My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 32 - Why Dont Zong He and Da Zhuang Appear at the Same Time?

Chapter 31 – The Marshals Status

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On a chair under the flower bridge, Tang Wan intermittently pushed his healing ability into Zong He, but he felt that he wasnt doing it right. He kept asking: “Is it like this? Is it comfortable? How do you feel?”

Zong He sat, motionless, and commented objectively: “Needs more practice.”

Tang Wan nodded and agreed: “I havent grasped a good method yet, I need to practice more.”

The twins had already turned back into humans and were sitting nearby, nibbling on fruit and stealing glances towards them. Qi Jinze asked in a low voice: “How strenuous, just having awakening an unusual ability, there is no formal learning system. Theres no way that he can treat him.”

Qi Jinen calmly said: “You take care of it then, hasnt the Marshal taught it before?”

“Dont you know the way he teaches people? He doesnt know how to teach anything, he only knows how to make you feel it for yourself. From experience, if it doesnt come out, hell ignore you, like youre unpleasant to the eye and then beat you up. Hell directly teach you through experience.” Qi Jinze said, inexplicably feeling sore all over his body. After the special training, his body remembered the feeling. Whenever he saw the Marshal raise his hand, he would feel a big tiger paw greeting his head.

Qi Jinen also kneaded his shoulder subconsciously, feeling a dull pain.

Finally, the two brothers summed it up: probably to behave like a rogue.

Married men were so troublesome, they didnt understand and didnt dare to ask.

Tang Wan practiced for half a day until his entire body ran out of strength. Only then did he stop, his expression extremely dissatisfied. “Not good enough, I need to practice more.”

Zong He nodded. “Right, practice tomorrow.”

Tang Wan took the tea from the attendant and drank it slowly and said, exhausted, “Today is a rest day. The twins both came back, why didnt Da Zhuang come?”

Zong He averted his eyes, and remained calm, “Maybe hes not studying well and hes at remedial lessons.”

Tang Wan laughed, “Can you be a little kinder to him? If you arent making fun of his name, youre teasing him about his poor studies.”

Zong He was silent. Putting aside his dislike for a moment, he wouldnt be able to keep his false identity well hidden.

Tang Wan leaned back on his chair, looked up at the sky, and complained. “Its been a week, I miss him a lot. Hes really heartless, wasnt it me who fed him every day during mealtimes when he was too weak? Now his character became stiff, running and jumping around. Daddy is sick and he wont come back to see me.” There was bitterness from an empty-nested fathers tearful recounting.

Zong He remained even more uncommunicative and his back was stiff.

— — — —

Early the next morning, when Tang Wan opened his eyes, he noticed Da Zhuang sleeping next to his pillow. In an instant, Tang Wan wasnt sleepy at all. He happily hugged Da Zhuang and rubbed his fur. He had disappeared for a week, and the cub had grown a lot and got heavier. He estimated that he was nearly ten kilograms now.

Tang Wan carried him and got up from the bed. “Big baby, when did you get here?”

The cat in his arms begrudgingly answered, as if his words were gold, “Just.”

“Aiya~ Our Da Zhuangs dictionary has been updated, knowing how to say more and more words. Thats great!” Tang Wan rubbed the big babys head and generously encouraged the furry child. “The more you speak, the more you will be able to communicate with people.”

Zong He understood that Tang Wan still regarded him as an idiot child.

Tang Wan carried the heavy cat cub to the treatment room. The door was unlocked; there was only Zong Hes clothes on the bed and nobody else to be seen. Feeling uneasy, Tang Wan sought out Lin Bo. “Wheres Zong He? He went out so early?”

Lin Bo looked at the cat in his arms, then smiled and reached out with his hand. He fondly rubbed the cats head. “Yes, he was picked up by the deputy early in the morning.”

Tang Wan bowed his head, softly brushing along Da Zhuangs fur. Suspicion gradually rose in his heart. Why was it that whenever Da Zhuang came, Zong He was absent? No matter what time it was, Zong He was at the army?

Was he purposefully hiding, or were there other reasons? Tang Wan looked at the cat in his arms, whose attractiveness index was off the charts. He had the same fur, eyes, and temper as Zong He.

Tang Wans thoughts were whirling, and he asked Lin Bo, “Lin Bo, is he really not Zong Hes son? If he is, Id be happy to accept him.”

Lin Bos expression froze and he looked at Zong He, whose eyes had already gone stiff. Then, as if he had heard a big joke, he laughed, raised his hand, and swore, “Ill swear to you on my old life, he really isnt.”

Tang Wan nodded. He understood. Zong He wasnt facing his illegitimate son and was hiding. There was a particular reason that Zong He and Da Zhuang couldnt meet. Dont talk to him about coincidences, with so many coincidences, there must be a relationship. Right now, he still hadnt figured out the reason.

Tang Wan pushed down the doubt in his heart. “Did Zong He have breakfast before he left?”

Lin Bo laughed and said, “There was something urgent in the army, the Marshal was in a hurry to leave and ate there.”

“Then you can arrange for a few more dishes for dinner. Well wait for him to return and have a meal with Da Zhuang.”

Lin Bo readily promised, “Ill try my best to arrange it.”

Tang Wan saw his straightforward response, and the thought that had just arisen in his heart was immediately pushed down again.

— — — —

After breakfast, Tang Wan put Da Zhuang on the balcony and brushed his fur. “Zhuang ah, look at you, so skinny and small. Youre still so small, I feel like you can receive my light waves, an ability that can let cat quickly become tigers!” Actually, Tang Wan felt that he was a little silly saying this, but there was no other way. He had to explain as much as he could with words that a child could understand.

Zong He held his forehead in his paws. The tone that Tang Was used was like he was talking to an idiot.

When Tang Wan thought and moved, a small ball of light appeared in his palm, like showing off a fun toy. He laughed and coaxed, “Zhuang ah, look, isnt it very fun?”

As Tang Wan willed, the ball of light could scatter, changing into all kinds of shapes. He had just learned how to do this. Anyway, he hadnt learned how to treat illnesses, just being able to play with it would be good.

Zong He extended his paw and batted it. Tang Wans spiritual strength should be very strong. This healing abilitys purity was very high. He only needed a touch for him to feel comfortably warm. Zong He didnt mind playing little games with his partner at home. He placed his head in Tang Wans palms and enjoyed his partners loving touch. He temporarily forgot that Tang Wan regarded him as a dumb child. He had achieved his goal of making Tang Wan happy.

In fact, Zong He would like Tang Wan to look at his other form with the same gaze full of tenderness and love as he was now. Regrettably, Tang Wan was generally proper when facing his other form and he wouldnt act spoiled, which disappointed Zong He.

Tang Wan happily watched his familys little companion. He narrowed his eyes and kneaded the others furry ears. Now that he had grown a bit, he could see that Da Zhuangs furry ears werent very much like a cats. His were much rounder than a normal cats ears. Now, his chin wasnt as sharp as before, and his face was getting rounder and more tiger-like. Taking advantage of the fact that the cub was still small and couldnt pull himself out from his palms, Tang Wan suddenly rushed over and picked up the cub that he was happily watching. He pressed and kneaded, kneaded, and kneaded. If he didnt knead, in the future when he grew bigger, he wouldnt be able to knead.

Zong Hes head was full of black lines. With the sudden change in attitude, if he were a normal cub, he would have been scared into puffing up his fur.

Watching Tang Wan become more and more excessive and using his body to crush and immobilize him. Zong He couldnt stand it anymore, he bared his teeth at Tang Wan. Just kneading was fine, the feeling of being squished is wrong!

Feeling that the little fur child in his arms wanted to struggle, Tang Wan grinned and held him tighter. “Your daddy is still your daddy now. In the future, I might not be your daddy. While Im still your daddy, you still have to obediently call me daddy.”

Zong Hes ears flattened and he angrily hissed at Tang Wan. Where did so many “daddy”s come from? He would definitely still squish him like this, letting him call himself his father was enough!

Tang Wan didnt stop until he turned the cub in his arms into a messy ball of fur. Only then did Tang Wan relent and smooth out the cubs fur. Every brush of the fur was especially precious. The cub was becoming bigger and bigger. In the future, the chances of him coming to find Tang Wan would become smaller and smaller. After a few years, he would become sensible and distance himself from him.

Zong He found that Tang Wans mood wasnt right. He took the initiative to lean over and rub against Tang Wans cheek to appease him. Humans were just unreasonable, he didnt know why Tang Wan was unhappy. Hed have to be more careful supporting him in the future. They were too weak, weak in all aspects.

Tang Wan used his ability to sort out the little tiger cubs bones, unceasingly treating him, from the morning until the afternoon. He didnt really know how to control it, but the good thing was that Da Zhuang didnt refuse anything and his expression showed his satisfaction. Tang Wan experimented and made his ability take different shapes, transforming into a hollow ball of light that enveloped the others body. Seeing Da Zhuang glow, Tang Wan was delighted, it was too funny!

All the way to the afternoon, Zong He had given up struggling, letting Tang Wan torment him as he wished. He suddenly felt that after he had been treated by Tang Wan, he examined his spiritual strength and found that it wasnt as painful as before. Zong He was a bit surprised, could it be that Tang Wans spiritual strength was similar to his? Typically, when a person with a lower spiritual strength used a healing ability to treat him, there was little effect. Otherwise, he would have recovered. He hadnt taken any medicine yet today, just being tossed around by Tang Wan. Unexpectedly, the effect was the same as if he had taken medicine, and it was even when Tang Wan didnt know how to use his ability.

Just when Zong He was suspicious, Tang Wan suddenly went down headfirst, face smothering into his stomach. Zong He gave out a muffled groan, jumping up the next second. Holding Tang Wans face in both his paws, the fur that had puffed up went down again. “This idiot!”

The Marshal had a newfound seriousness towards his own partners degree of “idiocy”. Tang Wan didnt know how to control his spiritual strength. He had used up all of his spiritual strength and went to sleep!

— — — —

When Tang Wan woke up from his slumber, it was already evening. Da Zhuang wasnt there and Zong He still hadnt returned. Tang Wan rubbed his eyes and asked Lin Bo, who was fiddling with the fake flowers beside his bed: “Zong He still hasnt come back yet?”

Lin Bo laughed, “Fūrén, this is the first time that, when you woke up, you didnt ask for the Young Master but looked for the Marshal.”

Tang Wan was a little stumped for words. It seemed that this was true. Had Zong He already unconsciously taken such a position in his heart?

Could this finally be when Tang Wan realizes his feelings?! (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾

Also, thanks for being patient with me while I try to work my update schedule around my schoolwork!

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