Chapter 28 – A Sudden Change!

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Tang Wan was extremely fast, poking poking poking. While he poked, he told everyone, “For these types of small hairballs, when you poke, you must be careful and not prick your hand. When you first start, take it slow. After you get used to it, your speed will naturally increase. Still, you need to wear protective gloves.”

The audience watched Tang Wan poke the fur ball. They all nodded their heads and didnt know how to respond. They felt an inexplicable pain for Da Zhuangs eggs.

Zong He, who had been standing beside Tang Wan, saw his action and almost choked. He smacked him with his paws several times, but Tang Wans hands didnt stop. He also pushed him aside with his chin, indicating, “Dont make trouble, Daddy is making eggs for you.”

Zong He gave off an upset “ah-wu”, then jumped off the chair, and ran off in a fury. He couldnt stand it anymore.

Tang Wan looked back and said regretfully, “Oh, this child. His temperament is getting worse.”

When the two little balls were finished, Tang Wan needed to press them onto the small kitten. Only then did he notice: “Ah, I made them too big. Pressing on such large balls, it doesnt really fit. Fine, thats not important. Press them on!”

Standing in the doorway and breathing deeply, Zong He, who had already cooled his internal heat, slipped underfoot. His entire body stiffened. He felt that Da Zhuang……big? Thinking of this, Zong He scratched against the wall a good number of times in embarrassment and left several deep gouges. If was fine for just the husband and wife to know about these kinds of things. What are you doing, putting it out in the open?!

He had gone insane!

After waiting for Tang Wan to connect the parts, he noticed that the disharmony was somewhat serious. “Forget it, well pull it back down. You wont see the butt in any case.”

Zong He: ! ! !

Tang Wans series of coquettish manipulations made Zong He so incensed that his fur stood up on end. He rushed back into the bedroom to shift back into his human form to calm himself down. He had the urge to drag Tang Wan back; take off his pants and let him tug. Would you dare to reach your hand out and tease them?!

Zong He steadies himself. This image was too poisonous, he was going to go mad!

At this time, Tang Wan had already completed the first Da Zhuang, and the audience was stunned: Too amazing! These hands are too magical! Its exactly the same! Were your hands kissed by a god?

Tang Wan chucked. “Next, I will speed up, lets make a row of Da Zhuangs! Make them will all kinds of expressions!”

Barrage: A row of Da Zhuang without eggs? Tang Tang, you really can! If Da Zhuang knew, hed be mad.

Wait a bit for me, Ill go gather some fur and practice!

I also need to go gather some fur, wait for me, wait for me!


Tang Wan agreed: “Ill have a drink of water and wait five minutes for you.”

Barrage: Five minutes is enough!

Those upstairs, are you a devil? You want to collect that much fur in five minutes, you want to make your partner go bald?

No, I picked up some scissors.

What the fuck! Theres this kind of method!

No fear, the weathers warm right now. If the fur grows, itll be hot. If theyre bald it can still regrow.


Tang Wan silently lit a row of incense for the beastmen. He really hadnt thought that it could be done in this way. Tang Wan felt that he was really too good to Zong He. Look at other peoples partners, were they all devils?

In order to show that he really was good to his partner, he screenshotted the barrage and sent them to Zong He: I found a new method for grooming.

In short, teasing the big cat after teasing the little kitten!

Both of them were Zong He, who had just calmed his anger. Once he saw this, he was so angry that his face turned red: Still wanted to cut his fur! Hed rebel!

Imagining Zong Hes expression, Tang Wan couldnt help but laugh and turn his head to look at the entrances direction. Unfortunately, he couldnt see what was going on in the other room at all.

Unexpectedly, when he laughed, the audience called out: This laughter that melts the heart and his normal laughter seems to be somewhat different.

I want to see what you look like. You have a good voice and good hands, you must be very good-looking!

No, no, no, maybe hes ugly. Its because of that ugliness that he wont show his face.

Last time we saw, your hair was black. Are you pure Asian?

The world is so big, pure Asian beauties are rare. With those kinds of looks, why wouldnt he show them?

Probably because hes ugly.


The audience followed the tide: Yes, youre ugly. Otherwise, youd turn off the face cover and show us!

Tang Wan shrugged, “It doesnt matter. I dont eat using my face. What does it matter if I look good? Reverse psychology wont work on me.”

Barrage: Only beautiful people can have such confidence!

No! Ugly people who have no desire to struggle have this mentality!

In other words, there were two extreme perceptions in the barrage: The host is a great beauty! The host is shameful and ugly!

At this time, there was also a special person watching the live broadcast. It was the one who made Tang Wan recall his ancestor —— Luo Bing Jun. Heavenly King Luos entire body was huddled on top of a small stool, a bag of snacks in his hand. As he ate, he murmured, “Cute, too cute.”

Xu Mi, his manager, look at the felt craft that Tang Wan made, and said with a smile: “Really very cute, so I wanted to cooperate with him. His cat is sure to attract countless peoples eyes.”

Luo Bing Jun shook his head. “I didnt say that his cat was cute, I said that he was cute, very cute.”

Xu Mi stared at him with loathing on her face. “Ancestor! I beg you not to court disaster! Be honest with me!!”

Heavenly King Luo tskd a few times, and kindly urged the irritable manager. “Now, the world is peaceful, and humans and beastmen coexist peacefully. The world is so beautiful, but youre so violent. Being like this is too bad, not good at all.”

Xu Mi was so angry that she wanted to kick him off. “You, shut up!”

At this moment, Luo Bing Juns expression became startled. He suddenly noticed that there was something wrong with Tang Wans movements in the middle of the live broadcast. He stopped shoving snacks into his mouth. His eyes subconsciously widened as he stared at the person on the screen. Tang Wan had trembled and put down the needle. Because during the live broadcast, his mind was connected to his spiritual strength. Now, the person in the image became distracted. This showed that the spirit of the host wasnt very good.

“He seems to be very uncomfortable.”

At this time, Tang Wan really was feeling uncomfortable. Just now, his head suddenly started aching, as if it had been stabbed by a needle. He had a splitting headache. It was as if his head was swelling so much that he felt like it would explode in the next second. Tang Wan put down his needle, trembling, wanting to stand up and call someone, but as soon as his butt left the stool, his brain buzzed. He couldnt control his body and fell over headfirst.

Behind him, an army-green shadow rushed in and scooped him up, crying anxiously: “Tang Wan?”

When Tang Wan blearily opened his eyes and saw Zong He clearly, he felt at ease and lost consciousness. In his mind, there was only one thought: Its over. Im afraid that it might be a sudden terminal illness?

With Tang Wans fainting, the live broadcast was cut off. The last thing the audience saw was the blurred image of a man in a military uniform rushing over.

Tang Wan had fainted without warning, and there had been nothing wrong with his appearance. Zong He held Tang Wan in his arms and called for a military doctor as he ran out.

It was the first time Lin Bo had seen Zong He so panicked. In the past, he hadnt shown so much emotion no matter how big or small the occasion was. Even when he was injured, he hadnt had such an expression. He sighed in his heart; whoever lost their heart first would lose. Zong He had lost completely.

He advised: “Dont panic, itll be alright. Fūrén is in good health. After he arrived, the servants took good care of him. Theres nothing seriously wrong with him. If you panic, the family wont have a pillar.”

Zong He nodded calmly, “Call a few more military doctors, and Ill bring him to the treatment room.”

Within a minute, the military doctor had rushed into the treatment room and examined Tang Wans complexion. He promptly decided, “Theres a problem with Fūréns spiritual strength. Ill have to check it.”

Zong He hissed: “Why are you wasting time on words? Check!”

The military doctor had no choice but to say, “How can I check if youre holding him so tightly?”

Only then did Zong He lay Tang Wan down.

At this time, Tang Wans complexion became increasingly red, his body temperature also rising. Zong He touched his forehead, his eyes deep. “He has a high fever.”

The military doctor looked at him calmly, and found the reason after a little bit of examination. “This is a sign of awakening an ability. For at least three days, the higher he burns, the stronger the ability would be.” Saying this, the military doctor also wondered, “It should be impossible. Abilities are generally awakened when theyre in their teens. When they awaken later, its usually because of a life-threatening event. Their potential was stimulated, usually a case of overdrawing their spiritual strength, and only a few will survive. Its impossible for Fūrén to awaken his ability in such a comfortable situation. In this case, I have a guess, but Im not sure. Can I give Fūrén a blood test?”

A blood sampling test, an ancient method of detection, had long been eliminated. Usually, blood sampling was only needed for testing toxins that remained in the body.

Zong He stared at the military doctor with a serious face and suspicious eyes, as if to say: You idiot, even after giving you the equipment you cant figure it out, you also really need to draw his blood. Youre not afraid of being an idiot!

The corners of the doctors mouth twitched. What else could he say?

Lin Bo aptly said: “Check it. We must know why he suddenly became like this. If there is someone taking revenge, we must know where the root is.”

The military doctor took out a needle and pricked Tang Wans finger under Zong Hes cold eyes and took two drops of blood. In order to alleviate the pressure brought on from Zong Hes gaze, the military doctor had to find another topic, “What is Fūréns situation?”

Lin Bo answered, “He doesnt know it himself, he said that he lost his memory. Nobody knew if it was real or not, but hes a good child. The Marshal likes him very much.”

Zong He frowned. “Youre talking too much.”

The military doctor laughed, he had already seen it. The Marshal not only liked him, but loved him desperately. “Your elder says hes a good child, so he must be outstanding.”

After the blood was drawn, the military doctor quickly used a bandaid and wiped Tang Wans finger clean. “Marshal, dont glare at me anymore. Burning up like this, Fūrén had long since been unable to feel pain.”

“Nonsense!” Zong He gave the military doctor another glare. “A fake doctor!”

Military doctor: ……

His Majesty had once praised him as the best doctor in the whole younger generation of the Empire. For this Marshal, he had been grabbed into the military division. Now, the Marshal scolded him as a quack. Alas, married men were so fickle!

Poor Tang Tang 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。

At least hes got a doting husband to take care of him.

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