My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 3 - Dividing My Bed and Giving Half To You

Chapter 2 – Wont Divorce, Still Dare to Behave Like a Rogue?!

Translator: Callis

Editor: vvreath

Tang Wan rushed forward and happily picked up the kitten. He smiled to reveal a pair of cute dimples, with eyes curved into a beautiful crescent shape. After touching the kittens smooth fur, Tang Wan was so moved he couldnt hold back his tears. This feeling! He couldnt control himself around cats and petted the kittens belly again. He had raised this exceedingly proud little dumpling.

Zong Hes ears perked up, the tips a little red. He pushed back with his chin, in a bad mood. He was still angry, they hadnt passed over the issue of divorce yet!

Tang Wan smiled, caught the kittens paw, and pinched his toe beans. He rubbed his face against the cats head and stroked the kittens belly in a grieving manner, “Baby, Daddy missed you so much!”

Zong He bared his teeth and stretched out his claws, who was whose father?!

But Tang Wan wasnt afraid of him. He leaned towards the kittens face with a smile, “Why did you come back? Didnt you leave?”

Zong He looked at Tang Wan expressionlessly. He was a rare pure Asian, with mysterious and deep black hair and eyes, containing ancient Oriental charm. He had a thin body, a soft, but not weak, temperament, beautiful painted eyebrows, and a gentle smile, framed by cute, shallow dimples. The entire body emitted an aura of soft comfort. Zong He eagerly sniffed at Tang Wan. His scent was fresh and pleasant, very soothing. It was completely different from his own bloody scent, gained from years on the battlefield.

Zong Hes tail quivered and his heart softened. At this time, he felt the warm breath at the top of his head and a soft touch on his forehead. Zong Hes outstretched claws stiffened and stopped midair. He silently retracted his claws. His two front paws helplessly landed on the palm of a hand, and he was kissed again! Kissing him every time he did something wrong, this scheming little human!

Tang Wan truly loved cats. If he had to choose between a cat or a person to spend the rest of his life with, he would not hesitate to choose the cat! Cats were quiet, clean, and gave each other enough space. Moreover, cats would never betray their masters and their loyalty was no less than a dogs. In Tang Wans eyes, cats were the most lovely creatures, the treasures of the world. Besides, Tang Wan was a typical example of a face-con; he liked beautiful cats and would only raise beautiful cats. The cat in front of him was such a beauty!

Tang Wan kissed the top of the kittens head again and again, not letting go of Zong Hes paw. After leaving, Lin Bo happened to pass by and saw the kitten in Tang Wans arms. There was relief in his eyes.

Tang Wan was puzzled and asked, “Lin Bo, was he sent back again?”

Lin Bo explained with a laugh, “Young Master will not be in our house all the time. He will only come when his parents dont have time to look after him.”

Tang Wan touched the kittens head with a smile. “Well, its not good for such a small child to be away from his parents all of the time. When he grows up, he wont be close to them. Thats right, Marshal Zong Hes health……how is it?”

Lin Bo blinked, “Would you like to just go and ask?”

Tang Wan laughed bitterly, “You still dont know the way I think?”

Lin Bo shook his head and looked innocent, “Your young peoples affairs, this old man doesnt understand. I wont meddle in them.”

Tang Wan was struck speechless as Lin Bo took advantage of his own old age. Although he had wrinkles and a head of white hair, looking like a man in his twilight years, Tang Wan had seen with his own eyes that Lin Bo could split open a door with one hand. When a situation arose, he walked as if on wings, like a gust of wind. It was especially terrifying.

“Since you havent slept, well move the bedroom first.” Lin Bo delicately touched his well-groomed beard. He sincerely and earnestly said to Tang Wan, “We cant let a young couple live apart. Come, look at the Marshals room. Its a little small, but that doesnt matter. Well move back to β Ursae Minoris the day after tomorrow. In the next two days, see what you need to purchase, and Ill go buy it.”

“Ah?” Tang Wan was shocked.

Lin Bo had already nimbly opened the door of the opposite bedroom. After Zong He was injured, he had been living in the treatment room. The bedroom had been locked for three years. Tang Wan was very curious. Was the place that the legendary Marshal lived in different from a normal persons?

Tang Wan only glanced at it and pulled his head back. “Lin Bo, I think I live quite well by myself.”

Said to be the Interstellar War God, the Marshals bedroom was indeed in a style different from a typical persons. The walls were full of interstellar maps, models of warships and mechs lay on the table, and the ceiling was covered with a sea of stars. Tang Wan looked until he was dizzy. This was not a place where people lived at all. This was a combat command center, where, even when sleeping, one would worry about an enemys attack.

When he heard Tang Wans refusal, Zong He resentfully struggled a bit.

Tang Wan didnt know how to hold the kitten in his arms, and his heart told him that this little one was angry again. Tang Wan was already used to it! He gently slapped the kittens butt. Tang Wan was a little more frank, and smiled, saying, “While our marriage is still under discussion, its better to live separately.”

Zong He huffed sulkily, he didnt want to hear this!

Tang Wan looked doubtfully at the kitten in his embrace. Just now, he thought he had heard a very resentful, muffled sound.

The kitten suddenly kicked his legs and jumped out of his arms. Tang Wan had never seen the kitten jump so fast and was shocked. Then, he saw that Da Zhuang had jumped onto Zong Hes bed and plopped down on his butt. He still had his lofty arrogance. If a tiger looked at people with this type of appearance, it would give them a dreadfully frightened feeling. A little milk cat with such a look would only let people feel that he was a little lacking. However, Da Zhuang didnt seem to be aware of this. He patted the position next to his butt with a furry little paw. In Tang Wans eyes, it was like saying, “I have occupied this space, quickly come and sit!”

Tang Wan walked over silently, strongly gripped the scruff of Da Zhuangs neck, and directly picked him up. He angrily gave him a lesson, “How can you take other peoples things? This little kitten hasnt learned well!”

Zong He: !!!

— — — —

Since being picked up, Da Zhuang lost his temper. Tang Wan didnt know where he wormed his way into and hid. He had searched through the whole mansion but failed to find him. Only one room had not yet been searched: Zong Hes treatment room. Tang Wan stood outside of the door and shifted from side to side a bit before entering.

At this time, his communicator let out a “miao” sound, and Tang Wan saw that the person who sent the message was labeledLittle Cutie. He painfully opened the message. The other party had unhappily asked: Why didnt you come?

Tang Wan replied: Sorry, something happened in the family. I cant see you anymore.

Tang Wans heart was dripping blood. It wasnt easy, using money to enter the little cuties fan group. It took two months for the cutie to add him as a good friend. Now, all this money and time he had invested had drifted away, all because of Zong He!

The door of the treatment room was pushed open. Zong He was sitting in a wheelchair and he looked at Tang Wan, who was standing in the doorway, with a puzzled face. “Is there something going on?”

“En, Im looking for Da Zhuang.” Tang Wans face was cold for a second, and the atmosphere was rather awkward. They had already been married for a year, and after a less than friendly “refusal to divorce”, this would be considered the first time that they had a serious talk. Zong He was actually very handsome, Tang Wan couldnt pick out any flaws in his facial features. He had been in the treatment room for a long time and had not seen the sun year-round; as a result, his skin was very pale. Compared to the photos on the internet, Zong He was much thinner and his momentum was slightly diminished. It highlighted his beautiful golden eyes. At a glance, they seemed to emit an infinite promise.

Luxurious, graceful, but it also contained thousands of things that people would be hard-pressed to figure out.

Tang Wan suddenly felt that when Da Zhuang grew up, he would be as handsome as his cousin Zong He. The colors of their eyes were the same.

Zong He turned his wheelchair around Tang Wan and hummed coldly. He disdainfully asked, “I have never heard such an old fashioned name before.”

Tang Wan frowned. Looking at Zong Hes back, he was filled with anger. Da Zhuang, what old fashioned? Da Zhuang clearly was the name of a male god! Just from hearing it, one would know that he was a strong child! Would grow up fast and healthy without worry! To actually dislike his taste? Then divorce, ah! Find one with good taste! With a word, all the unmarried young women and the handsome young men of β Ursae Minoris would line up to marry into the Marshals household, thinking that even if his taste was bad, they still wouldnt divorce him!

At that moment, Zong He went into the corridor, which meant that he wanted to go up to the elevator. But because he was sitting down, his line of sight was too low. This elevator was a military device, specially for adults. It couldnt detect his pupils, so it wouldnt open at all. Zong He just raised his chin and no one knew what he was thinking. Tang Wan saw this and his eyes lit up. He went over, kicked at one of the chairs legs, and pushed it aside. He rubbed his hands together and asked, “Marshal, you cant open the door? Do you need help?”

In fact, what Tang Wan really wanted to say was: force you to stand up! Do you dare to stand up and take two steps?

Zong He looked calmly at Tang Wan. “Lean down.”

Tang Wan placed his hands on the back of Zong Hes wheelchair and bent down at his side with a smile, “Marshal, if you need help, please……” Zong He suddenly turned his head and Tang Wans pupils shrank. Stunned, his eyes flew wide open. He stared at the person in front of him, he was kissed?!

Zong He smirked. In a good mood, he opened his terminal and tapped a button. The elevator doors opened obediently and the wheelchair automatically rolled in. Under Tang Wans shocked eyes, the Marshal smugly entered the elevator. Having been kissed so many times, he could finally return one. It was refreshing.

Tang Wans mind was muddled, filled with the curve of Zong Hes slight smile. It wasnt until the elevator doors closed that Tang Wan finally responded. He angrily kicked the elevator door and cursed, “Youre sick! You wont have a normal conversation, playing with me like a rogue!”

After Tang Wan calmed down, he went upstairs and found that his room was empty. An attendant was cleaning the room, as if to clear it out. Tang Wan stood by the door and his face sank. “Where are my things?”

The attendant cleverly answered, “I already helped Fūrén move into the Marshals room.”

Tang Wan grimaced. This group of people, they moved too quickly!

As soon as Tang Wan had turned around, Zong Hes room was also tidied up. The maps were collected and the floor was changed to a warm yellow, laid with soft carpet. Zong He sat by the table next to his bed and didnt know what to look at. He knew that Tang Wan was on the other side of the doorway. He didnt lift his head and patted the bed beside him, motioning for him to sit down.

Tang Wan blinked. This inexplicable feeling……This movement was very familiar.

When Zong He saw that he hadnt moved, he raised his head and said solemnly, “Come in, well discuss the problem of the divorce.”

Tang Wan hesitated for a moment, lifted his foot, and went in.

Zong He looked at him stoically, his face still solemn. “Close the door, dont let anyone else see.”

Tang Wan thought and decided that the Marshal wanted to save face. Partners always noisily divorced and it wasnt very pleasant to hear out. So, he listened to Zong He and closed the door.

Zong He patted the bedside again. Tang Wan had no choice but to follow and sit down.

“Marshal, I dont think were suitable……en?!”

Before Tang Wan could finish, Zong He, who had been sitting in a wheelchair, suddenly stood up. He placed a hand on the table, blocking Tang Wans escape route, and wrapped him up in his arms. Looking down at him, Zong He pressed on, “Where you think we are not suitable, I will change.”

Tang Wan was fooled again, what the – ?! Why are you in a wheelchair when you can stand?!

The author has something to say:

Zong He: Didnt you want me to stand up and take two steps? I stood up.

MC calling MLbaby, what a twist (even if he only means baby in the literal sense…)

For someone who wants a divorce, Tang Wan sure spends a lot of time ogling Zong He _(:3 」∠)_

That aside, Ive decided to do a bonus chapter per 3 kofi donations! ♡

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