Chapter 30 – Behaving Like a Rogue

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Tang Wan didnt think much after the reply, just taking it to be a rich and powerful fans inquiries. After exiting Weibo, he just wanted to get out of bed.

Zong He, who had just finished showering, quickly came over and pushed Tang Wan back down. “Be good and lie down, you havent recovered yet.”

Tang Wan was speechless, “But I need to use the restroom.”

Only then did Zong He let him go. He thought for a moment and then quickly added, “Come back quickly.”

Tang Wan sat up and said helplessly, “I just awakened an unusual ability and my spiritual strength is unstable. Im not crippled, what are you so worried for?”

Zong Hes expression showed that he was very worried.

The corners of Tang Wans lips hooked up, and he couldnt help but smile. Actually, he only needed to take medicine every day. Reportedly, this type of awakening, treatment wouldnt typically be required. They would be able to support themselves. The medicine he took were to stabilize his spiritual strength and clear out the residual poisons; the military doctor already said that he was alright. Zong He wasnt assured and had been watching over him all this time, treating him as a seriously ill patient and not letting him get up from the bed even though he was fine.

After going to the restroom and showering, but before Tang Wan had the time to change into his clothes, Lin Bo came to the door with a smile and knocked. When Tang Wan saw what he held in his hand, he just wanted to cry.

Lin Bo placed the medicine on the table. “Do you want to take it yourself, or should I feed it to you?”

Tang Was was resigned to his fate. “I can take it myself. Oh, Zong Hes spiritual strength is also unstable. Why doesnt he need to take medicine?”

Lin Bo laughed and explained, “The Marshals condition is more serious. He needs to go to the treatment room.”

Tang Wan sighed, took the medicine, and looked at Zong He. “Then you should cooperate with the treatment and recover earlier. Then youll see how painful it is to take the medicine.”

Tang Wan furrowed his eyebrows and gulped down the medicine. Then he looked at Zong He, who had been watching him attentively. Tang Wan was in a bad mood, “I really cant swallow any more. I didnt secretly throw it away, why are you looking at me with those watchful eyes for?”

The corners of Zong Hes lips twitched, and, in a good mood, said: “Seeing you look ugly.”

Tang Wans lips thinned, his tongue merciless, “Youre ugly, out of your whole family, youre the ugliest.”

Zong He was silent, and the atmosphere was awkward. Early in the morning, the couple said to the other that they were ugly, yet no one else could do it.

Lin Boai-yad and said especially kindly to Tang Wan: “He just wants to say that you look good. He just wanted to look, look until he cant free himself and doesnt want to pull away.” Saying this, Lin Bo sighed and said with a weary heart: “Do you understand the king of beasts aloofness?”

Zong He hummed, turned his head, and left, embarrassed. He couldnt bear to hear any more, but didnt want to block it either.

Tang Wan chuckled and smiled, “Other families cats are cute when theyre proud and charming, this Marshal,” He saw Zong He standing behind the door and shook his head in a distaining way: “What aloofness? It would just be going through hell for the sake of face, not the least bit cute.”

However, this big cats fighting strength was frightening and with a temper fiercer than a kittens somehow made him feel secure.

Perhaps only he could handle Zong He, showing his softer side every time and Zong He didnt plot back against him at all, taking him at his word. Thinking of this, Tang Wans heart felt warm and unexpectedly a little sweet!

Tang Wan noticed that the other was tensed and couldnt help but tease him: “Hes also very good looking, otherwise I would have divorced him.”

Zong He angrily turned his head, he still dared to mention divorce?!

Tang Wan laughed and said, “Im just teasing, its not easy to find such a good cat. Whoever would leave would be a fool.”

Only then did Zong Hes face soften. As long as he knew, it was fine.

— — — —

After half a months rest, Tang Wan was resurrected, full of blood. First, he wanted to see his own power. Once he was reborn, he had his own unusual ability, like a super-Saiyan. The military doctor had said that he had a healing ability and that this type of ability was very rare. Most became doctors. As he had been an ability-less person, he didnt know how to use it. He had to let himself slowly probe around.

Tang Wan wandered around in the garden in the morning, looking for creatures he could experiment on with his healing ability. He felt that he could even cure a crippled leg.

In the trees, a pair of half-grown leopards lay basking in the sun, leisurely wagging their tails and watching Tang Wan wander around. The pair looked at each other and leapt down from the tree. In a few leaps, they were in front of Tang Wan, startling him so much that he jumped back: Fuck! Leopards!

One of the leopards happily asked: “Fūrén, guess who I am?”

Tang Wan blinked and reacted. These two were beastmen. He cocked his head and looked them up and down. The left ones gaze was gentle, calm, and collected. The rights gaze was spirited, playfully wagging his tail. Tang Wan laughed and tentatively reached out, putting one hand on each head, gently rubbing, “You are Jinen, and you are Jinze.”

Jinze pawed at his brother, the two instantly tussling into a ball. After punching and kicking at each other, they quickly separated, each standing on Tang Wans left and right side. The two brothers had the same expression and even the same movements. The one on the left calmly asked: “You guess again. Who is Qi Jinen and who is Qi Jinze?”

Tang Wan couldnt help but laugh, “Whoever asked is Qi Jinze.”

Qi Jinze jumped excitedly a few times and circled around Tang Wan in admiration. “Youre the first one to get it right on the first try!”

Tang Wan smiled lightly and rubbed their heads, good-naturedly saying: “Thats because you two have different personalities.”

Qi Jinen brushed his brother aside with his tail, not letting him talk excessively. He politely asked Tang Wan: “Are you looking for something? Do you need any help?”

“Ah, Im looking for an injured bug or something to see if my healing ability works.”

The older leopard brother was stunned by Tang Wans mentality. He really was worthy of being the Marshals Fūrén, his way of thinking was different from normal peoples.

The younger leopard brother didnt think like his older brother, already helping Tang Wan dig holes. “You just want to find an injured bug? Let me help you find it!”

While the older brother looked calmly from the side, neither speaking nor helping, watching his brothers four paws. His front paws were digging through the earth and his rear paws were pushing out, the dust flying around. In the blink of an eye, a pit had been dug but unfortunately, except for a few grass roots and rocks, nothing was scraped out. Qi Jinen gagged in disgust and gracefully swished out.

Soon after, Tang Wan saw a reluctant Zong He being pulled over by a leopard with a corner of his coat in his mouth.

Seeing that Tang Wan was in the garden, Zong He raised his eyebrows, not needing Qi Jinen to drag him over anymore, walking over himself. Looking at the half-meter wide pits surrounding Tang Wan and Qi Jinze, Zong He examined them, eyes full of interest. He suddenly raised his foot and kicked the little leopards butt into one of the pits, like he was kicking trash. The leopard was buried underneath a bit of earth.

Tang Wan burst out laughing, his heart really was black!

Qi Jinze climbed up from the pit with a dull face and wiped his mouth with his paws. There was dirt on his face!

Zong He avoided it and pulled Tang Wan out of the way, “Dirty!”

The leopard shook off the dirt and glared at his brother, “Who kicked me?”

Qi Jinen was too lazy to pay attention to him. He also stepped back for fear of the flying dust dirtying his clean and smooth fur.

Qi Jinze looked at this and looked at that, his eyes still gravitating towards his brother, suspecting it of being his brothers work.

Tang Wan only wanted to say: save the children, this IQ can only transplant rice seedlings!

It was only later that Tang Wan learned that Qi Jinze wasnt as absent-minded as he seemed on the surface. This child had many schemes in his heart, he was just disinclined to cause trouble at him, laughing carefree everyday. He was as lively as a little monkey. In fact, Zong He had always wanted him to enter the armys spy vanguard force after he graduated. The boy was driven, was full of courage and insight, and tenacious like a dagger.

And Qi Jinen, was fit to be a commander. He was steady and had the big picture. Zong He wanted him to be the assistant to the Chief of Staff of the Imperial Army Headquarters after graduating from the military academy, that is, his right-hand man Gu Yankais assistant. These two children who had grown up beside him were orphans that had been left behind by an old comrade and he raised his children as if they were his own nephews.

At the moment, Qi Jinen didnt want to fight his younger brother because he was afraid that the other would rub the dirt all over himself. He went to find a perfect shelter for himself. Standing behind Tang Wan, he explained why he had brought Zong He in, “If you want to use your ability, you dont need to find anyone else. The Marshal is already wounded. Injured spiritual strength can be healed as well.”

Tang Wan looked at Zong He, surprised. “It would be fine to find and take turns with a person who can heal you?”

Then Tang Wan noticed the big cats gaze, as if saying: With your IQ, you cant transplant rice seedlings!

Tang Wan covered his chest, his heart stuffed. The futures people understood a lot, this old resurrected antique couldnt afford to offend them!

Qi Jinen explained: “The healing ability is an ability that stimulates human potential and promote healing. It cant be treated all at once, otherwise the patient wont be able to endure it; each day, at most, it can only be two……”

Before Qi Jinen could utter “hours”, Zong He suddenly reached out and smacked the leopards head, just like a big cat smacking a small cat, causing abeng sound. “Go and play at the side, dont cause trouble while the adults are talking!”

The little leopard went away with a face full of grievance. Even Qi Jinze sympathized with his brother. “What did you say that you werent supposed to say?”

Qi Jinen said profoundly: “The Marshals heart is a needle at the bottom of the sea.”

“Perhaps this is a man, the adults world is really complex!”

“Especially married men.”

Zong Hes ears twitched and with a turn of his head, the two ridiculing brothers instantly felt the danger and simultaneously grew legs and rushed away madly. In the blink of an eye, they were gone.

Zong He turned to Tang Wan and asked, “Do you want to use your ability to heal the pits back to their original state?”

Tang Wan rolled his eyes and asked angrily: “Do you think that Im a fool? I have nothing to do so I dig pits?”

Zong He raised his eyebrows and asked, unruffled: “Then what are you digging pits for?”

“I just dont know how to use it, and only wanted to catch a crippled insect so I can treat it!” Before Tang Wans words were finished, Zong Hes expression had changed. Tang Wan immediately reacted. There was some ambiguity in his words. It seemed that Zong He had come to replace the insects. Tang Wan quickly corrected, “Of course, the insects arent as ferocious as you.” After that, Tang Wan couldnt help but cover his face, happy, “Im sorry, my mouth is loose.”

Zong He watched his laugh, different from the past, as if he wasnt as distant. Zong Hes mood lifted and he was reluctant to be serious with Tang Wan. He generously forgave him and was perfectly happy to serve as Tang Wans guinea pig. “Feel around a bit, theres a portion of spiritual strength in your mind. If it comes out, its good. Healing abilities wont cause harm. Try it on me.”

Tang Wan was confused, “What strength? Youre talking too abstractly.”

Zong He tskd. It took effort to explain. “Normally, when a person feels it, they can use it. How would I know what form it takes?”

Tang Wans heart was crushed. Sorry, he had disgraced Earths people again!

Zong He lifted up his hand and suddenly, a black mass appeared in his palm. He said solemnly, “Like this. It comes out with a wave.”

Tang Wan was shocked, his nerves quickly stretched. This thing was small, but the distortion in the atmosphere was visible to the naked eye. “This, what is this thing?!”

Zong He held the black ball in his hand out to Tang Wan, patiently explaining, “It has the power to swallow anything, like a black hole.”

Tang Wan nervously took a step backward, fearing that he would be touched, but unexpectedly, there was an excavated pit right behind him. It didnt matter that he was going backward, Tang Wans body was weightless and he fell back entirely. There was only one thought in his mind: Im finished! If he didnt break a bone, then hed tear a muscle. He hadnt found a crippled insect, and yet he became crippled himself!

Zong He had sharp eyes and agile hands, grabbing him and tightly pulling him into his arms. He bowed his head and grumpily asked Tang Wan, who had still yet to react: “How could you be so foolish? Its just a small pit, ten meters is just a matter of using the strength in your legs!”

Tang Wan was stunned, but then struggled to return to his mind and his heart was beating hard again. “Im sorry, Im too much of a cripple. I cant use my legs to jump across a distance of ten meters.” Tang Wan huffed and pushed the person who was clinging to him away, his heart out of sorts. It was a pity that Tang Wan couldnt push him anywhere.

Zong Hes face softened. “Fine then, this also lets me have a deeper understanding of you, cripple.”

Tang Was frustrated and pressed his lips together. Met with such avoidance, his heart was especially unhappy.

At this time, Zong He shouted at the soldiers nearby, “In the future, pits arent allowed here, inspect the entire area; fill them in. In the garden where it is necessary to have pits, put up a fence.”

Tang Wan was surprised for a while, then suddenly understood why Zong He had suddenly used such a voice. This big cat was afraid that he wouldnt be honestly expressing himself. After Tang Wan thought and understood it, he laughed, “No need to go so far, Im not such a cripple.”

After such a long time, with a person so sincere to him, even if his heart was a stone, it would be warmed up, let along Tang Wan, who had been so deprived of affection. Suddenly, he had an idea in his mind. He wanted to see Zong He quickly recover and see him in a military uniform, invincible and ever victorious.

At this time, Tang Wans palms contained a swirling white light. With his thoughts, it became brighter and brighter. Tang Wan looked at his fingertips, eyes bright, “I seem to know how to use it.”

“Oh?” Zong He narrowed his eyes and said with a serious face. “Thats very good, I havent gotten any treatment today. The doctor doesnt have to come today.”

Tang Wan stared at him with wide eyes. “You mean……” Tang Wan pointed at his own nose, only wanting to ask if he was serious. A king depending on this little bronze-level soldier for treatment? Youre sure there would be results?

Zong He solemnly said, “Im depending on you!”

In the distance, the twins were lounging in the trees, looking at the two people who had been huddled together without letting the other go. The younger brother asked, puzzled, “Brother, brother, brother, what are they talking about? The Marshals expression is so serious!”

Lin Bo passed by slowly and without raising his head, said, “Behaving like a rogue, a deadpan, serious rogue, the type best at leaving peoples hearts defenseless.”

The leopard brothers are so cute!

And Tang Wan activating his ability with the power of love (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

Please look at this wonderful piece of fanart of Tang Wan and Da Zhuang from @Neverless!!!

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