My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 19 - Is There a Problem With Da Zhuangs Growth?

Chapter 18 – Sensual Big Cat, Acting Spoiled Online

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Tang Wan hadnt expected Zong He to be so narrow-minded. He had heard the others footsteps and was teasing him. This person was too forceful. Tang Wan wasnt allowed to say that he was weak; Zong Hes expression was clearly unhappy. Tang Wan laughed, and the other became even unhappier. So narrow-minded, small as the tip of a needle.

With another look at the internet, the fans dearly loved Tang Wan and bombarded him with rewards: take care of your health and buy some more good food.

Tang Tang was so pitiful, his skinny body was unacceptable.

So Tang Tang really has a partner and he wasnt in good health. Alas, its a pity that he cant marry again well.

Its not necessarily his partner, it might be a family member.

Giving money for you to buy meat to eat, Tang Tang jia you!

Attend to your relative well, buy more medicine.


Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. These people really were cute. He wasnt lying at all, but he didnt live off of the help of the fans. He didnt want to make money off of a tragic situation.

Zong He became even angrier when he saw the flood of words. They gave money for him to see a doctor! How weak was he?

Tang Wan earnestly and sincerely soothed the fur of his familys big cat, stretching is wrists out for the other to see, “They sympathized with me for my poor health. I said I was weak, helpless, and pitiful.”

At this moment, the comments came forward in a fresh wave: buy some medicine for your relative!

Hope your legs get better soon!

What a pity it is to be in a wheelchair, gifting you with a luxury house!


Zong He looked at Tang Wan in grievance without saying a word, expressing his anger with his eyes.

This also made Tang Wan feel rather resentful. The other side was like this, he felt that his back was sore; this really was a pot from the sky, making it seem like he had said a lot of bad things behind Zong Hes back. He swore that he really didnt say that much.

At the moment, they were still going live and the audience saw Tang Wan turning and around and speaking. Tang Wan also couldnt explain it and he looked pitifully at Zong He: I was wrong, Ill admit it!

Zong He took a sharp inhale and left, completely unable to bear his partners coquettish eyes.

At the end of the live broadcast, Tang Wan released so many pictures of the meng pets that they had been made into albums that they posted on the internet, gaining many clicks. At the time, there were people who wondered, if they combined all of Tang Wans live videos into an album and published it to a video site, wouldnt they gain even more clicks? Therefore, some people used private messages to poke Tang Wan, wanting authorization. Unfortunately, Tang Wan was a host who didnt accept private messages. The only way he could be contacted was by leaving messages in his live broadcasting studio and then Tang Wan would contact them. For the interested party to negotiate, then theyd have to wait until his next broadcast. How long would they wait until? Hes so lazy! Besides, if they sent him a message, what if he pretended that he hadnt seen it?

As a result, Tang Wan was @ed by the StarNetwork Medias official website. The other party had directly asked: Can we sign a contract to sell the copyright of the video to us?

As soon as the news came out, many of Tang Wans fans rallied together: Wont sell!

Does it cost money to watch the live broadcast if it is sold?

We poor students just want to watch, we dont have money for you to take!

Scholars studying paleontology say: Poor!


The officials were dumbfounded. Because Tang Wan as at the top of the live broadcasting circle, the amount of rewards he received should be in the top three. His fans were so powerful, how were they all poor?

To be honest, the number of poor fans werent small; many of them were students interested in paleontology and scholars who researched this kind of data. Tang Wan had more rewards because he had more fans and with one star coin per person, he could make a lot of money overnight. For others, they had to pay an admission fee when they enter the live broadcasting studio, which was the hosts source of income. Tang Wan had also considered taking that road in the beginning, but then realized that what he needed was popularity, so he gave up.

When Tang Wan saw the news, he quickly responded to the other: Sorry, I dont have any plans for it for the time being. If I do become interested, I will give priority to your site. Tang Wan had also considered the fans unwillingness to buy it if the copyright was sold. They were used to seeing it for free and rewarded depended on their mood. Once they were forced to buy it, there would be a drop in the mood. It would also reduce his popularity. At the moment, his popularity was the most important and making money came second.

As soon as his Weibo came out, many in the entertainment networks red circle commented in the back: What connections does thisEating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang have? He doesnt care about money at all! Or hes a wealthy idiot who doesnt want to make a profit, what a fool!

Alvin, the second young master of Marquis Keppels family, naturally sneered at all this. Could his connection be as powerful as a Marquis? At best, theyd be a wealthy businessman. How many nobles would let their own partners expose themselves to the public to this degree, allowing them to entertain an audience and seek their appreciation like an actor? Wouldnt the nobles face be gone?

“Check, keep on checking. I dont believe that I cant contact him.”

Once the young master gave the absolute order, the housekeeper could only draw on their manpower and material resources to track down Tang Wans information. It took a lot of effort for them to find an Imperial StarNetwork official to check Tang Wans ID, but the result was that it couldnt be found!

When Alvin heard the news, he didnt retreat at all. “How can they not find it? They just dont want to check it, thats all. Go give a gift, pack some money. I wont believe it. Who dares to not give the Marquis face?”

The housekeeper frowned. The Marquis had always been considering his two children. Because the first young master and the second young master were twins, they were the same age so the heir couldnt depend on that. The Maquis meant to watch them fight and encourage them to compete. He could understand that the second young master was trying to please young master Tang for a boost for his familys future. In this way, his chances of winning as the Marquis successor would be greater. But it was a little risky to do so without knowing all of the hosts information.

The housekeeper advised, “Young master, I think it would be better to discuss this with the Marquis.”

Alvin frowned in disgust, “No need. My father said to let the younger generation deal with their own affairs and not to bother our elders. Its just an internet star, would the truly powerful nobles go sell their faces?”

The housekeeper bowed his head. “Then I will listen to the young master.”

Alvin grit his teeth and a cold light flashed through his eyes. He had grown up under the pressure of his twin brother. Everyone said that his brother was the heir, but he wasnt convinced. The other had just come out of the womb a minute earlier than him. Why did they have to add the wordsecond in front ofyoung master?

Alvin was also very cruel this time. No matter how much he tossed about, he had to take young master Tangs vessel and get rid of his older brother!

However, Tang Wans identity was a mystery. The housekeeper poured a lot of thought into it and finally found someone to check Tang Wans private information on the StarNetwork. Apart from his name and age, all the other results were the same: access restricted! Even the identity of his partner was: access restricted!

The housekeeper finally understood that this meng pet blogger wasnt an ordinary person. He could protect his identity so well so that the average noble couldnt find or check it. To be able to reach the position of the housekeeper of the Marquis mansion, he naturally wasnt an idiot. Unfortunately, Alvin didnt listen to him at all. “Since we cant contact him, we wont let him go on. At that time, he would naturally not come. You dont have to worry about what would happen in the future.”

Truthfully, Alvin didnt believe the housekeeper much either. He seemed to be on his side for now, but if he went to his elder brother later, it would just be an obstacle for him.

When the housekeeper heard this, he expressionlessly bowed his head, silently sneering as he lowered his eyes. “Then I will draw back and leave the matter to the young master.”

— — — —

Late at night, it suddenly began to rain. β Ursae Minoris was warm all year round, like spring. When the rain fell, the temperature fell more than ten degrees.

Tang Wans entire body was curled up in quilts and entangled in a nightmare. His thoughts were muddled, innumerable, inexplicable thoughts swirling through his mind so he couldnt wake up even when he wanted to.

In the darkness, a pair of malicious eyes were staring back at him. He knew that they were a womans eyes.

“Why did you eat so little today? Feed it to him, he must eat it up. They might think Im abusing him.”

“Dont let him out today, hes not in good health. He needs to rest and cant have any visitors.”

“Why were you locked up? Ah, thats because you are a waste, a disgrace to the family!”

“From now on, you are dead and you cant appear in front of people. For the familys honor, this is the sacrifice you have to make.”


Tang Wan felt that he was in a dark space, narrow and dim without sunlight. It was even more terrible in the dark of the night. He could often hear the howling of the beast next door. He was terrified and knocked on the door. There was no movement outside. He wanted to open the window, but it had been nailed down. Tang Wan was panic-stricken, crying and banging against the door. The nails were rusted with blood. At this time, a tender voice whispered from the other side of the door, “Brother, wait for me to come back. Ill go look for Grandfather, I will come back to save you!”

A little hope had just been raised but suddenly there was a noise outside of the door and the cries of a child. An older mans frigid voice rang out, “Who was watching over the young master? Letting him run around on a rainy night, pull that servant to the back mountains and bury them.”

“No!” The childs tender voice echoed in the rainy night, followed only by a muffled whimper.

“Xiao Ye!” Tang Wan jolted and sat up, Zong He sitting beside him and looking at him with a worried face. Tang Wan blinked, his sight gradually returning. He saw the rooms dim light and heard the rain outside of the window, the line between his dream and reality still blurred. His heart had almost jumped out and it felt stuffy and painful, as if it had been gripped by a hand.

In the next second, he was embraced. Tang Wan felt the warmth and took a deep breath. It relieved the pain in his heart a little, only to find himself scared into a cold sweat. “Zong He?”

“Im here.” Zong He soothed, stroking Tang Wans back. “Dont be afraid, Im here.”

Tang Wan kneaded his head, the pain causing a dull buzz and making him feel a little sick.

“I had a nightmare, it scared me to death.”

Zong He pulled him closer, “Its all right, its not real.”

“I dreamed about a child.”

“Dreams arent real.”

Tang Wan laughed weakly. Yes, they were all fake. The Marshal didnt really know how to comfort anyone.

He turned on the dim light and clearly saw the room. With the person around him, Tang Wan felt a little more comfortable. “I want to sleep with the lights on.”

Zong He lovingly touched Tang Wans forehead, brushing away the sweat. Without another word, he transformed into a beast, pulling Tang Wan into his arms. “Ill keep watch while you sleep so you wont be afraid.”

Tang Wan petted the cats neck. His entire body was nestled in the cats arms and pressed against his belly, his head pillowed on one of his front legs. Tang Wan relaxed. Zong He, the undefeated god of war was beside him, and there was an unusual sense of safety in his heart.

“Thank you.” This time, he spoke with a sincerity he never had before.

Zong He rubbed his chin against Tang Wans forehead, pulled the quilt over and wrapped them up. He watched him close his eyes, ensuring that he had been asleep for a long time before he shut his own eyes.

We finally get a little more on the originals backstory (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

On the chapter title: 大猫 (aside from meaningbig cat) can also be a way of calling someone cute, so an alternate title can beSensual and Cute, Acting Spoiled Online.

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