My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 11 - Who Wears Their Clothes Properly When They Sleep?

Chapter 10 – Lets Take a Bath Together

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The audience ridiculed Tang Wan, his naming ability was as good as ever, simple, crude, and passionate! They also screamed in appreciation, asking him to open the touch function!!!

Before Tang Wan stood up, he saw a flash from the doorway. A little black and gold fuzzy dumpling stood there quietly, looking at him with unfluctuating eyes. Tang Wan trembled with fear, and reflexively put down the golden chubby cat.

Comment: Hahahaha seems like I just saw a little wife caught cheating by his husband!

Tang Wan: “……”

Zong He wiggled his tail, giving Jin Xiao Pang a disdaining look. He waved his paw at Tang Wan, signaling: Come here!

His baby called him, so Dad Tang stood up and went to the door. He would give up anything for his baby!

Zong He waved his paw again, indicating: You get that chubby cat for me!

Tang Wan didnt doubt him. He picked up Jin Xiao Pang and walked to the door. He whispered, “Whats wrong?”

Zong He went up with a paw, smushing it into Jin Xiao Pangs face.Whats wrong? Shrinking into the arms of anothers wife, shameless! If he didnt pull out his claws, he couldnt vent his anger!

When it was hit, Jin Xiao Pang let out a puremiao. Tang Wan reacted and quickly covered Jin Xiao Pangs head. His baby had smacked his paw onto Jin Xiao Pangs forehead, looking like he wanted to scratch him bald. “No, no, no, dont move your paw! Its just a pet!”

Zong He snorted and pressed his paw on Jin Xiao Pangs stomach. All he felt was fat. Zong He disliked it. It didnt even have abdominal muscles, so it must feel bad to touch. Most importantly, it was IQ deficient!

Tang Wan saw his expression relax, and continued to coax, “I love you, I love you the most, no one can shake your status!”

Zong Hes claws retracted, and he turned around with red ears. He sauntered gracefully and went to sleep in the opposite bedroom. Coaxing him with sweet words every time, this sweet-talking human!

Tang Wan looked back and sighed. This child was too domineering. His parents werent around, so he was too sensitive. He must be afraid that, since he already had Jin Xiao Ping, Tang Wan wouldnt love him anymore.

Tang Wan returned to the live studio as if nothing had happened. He held and rubbed Jin Xiao Ping in his arms, providing comfort. He then placed it on the table and said to everyone, “Today, I will take everyone to make a cat tree with toys. The people who like it can do it with me. This is also suitable for beastmen friends with cat cubs at home.”

What cat tree ah, the audience no longer cared. Their eyes were glued to Jin Xiao Pang. When Tang Wan went to build the cat tree, everyone was using the touch function, tentatively poking all over Jin Xiao Pangs body.

Comments whizzed by: Damn! So soft, soft, soft!

Its live! Not fake!!

Fur! Fur! Fur! So much fur!!!

I cant handle it, Ill cry when I touch! Touching Da Zhuang must feel better than Jin Xiao Pang, Tang Tang, cursing you everyday!

I am jealous, I am jealous on behalf of my family!

On behalf of my race, I am jealous!

Hahaha I touched its ears!

The mythical ancient earth creatures are in front of me, I drop down! I gasp! Ill lick!

Hey! Are those upstairs going crazy?!


Jin Xiao Ping, who couldnt feel anything at all, licked its paws and looked a little lazy, like two elders next door who were drinking tea and basking in the sun. Tang Wan felt that the child was a little dull. You were almost scratched bald by another cat just now!

Many fans called their friends: Come and see!Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang is broadcasting live! Theres a cat this time! A cat!

The number of people in the live broadcast shot up. Others had checked the data and the breed of the cat. There were also pictures of all kinds of cats. Let Tang Wan look at them, and quickly summon them. Ten billion letters were being written in blood, please summon!

After Tang Wan assembled the cat tree, using his foot to wheel and push it into the wall, fastened it, then placed Jin Xiao Ping underneath it. Holding its two paws, he then scratched the cats climbing post, teaching it to stick its paws onto the hemp rope.

Jin Xiao Pang had a strong ability to understand. Once it was taught, it would understand, and the hemp rope was grasped by the little claws.

Tang Wan stifled a laugh. How unlike a heavyweight athlete!

After playing with the rope, Jin Xiao Pang quickly climbed up the cat tree, bouncing back and forth. Tang Wan picked up a cat stick to amuse it, and as soon as he did, Jin Xiao Pang bounced again, trembling all over. The fans were all crying.

At this time, the system prompted: Supreme VIP Good Baby Production Company No.1: I have arrived, young man~

Tang Wan laughed lightly “Your news came too soon, wait until I finish my live broadcast.”

What Tang Wan earned was reward money. Whether it was knitting, sewing, or handmade toys, as long as it was animal-related, he would do well. He also knew how to use felt to make beautifully intricate animals, other handicrafts, and could also cook a meal. In his past life, the things that Tang Wan made with his skillful hands were stolen every time. Hence, he no longer sold them off, but gave them away by lottery.

In this interstellar area, handmade crafts were undoubtedly one of the most treasured things. The more exquisitely it was made, the higher the price it would fetch. He usually drew a lottery for his fans, but this cat tree couldnt be given away. He wanted to give it to his kittens to play with.

The Good Baby Production Company No.1 was the director of the Baby Toys Manufacturing Company. In peacetime, when Tang Wan first made toys, the director contacted him to buy the rights to production. Tang Wan was already famous with his live broadcasts. After they made it, he would publicize it and it would sell out quickly. There were also many toy companies that wanted to grab the opportunity to do business with him, but they couldnt meet the price set by the other party.

The Baby Toys Manufacturing Company was the most famous toy manufacturer in the whole empire. They had cooperated with Tang Wan many times, and they were familiar with one another. They had purchased almost all of Tang Wans toys. Of course, this year, Tang Wans wallet was completely stuffed up.

The audience in the live broadcasting studio constantly threw rewards at Tang Wan, as they liked this cat tree very much. They asked: Will this cat tree also be mass produced?

Can you make it bigger? I want to give it to the three cubs in my family to play with!

Please make it stronger! Please make it taller! I want to buy it!

Cats and cat trees are the best match~

People who dont have babies wouldnt care about the trees, I just want to see Jin Xiao Pang!

Aiya! It licked its fur! How cute!

Ive been touching its beard, its so cute ~ I really want to see a real cat!


After receiving the rewards, Tang Wan watched the audience touch the cat, looking at their barrage of excitement. It was like watching a big movie for half an hour. He found that the fans were endless. Tang Wan looked at the amount of rewards, smiled and said goodbye to everyone. “Its 9 oclock, its good for the body to sleep and wake up early. Everybody, good night.”

Dealing with the audience was like raising cats, if all of their curiosity was satisfied at once, then there would be no more fun in the future. After Tang Wan went offline with a storm of people crying behind him, his Weibo became lively.That mysterious ancient earth creature blogger has come up with a new trick, and a cute pet cat had been successfully summoned posts were instantly fired on the headlines of the StarNet Entertainment Channel, and Jin Xiao Pangs videos were also posted, which led people to crazily forward it. What they had never seen before was fresh and disappeared species had reappeared again, which aroused peoples curiosity. The mysterious broadcastereating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang once again appeared in the publics eye, and the number of followers continued to rise.

Tang Wan had stopped looking at things online. He fed Jin Xiao Pang, and embraced it in his arms, encouraging it. He brushed the cats fur, then reluctantly placed it back into the system, so it could take a good rest.

Truthfully, after seeing Da Zhuangs show of anger, he thought that if he let Jin Xiao Pang stroll around, Da Zhuang might take advantage of it when he was asleep and beat it into a dog.

Right after that, the Good Baby Production Company No.1 contacted Tang Wan. They talked about their business with a few words, and then Tang Wan had another source of income. Smiling as he went back to the bedroom, he picked up the sleeping Zong He, held him tightly in his arms, and kissed his forehead. “Da Zhuang, are you hungry? You didnt eat much this evening, do you want a snack?”

Zong He raised his head and buried his face in Tang Wans neck. Gently rubbing it, it didnt matter if he ate, his spiritual power was unstable and he was sleepy.

Tang Wan smiled. He was really acting spoiled, and he seemed to be really hungry.

“Wait, Ill make something for you to eat.”

Twenty minutes later, Tang Wan brought fried rice and meat boiled in soup. He called out to the sleeping kitten, “Da Zhuang, get up and eat, or youll get hungry in the middle of the night and not sleep well.”

Zong He got up and his nose twitched. He jumped onto the table, waiting for Tang Wan to give him a small apron to protect the long fur on his neck. Looking at the two rice bowls, he was dissatisfied and pushed the meat to Tang Wan, pulling the rice towards himself. So thin, how could Tang Wan not eat some meat? Those in the entertainment industry didnt learn well, so they didnt eat meat.

Tang Wan wanted to take back the fried rice. He preferred light tastes, and didnt like to eat meat at night.

Zong He bared his teeth and scared Tang Wan back, grabbing the bowl with his paws and ate! Why dont you look in the mirror to see how skinny you are?

Tang Wan took a spoon and stole a mouthful of rice. Under the kittens gaze, he put on a smile and laughed, “You really do eat rice, dont cats dislike eating rice? Usually, youre disgusted when I give you even a grain of rice.”

Tang Wan looked at the kittens whiskers, splattered with grains of rice, his expression tempestuous. He didnt know whether to laugh or cry, saying “If you dont like it, then dont eat it. You dont have to give me all of the good food, theres more meat in the kitchen.”

The kitten on the table looked at him and ate the rice in silence. Tang Wans heart went soft, “Okay, okay, Ill eat meat with you.”

Zong He pushed the rice aside and watched Tang Wan happily eating. He patted Tang Wans head with his paw. Good!

After they were full, Tang Wan handed the tableware to the servants and asked, “What about the Marshal? Is he still in the treatment room?”

The servant replied, “Lin Bo said that the Marshal is going to sleep in the treatment room tonight. Please rest early.”

Tang Wan felt relieved and rolled cheerfully back onto the bed, hugging Da Zhuang, “Great, this is our place tonight, Da Zhuang! Daddy gives you a kiss! Mua!”

Zong He, who was being squeezed breathless, bared his teeth. Sooner or later! He would squeeze him back!

Tang Wan lifted Zong He up and exclaimed, “Baby, lets take a bath together!”

Zong He: “……”

Very well.

Even in kitty form, ML tries to feed Tang Tang!


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