Chapter 21 – The Ancients Ate Better Than You

Translator: Callis

Editor: Walker

Against partners like Tang Wan, fight? Those who hit their wives were animals!

Education? The Marshal knew how to educate his subordinates, but educate his partner? He had never done it.

Tang Wan was always pulling on his tigers whiskers and making him so angry that his fur would puff up. The Marshal only had one method left: if he couldnt provoke, then he would hide.

The Marshal, who had always been able to do everything between heaven and earth and would never fail, was defeated by Tang Wan. He angrily went to search for a place to turn back into a human.

Tang Wan was still caught up in the excitement of Da Zhuang talking. He had always wanted to tease the cub into speaking. He noticed that his baby had snuck away and went to go look for him. But as soon as he reached the door, he was blocked by a tall figure. Tang Wan almost bumped into the others shoulders, and his face went from a teasing look to a more serious one. “Zong He, youre back.”

Zong He was sullen. “En.”

Tang Wan saw his facial expression and thought that he was tired. He stood aside and let the other in. “If youre tired, you can rest. Have you eaten this evening? I can deliver some food to you.”

Zong He sidestepped and blocked Tang Wans path. They were deadlocked and he refused to let him leave. “Ate already.”

Tang Wan blinked. It seemed that the Marshal was in a bad mood. “What happened? Did someone make you angry?”

Zong He looked at Tang Wans innocent, ignorant face with a gloomy eye. “En.”

Tang Wan became serious. He carried forward the spirit of cooperation between husband and wife and patted Zong Hes shoulder. He put all his strength into urging the other and giving him strength, “You are the Empires Marshal. In front of outsiders, you have to have a firm will, a steel spirit. At home, you dont have to cover it up. If youre mad, you must speak up, dont hold back.”

Zong He: “……”

Tang Wan was sympathetic towards Zong He. Outsiders had portrayed him as an invincible legend; in their eyes, Zong He was a stiff, unyielding hero. Zong He would be the most tired person.

“Okay, okay.” Tang Wan stroked Zong Hes head like he was a big cat, raising his hand and ruffling the black hair. “Dont be angry, Ill tell you something good. Da Zhuang can talk, his IQ is ok.”

The corner of Zong Hes mouth twitched. He grabbed Tang Wans hand and pulled him directly into his arms; he didnt want Tang Wan to see his fur-puffing expression of anger.

Tang Wans body tensed, then his lips curved slightly upwards and he patted Zong Hes back. “Youre very happy and excited too. If youre happy, you also need to express it, dont hold back.”

Zong He pressed Tang Wan against the door and rested his forehead against the others. He grit his teeth, wanting to bite angrily at the other.

Tang Wan had a knowing expression on his face. He understood that the other couldnt easily express his emotions. Still trying to appease him, Tang Wan tentatively raised his hands and finally gathered enough courage to put his arms around Zong Hes waist. He tried to look calm. “I dont know why the child is so upset and he ran away.”

Zong He looked down at Tang Wans red ears. His gaze fell onto his lips and his eyes grew darker and darker. When Tang Wan opened his mouth to say something again, Zong He took a deep breath and didnt want to endure it anymore. He lowered his head and blocked the chattering mouth. After accumulating a days worth of anger, he finally found a way to release it and his unhappy mood was instantly cured.

The self-taught Marshal finally found a way to deal with his discontent and he didnt give Tang Wan a chance to refuse.

When Tang Wan finally didnt want to speak anymore and furiously glared at him, Zong He raised his head and held his hands so that he couldnt run away. “I heard from Lin Bo that you wanted my communication number?”

Tang Wan turned his head and laughed coldly, “Ha ha, I dont want it anymore.”

Zong Hes mouth curved up, in a pleasant mood, and looked at Tang Wans moist and glistening lips. “Ill give it to you.”

“I- I dont want it! Dont give it to me!” Tang Wan irately pushed against the person who had caged him in his arms. But the door was behind him and there was nowhere for him to hide. There were so many people in the mansion, what if they were seen?! Why couldnt he pay a little more attention to his image?!

“Do you want it?” Zong He narrowed his eyes and wanted to lower his head again.

Tang Wan stiffened and there was a fluttering in the bottom of his stomach. “I want it, I want it, I want it!”

Zong He laughed, “So anxious?”

Tang Wan flushed and wanted to angrily curse; Please have some face! Is your heart black?!

Lin Bo came down the stairs and gave them a quiet reminder. “If theres something going on between you two, you can go into your room and shut the door.”

“En.” Zong He hugged Tang Wans waist, turned around, and closed the door.

Tang Wan covered his face. Whaten? This was a huge misunderstanding!

Finally, Tang Wan got Zong Hes communications number. When he was in the process of adding him as a friend, Tang Wan felt that it wasnt easy. He wasnt proud at all of having gotten the personal communications number of the Empires Marshal.

After being pressed against the door by Zong He again and lightly rubbed, Tang Wan finally freed himself. He circled around the mansion but still couldnt find Da Zhuang, so he simply let Jin Xiao Pang out and held it in his arms for a long time. Only then did his injured mood ease. A cat that knew how to act spoiled was a good cat!

Just as Tang Wan was combing through Jin Xiao Pangs fur, a large cat more than two meters in length came up quietly behind him and lightly blew on his neck. “Hey!”

Tang Wan hunched over and turned his head. His eyes glowed and he wrapped his arms around the cats neck. This little demon, playing around like a hooligan to please him in this way. But he couldnt control his own hands at all, too annoying!

Zong He took Tang Wans sleeve and dragged him back into the bedroom. At night, Tang Wan fruitlessly struggled against the big cats embrace. He cursed Zong He, this scheming cat, wrapped his arms around him, and slept soundly.

— — — —

Early in the morning, Tang Wan lay on the bed and scrolled through his Weibo. He didnt know how so many people were idle. They posted and discussed what he looked like. Many people wanted to see his face, speculating that he was very ugly. Maybe his eyes were small, had a collapsed nose, and was bald with a pockmarked face. Otherwise, why else would he never show them his face? If he was good-looking, why wouldnt he show it?

Tang Wan laughed scornfully, theyre the ones whore ugly! They were each uglier than the one before!

But he couldnt gamble with his face. He still didnt know how the original had died, or whether he had enemies or not. The less trouble that was stirred up, the better off he would be. There were many messages on the internet hoping for his cooperation, usually in business, and many people who wanted to invite him to work for their companies in things like research. Afraid that Tang Wan wouldnt see, they looked for people to support the messages and put it towards the top. After silently reading them, Tang Wan still pretended to be blind. He turned around and sent a message on his Weibo: Should I do a live broadcast today?

Comments quickly brushed by: Want, want, want!


Seeking broadcast!

Hurry up, ba~ Seeking broadcast +1

Seeking broadcast + ID card code!


They were like a group of starving goblins all opening their mouths to be fed. Tang Wan thought over it, what should he broadcast? He should buy a few more cats. If he had a second, he would have a third. Now, Da Zhuang had completely accepted Jin Xiao Pang. If Jin Xiao Pang was too lazy to acknowledge Tang Wan, then couldnt he just carry Hua Xiao Pang, Ju Xiao Pang, Gao Xiao Pang, and Ai Xiao Pang?

When Zong He came back to change clothes after bathing, he found Tang Wan lying on the bed, pointing his finger at empty space. Tang Wan was playing with something he couldnt see. Before, he had noticed that Tang Wan wasnt guarded against Da Zhuang, and his partner still hid a little secret.

Tang Wan hadnt known that Zong He came back until he heard the sound of an opening wardrobe. Then he shrank into the bedding and hid himself. Zong He sometimes walked silently like a cat, especially when he wasnt wearing his military boots. A single stride of his long legs would cover more than a meter, and he quickly arrived behind him. There was no sound at all. Tang Wan gritted his teeth, his legs were shamefully long.

In Zong Hes opinion, there was no difference between Tang Wan and the hamster he raised, which liked to conceal food. After changing clothes, Zong He saw that Tang Wan still hadnt come out. He tucked the quilt in for him and let him fight to get out.

Tang Wan struggled to escape from the quilt and indignantly glared at Zong He.

Zong He raised his eyebrows and said earnestly, “I was afraid that you were cold.”

Tang Wan wave him a contemptuous look, who would believe it?!

At this time, someone on Weibo said: “The little raccoon hasnt appeared in a long time, Im thinking of it!”

Right, Xi Shua Shua hasnt come out in a long time! Let it come!

Xi Shua Shua! Xi Shua Shua! Xi Shua Shua!

I just discovered that Xi Shua Shua was a raccoon today!


When Tang Wan saw this, his eyes brightened.Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang: As a pet blogger, he decided to let Xi Shua Shua out. Lets cook together, the food I make tastes especially good. Do you guys want to taste it?

Instead, the comments were mournful: Dont want! Every time, I greedily salivate, please be kind!

Really dont want! Youll make me want to eat nothing today!

After seeing you cook, what I eat is garbage!

Dont look, dont look, dont look! Just let Xi Shua Shua out, dont make any food!


‘Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang: Well, responding to most fans strong demand, lets start live cooking at 10:30 A.M. today. Ill take Xi Shua Shua out to help me wash the vegetables. Please come then~

The fans were so angry their hair fried: You villain! It must be because youre so ugly that your heart would be so distorted!

But I cant help but want to watch it, Im already ravenous.

Tang Tang, dont you love me anymore? Are you torturing my taste buds again?


Tang Wan smiled mockingly, those ignorant people. They were used to nutrient solution and had never seen a delicious meal, so their tongues had degenerated. He was trying to get their taste buds back to normal, letting them know that Chinese cuisine was extensive and profound! He could guarantee it using his twenty-five years of experience feeding himself!

Zong He took out two outfits and tossed them in front of Tang Wan. “Im going to the army today and Ill be back for lunch.”

Tang Wan turned over and sat up, his head like a birds nest. “Then Ill cook something for you. Do you have anything you want to eat?”

Zong He didnt even need to think. “Meat.” As long as it was meat, he would like it.

Tang Wan shrugged. “Okay, Ill spare no effort in getting you to three hundred kilograms.”

Zong He asked curiously, “If I become that fat, arent you afraid that Ill crush you?”

Tang Wan sent a pillow flying over, how could this rogue say something like that so seriously?!

Zong He cocked his head and smacked the pillow back. He couldnt help but say, “Youre too willful, Im used to it.” He was still especially proud.

Tang Wan sighed, what could he say? Just saying that he was excited would be good enough.

— — — —

At noon, Tang Wan decided to cook a few more dishes. Everyday, there would be someone from the kitchens who would go and buy meat because Zong He liked to eat meat. Every day, he would buy all kinds of meat. Tang Wan went to pick and choose, deciding to make sliced soy sauce beef and specialty marinated ribs. There was also another specialty that he liked: Dong Bi Dragon Pearls. There were also some lamb ribs that he noticed Zong He especially favored and cumin lamb chops. Of course, vegetables were essential. The meat was for Zong He, and the vegetables were for him. There was also fragrant rice. With the chefs help, Tang Wan selected the ingredients and filled up a small cart.

It was quickly 10:30 A.M. and Tang Wan punctually began his live broadcast, arranging the food in a row.

The audience first exclaimed: Your kitchen is so big!

Then they were drawn to the food and cried: Its over, today our taste buds will be destroyed!

Tang Wan smiled and said: “I know you all want to see me cook, so I want to satisfy you.”

The audience was upset, but they still tossed him gifts: Alright, alright, you have the final say. Who let you be so talented?

At this time, the Imperial Department of Gene Security sent hundreds of emails to all parts of the Empire: StarNetwork broadcasting studio IDEating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang is suspected of altering species genes and enslaving cubs. May the relevant departments please conduct a thorough investigation.

Hundreds of complaints came in at once, alerting the Imperial Department of Gene Security

In this moment, the director of the Department said appeasingly into the communicator, “Rest assured, With such a large battle, he cant go on.”

The food (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ω˂̣̣̥)੭ु⁾⁾

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