My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 18 - Sensual Big Cat Acting Spoiled Online

Chapter 17 – If He Wont Hand Over the Cat, then I Wont Let Him Go On!

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The alpacas name was Shen Zhu Ge. Why add Ge? Its because if they characterized his personality, it would be like a street gangster. With a slicked-back hairstyle, as soon as he was upset, it would freely puff up. Whoever he saw, hed spit on, giving them a face full of saliva. If it werent for its good looks, Tang Wan could definitely smack it eight times a day.

It was spitting again. Tang Wan picked up his stick and smacked it against a rock, frightening the alpaca. “If you spit again, Ill smack you like this. Understand?”

Shen Zhu Ge shrank back in fear and didnt dare to stroll about freely.

Tang Wan pointed at the ground with his stick. “If you cant control yourself, you can spit on the ground. Understand?”

“Tui!” Shen Zhu Ge obediently tuid on the ground to show that he had learned to be honest under the sticks authority.

Tang Wan tossed the stick away and angrily stomped towards the bathroom. This bastard!

Xuan Feng foolishly rose behind them, “Stupid hit! Stupid hit!”

Shen Zhu Ge behaved, watching Tang Wans shadow gradually fade away. In a second, it ran towards the pony and the mini-donkey, following and circling around them, then running ahead. It took two loops and ran back, obviously asking them to play with it, run!

The pony and mini-donkey were still walking slowly with small steps, casually eating grass. It seemed that they were too lazy to deal with this fool.

When Tang Wan came out from his bath, Shen Zhu Ges hairstyle had collapsed, its disheveled hair covering its face, and unable to see at all. Several servants and guards were taking pictures. Perhaps they had never seen such a silly pet.

This fool thought that it was very beautiful. Having made a fool of itself, it crowded against the group of people. With that mouth shape, it seemed like it wanted to tui. But he had just been taught and wasnt brave enough to tui again. In short, he wasnt allowed to act like a fool.

Tang Wan coughed, and Shen Zhu Ge immediately came back to please him, the hair covering his eyes being tossed about. Tang Wan held his forehead. He was afraid that he had raised a fool.

Since he raised Shen Zhu Ge, he didnt dare to raise a husky. Tang Wan patted the fools head and helplessly said, “Ill change your hairstyle later.”

There were servants and guards in the home, and Tang Wan hadnt put the pets away, letting them wander in the yard. After he ate lunch, Tang Wan posted on his Weibo: I moved to a new house, its a big place. I let the fur babies out for air and Im broadcasting exactly at 1:30.

When Tang Wan went online, the audience who had been waiting for a long time were dumbfounded: the place……really was big enough!

Tang Wan used outdoor cameras, which were directly lifted up and placed over the lawn. With just a look, Tang Wan could control the cameras. It was very convenient to use them. In order to see where the pets were going, Tang Wan took a panoramic view of the enclosed lawn. After a couple seconds of silence, exclamation marks came up in rows: so big!

It isnt the ordinary kind of big!

Your family is so rich! No wonder you wont glance at seven million!

Even in a remote place on β Ursae Minoris, a home with such a large lawn would be worth billions!

Upstairs, dont be excited. Maybe its a third-class planet. The land on a third-class planet isnt so expensive.

With this persons words, everyone calmed down. Right, he wasnt necessarily on &#k3K2; Ursae Minoris, he might be on a third-class planet. But it wasnt cheap to buy such a large plot of land on a third-class planet either. Looking at it that way, their host really was rich.

Tang Wan looked up at the palace, which he could see with the naked eye, and calculated how close his home was. Wouldnt the land be more expensive?

Too lazy to struggle with the problem, Tang Wan clapped his hands and said to everyone, “Recently, I seemed to have gained more spiritual strength. Now, I not only can summon one species, but I can summon many more. First up to appear is the Rabbit Heavenly Regiment, led by Luo Bei.”

Without his natural enemy, Luo Bei and his little rabbit brothers sauntered onto the lawn and received a round of applause. Tang Wan introduced the rabbits to the audience, “Dutch rabbits, countryside rabbits, lop-eared rabbits, their breeds can be determined from their appearance. Their names are also very good: Luo Bei, Coriander, Beancurd, Cucumber, Beans……”

The audience was dumbfounded at all of the rabbits names being vegetable names, but couldnt control themselves, feeling the fur of the ancient Earths rabbits.

Not only did they pet them themselves, they also called their friends to come. Petting rabbits was like petting cats, they couldnt stop petting at all, they still wanted to do it!

Of course, there were so many rabbits and the audience was curious, asking, “Tang Tang, can you remember their names by yourself?”

“Of course.” Tang Wan tapped open the system, checking out that animals that he had bought. Every entry had a name on top, clear as day.

The comments were a wave of kneeling to the big boss emoticons, admiring Tang Wans memory. The one who could remember all of the vegetable names would be their big boss.

Some people were very curious: Tang Tang, if your spiritual strength very high? Weve never heard of a person summoning so many living things at once……

Tang Wan touched his chin. He wondered if hed be too conspicuous. Would it give Zong He more trouble? He hastened to say modestly, “Ive never thought about it before, but what I summon cant be used in battle, they can only sell meng. It shouldnt take too much spiritual strength.”

The type of comments changed: You grow a little heart ba!

Haha! I see you foolishly keeping quiet!

Are you stupid?! It has nothing to do with fighting! Quickly test your spiritual strength, if you reach A-level, you can get a lot of benefits!

Im sorry everyone, Im taking my blue friend back home to educate him!


Tang Wan was embarrassed, had he said something wrong?

“Okay, skipping this topic.” Tang Wan stiffly changed the subject. “Next, lets look at the hamster babies. They dont like strong light, so I built them a small shed.”

Tang Wan pointed towards the virtual screen and pulled out a window. The previous one had only shot rabbits and this one shot hamsters. The audience could choose for themselves. “Theyre Da Mao, Er Mao, San Man, Si Mao, Wu Mao, Liu Mao, Qi Mao……”

The audience all understood his routine and said: You dont need to introduce them, we understand. However many hamsters there are would be how many Maos there are.

How round, how chubby!

The hamsters are raised well, and their fur is smooth!

Theyre really amazing, theres a lot of stuff in their mouth. How awesome!


Just the names arent good, Daddy Tang really doesnt want to change their names?

Tang Wan: “Isnt it especially good? The babies with these names are well raised.”

The audience was too lazy to argue: Ok, ok, ok. Its whatever you say.

There were still people saying: Want to see Da Zhuang! Begging Da Zhuang to come out!

“Da Zhuang went to school. My familys little nephew has gotten big and wants to go out to temper himself. Ah, its empty and lonely. Ill let Xuan Feng come out and say hello to everyone.”

Tang Wan also felt that after he spoke, he was also happy, but he inexplicably felt that Xuan Feng had been sent to fill up his phone bill.

Xuan Fengs mouth ran as it came out, “Little sister, a mua ~”

At first, the audience all thought that Tang Wan was a local tyrant and that it didnt matter whether or not they gave a reward. Now they were all excited and it truly didnt matter. They all threw gifts: buy candy for Xuan Feng to eat!

Eat, Xuan Feng! Buy melon seeds!

Buy food for Da Mao!

Buy Luo Bei carrots!


Tang Wan looked at it, squinting. “Today, Ill introduce you to two new friends, the pony and the mini-donkey. They havent been named yet.”

The studio was quiet, curiously watching the new species, daring to tentatively reach out and touch them.

Someone asked: Is this pony the ancestor of the giant pony?

Tang Wan nodded, “Correct. Their bodies are three meters tall and one kick from a giant pony can break a wall. They grew like this when they were on Earth.”

The audience didnt know what to say. Good meng pets grew up to be like this, the fixed point was too wicked!

“Well, Ive already come up with names for them.” Tang Wan said solemnly, interrupting everyones thoughts. “The pony is called Iron Pillar and the mini-donkey is called Er Hei.”

Audience: !!!

Will you change the names if we struggle?

Tang Wan refused. “Of course I wont.”

Audience: Okay then~ As long as Xiao Gege is happy!

Tang Wan was very satisfied with these two names. He let Iron Pillar and Er Hei play by themselves and called over Shen Zhu Ge. He let everyone see its hairstyle, leading to a barrage of hahahahas. They all became little monsters eating haha eggs, and nothing else on the screen could be seen!

Tang Wan also gave it a cold shoulder, combing Shen Zhu Ges hair. “Lets change the hairstyle. What about a small braid?”

The audience let out another wave of hahahahas, the screen awash with gifts, all to buy a hair tie for Shen Zhu Ge.

Five minutes later, two alpacas were happily running on the lawn, their hearts filled like an ocean, waves flying.

Looking at them, Tang Wan was also a bit happy, but only wanted to curse out: Which village did the silly girl run out from?!

He took a picture to give to Zong He to look at. But after he took the picture, he noticed that he didnt have his communications number!

They had been married for over a year and now slept in the same bed, but he didnt even know his partners communications number. Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. Not many others would be able to do things to the extent that they did.

At this time, there were people sending waves of comments wildly: hire you to work as a pet manager in my house, sincerely hire. With annual salary of ten million, you can do whatever you want to do and can broadcast everyday.

The comments were peaceful for a while, but after continuing adding on seven hundred thousand, there was another one pitching an additional ten million. If it was true, normal peoples interest would be piqued.

Tang Wan apologized, “Sorry, I cant do that. I havent been to school and my health isnt good. Im weak, helpless, and pitiful. My relatives not in good health, he needs a wheelchair to get around. He can barely walk two steps and needs treatment everyday. I need to take care of him.”

At this time, Zong He, who has just finished his military affairs, rushed home. Listening to this as soon as he got off the plane, his expression soured. Who was weak, helpless, and pitiful? Who had to get around in a wheelchair? Who could only walk two steps and suffered?

When Tang Wan heard the movement behind him and went all out to appease the other: “Marshal daren should open an aircraft carrier in his belly. You cant get angry at everything.”

Zong He was equally serious. “No, I have a small stomach and eat little. An aircraft carrier cant fly.”

Tang Wan: “……hmph.”

At this time in the Marquis mansion, a middle-aged man in a housekeepers outfit apologetically reported to the young master: “Young master, the host said that he cant come.”

The young masters expression chilled and he slammed his hands on the table. “Find out where he lives and go talk to him. I must get that cat. If he doesnt come, well just take his cat and not let him go on!”

And Tang Tangs naming sense strikes again (^・ω・^ )

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