” he asked cutting her off. He needed to know why, anything would do.

”No! ” Ashley shot back with fire, giving him a head on look. ”And back to what I was saying, I am resigning which means I am no longer in your employ. ”

”If you wanna resign Ashley, do it the proper way, ” he said.

”Proper what? ”

”This is not a coffee shop where you can just up and leave anytime you want and desire, Ashley. ”

”What? ”

”The Marshall Enterprise has its ways of dismissing employees. It is either I fire you, or you table a resignation letter which I will have to read. Then if I see that its considerable, I will send you a consideration letter. After that a meeting will be held with the whole staff where you will state your reason for resignation and maybe after then, I might actually let you go. ”

Greg looked up at her and saw her mouth wide open, he stopped himself from grinning widely. If she thought he was gonna let her go so easily she was mistaken. He wasn ready to let her go, not because she was special though, and its not that she is the most beautiful woman he had ever set his eyes on. There are definitely others more beautiful than her, wait scratch that, she was **ing gorgeous admitted, but thats not a reason to not let her go. Damn, Ashley was something else, he even went to her house for no particular reason.

”But when your father was here things weren done this way. An employee who felt he no longer wanted to work he or she could just drop in his or her resignation letter and leave, why this? ” Ashley asked him now sounding quite irritated.

”Well if you listen correctly to yourself, you said when my father was here right, ” he paused and looked at her to see her chewing the inside of her mouth. Its one habit he shouldn have noticed but he did, ”whos here now Ashley?…yeah right Greg Marshall, which means new boss new system. ” He dismissed her.

”So if Im to table this resignation letter how many days will it take for me to be able to leave? ” she asked and he was beginning to get irritated.

So Ashley wasn giving up, ”days…more like months, ” he saw her jaw drop to the floor. ”With the amount of work I have on my hands now, lets just pray it doesn drag into years. ”

Greg went back to what he was doing trying to ignore her presence which wasn always hard for him to do to other people, but he still can help but feel her presence. Ashley wasn making it easy either as she was tapping her fingers on the oak table that sat in front of him.

”Thats… ridiculous, months years you are definitely asking me to forget about this resignation, ” she threw her hands up to give emphasis which he found cute.

”Can you forget it? ”

”No! ” she yelled.

”Fine, then submit a resignation letter. ”

”Thats gonna take years to attend to, ohhh God, ” she looked at him angrily, ”you don even know the reason I want to resign. ”

”I expect you to state the reason in your resignation letter, if not I won even consider looking at it. ”

”Huhhh, ” she said and barge out of his office.

Greg smiled at her retreating figure, he was definitely getting used to seeing her walk angrily out of his office, she was one stubborn lady.

But why the hell does she wanna resign? He was gonna find out soon enough.


She sat down at her desk, as if on cue the telephone rang, she picked the call, ”Hello, Marshall Enterprise Ashley… ”

”I emailed a file to you check it, and work on it, ” she heard her boss say. God she had being so angry and didn realize it was her boss calling. How could she make such a stupid mistake considering the fact that there are two different telephones, he is definitely gonna think her brain was outside her skull by now.

”Okay, sir, ” she managed to say.

Damn she had to leave this company. Ashley knew what to do, if he won let her go easily then she will have to do something to make him fire her. What if she just leaves, he definitely doesn mean what he was saying about those crazy resignation and consideration letters, does he? What if he goes ahead and sues her? No she can go to jail now, although it was already looking like that would be her official home if she stays there any longer.

Ashley ignored all thoughts and started work on the file, and as usual, she seemed to forget everything else as she worked.

She had no idea how fast time had flown until she checked her wristwatch and realized it was past seven, Chloe would have gone home by now. She stood up and packed her stuff into her brown leather bag, and went to her boss office.

”What is it? ” She heard him say from inside, damn how did he know she was there? This was the second time this was happening today.

”I am going home for the day, sir, ” she said.

”Why? ” Ashley heard him ask and she nearly knocked down his door, ”oh its past seven already. ” She heard him say and finally relaxed. As she was about to talk, the door opened and she found herself standing face to face with her boss. Damn, he looked more handsome than he had the first day she saw him. His green eyes looked tired but they were still **ing pretty, he smiled at her which kind of looked foreign now. It wasn that she hadn seen him smile before but that was the day he came to her house, and since then he had been nothing but an asshole, ”you
e going home, Ill drop you off. ”

Ashley stood there looking at him like an alien, then she finally got her tongue back. ”you don need to bother, sir. ”

”Do you have another ride waiting for you? ”

”No, sir. ”

”Then I don mind dropping you off, ” Mr Marshall said and started walking towards the private elevator. She made her way to the public one when he stopped her, ”since I will be dropping you off I think it will be better for us to land at the same time, so you are riding this elevator with me, and you can quit the whole Mr and Sirs now. ”

He gave her a smile again, Damn this was dangerous, this guy wasn good for her health.

”But… ”

”No but, we
e off work, ” he said as he pressed the number into the elevator. He turned to her and suddenly asked out of the blue, with a serious expression. ”Why do you wanna resign? ”

”Its absolutely none of your business, sir, ” Ashley retorted which was a big lie, it was more than just his business .

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