My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 33 - Tang Wan: I Am Enough of a Man to Raise You in the Future!

Chapter 32 – Why Dont Zong He and Da Zhuang Appear at the Same Time?

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Lin Bo poured a cup of warm water to Tang Wan and said good-naturedly: “The Marshal had just returned to the army division. There are many things going on, and he wont be back until the middle of the night. You dont have to worry about him, you should eat and rest.”

Tang Wan took the cup. “What about Da Zhuang? He also left?”

Lin Bo watched him finish the water and took the cup, “He got hungry and went to eat.”

“So the little one with no conscience only knows how to eat.” Tang Wan laughed and ridiculed him a bit. He reached out and picked up the communicator on the table. He thought for a moment, then sent a message to Zong He: Your body still hasnt recovered, you should be more careful and remember to eat.

Zong He sent a reply very quickly: En, you too.

Tang Wan laughed, this reply wasnt romantic at all.

Lin Bo put down the cup and closed the window. “Its good that you woke up, Ill go check on the Young Master. Oh thats right, what do you want for dinner?”

“I would eat anything. Make congee then and save some for Zong He. He might be hungry when he comes back in the middle of the night.”

Lin Bo laughed, satisfied, wrinkling his face, “Of course, Ill arrange it now.”

After Lin Bo left, Tang Wan opened the system. It had been a good number of days, and the fur children hadnt had a chance to come out and breathe. Tang Wan blamed himself a little. Today, he had only petted Da Zhuang, forgetting that the other fur children also needed to breathe. When he opened the “Purchased Pets” column, Tang Wan was full of even more self-blame. Luo Bei and the hamster brothers were all big eaters. Now, they had eaten all their food and drank all of their water. Their mood value had dropped to 40 and their health had dropped down to 70.

Tang Wan quickly tapped the cleaning button and spent points buying rabbit food, hamster food, and clean water, and quickly added them. In the past, after adding some food, the few fur children would eat quickly, but today, they didnt move at all, only drinking a little water. Tang Wans heart skipped a beat and he quickly released them. The rabbit and hamsters lay down obediently on the bed. They werent even in the mood to stand up.

Tang Wa was at a loss for a while. He poked one here and there, the pet lazy and dispirited. He then poked another one and it was the same, lazy and dispirited. Tang Wan was anxious; were they all sick?

Tang Wan pulled Luo Bei into his arms thinking that, if he could treat beastmen, then he should also be able to treat animals. He would try it!

He used his ability little by little on Luo Bei. He was surprised when his healing ability was also effective on rabbits! After Daddy Tangs touch, embrace, and healing ability treatment, Luo Bei soon perked up, hugged Tang Wans arms, and acted spoiled. Tang Wan touched it, smiling. He placed it aside, then embraced all the others. He would treat the pile of furballs.

Tang Wan cured all of the fur children and pet them one by one. He was in a good mood. All of the furry dumplings were lying in his bed, surrounding him. They hadnt seen him in several days, so they were afraid that Tang Wan didnt want them anymore and refused to go.

Looking at his bed full of dumplings, Tang Wan couldnt help but take a picture and uploaded it to Weibo.

‘Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang: My body has recovered, and I will be able to meet you all soon. The fur children greets you all~

Comments: How cute aaaahhhhhhhhhh! !

Im feeling numb, I see a lot of furballs, and in an instant, I feel short of breath. I probably got some disease and will die without the furballs.

Too good! Its enough for you to be in good health, we were afraid you would die!

I want you to be healthy, happy, and safe forever!

Oh my~ The little brother upstairs is still being sly~


Tang Wan had already said that he was fine, and so the atmosphere in the comments area was even more active than usual. Someone joked with Tang Wan: Theres research showing that rabbit meat is a very good supplement. Tang Wan, you can consider it a little!

Hey! Upstairs, are you a devil?

Dont eat Luo Bei! You can eat Xiang Cai!

Bao Cai is also fine, Bo Cai is chubby!

How do you guys tell the rabbits apart? Theyre all vegetable names!

Actually, I cant tell. Only Luo Bei is so big and conspicuous. Theyre all chubby anyways, and Bo Cai is chubby!


Tang Wan immediately sent a moving picture of the black and white rabbit Bo Cai running circled around a radish. The fans couldnt remain calm: Were begging you, please dont eat Bo Cai! Bo Cai is too cute! !

Tang Wan tskd, these fickle little goblins~

— — — —

Lin Bo went to the treatment room to see Zong He. The other had taken medicine, and it was the last treatment session for his spiritual strength. The military doctor had given him a large amount of medicine. Zong He was dripping with cold sweat, his face pale and he grit his teeth, not making a single sound. In order to stop Tang Wan from treating him and overusing his spiritual strength, he ate the medicine.

Looking at him, Lin Bos heart hurt, but he said jokingly: “Now that youre like this, you should let Fūrén see. If it hurts, you should yell and let him become distressed. Why is it necessary to lick your wounds silently in the corner?”

Zong He gave the old man a cold look. If anyone else had dared to say that, he would have kicked them out.

In spite of that, Lin Bo wiped away Zong Hes sweat, “Im old and I have a lot of things to say, repeating things you might not want to hear. Since Fūrén hasnt recognized you yet, you should hurry and confess so you dont have to sleep in the study in the future.”

Zong He opened his mouth and hissed out a breath of cool air in pain. Before words could come out, the cold sweat came down first. He understood, the old man had deliberately sought him out to criticize him this time. Tang Wan had already regarded him as a mentally deficient child. Werent he to lose more face if he were to admit it now? Didnt he want face?

Lin Bo continued: “Fūrén doesnt know much about cognitive things. Otherwise, with his intelligence, he would have guessed it already. Hes not dumb at all, just too lazy to be motivated. Even so, he has already noticed that you and the Young Master havent appeared at the same time, and hes suspicious.”

Zong He was calm. He took a deep breath, grit his teeth, and said: “I will look for an opportunity.”

Lin Bo shook his head. Thinking that he was old and confused, would he really not be able to discern such a half-hearted promise? Young man ah, dont listen to your elder and suffer, let him sleep on the sofa. Lin Bo decided to replace the sofa in his study with a more comfortable one.

When Zong Hes spiritual energy stabilized, Lin Bo once again saw him shift into his child form. He picked him up with a smile and brought him to Tang Wan. On the way, he whispered, “Ill change the sofa for you. You are welcome to stay in the study anytime.”

Zong He grit his teeth and said, “Thank you.”

“You dont have to be so polite.” The old man walked happily and nimbly, in small steps.

After Zong He was given to Tang Wan, Lin Bo solemnly told Tang Wan, “The military doctor examined the Young Master just now and his spiritual strength has returned to normal. From now on, he is a healthy child. You can feed him more delicious food so that he can grow up very quickly.”

Having received a nice surprise, Tang Wan kissed the childs forehead. “Great! Its just as well! Hell be a healthy child in the future, quickly tell his parents and make them happy for a bit.”

Zong He glanced lazily at Lin Bo and encouraged him to contact his long-dead father and report a happy occurrence.

Lin Bos smiling expression gradually became stiff, and he immediately decided that the sofa in the study shouldnt be changed.

Tang Wan held the little distracted cub in his arms and slowly trailed along the fur on his back, thinking aloud to himself, “He grew a lot recently. In the future, the more he grows the faster hell grow up, would the nutrition not be enough? This is the time when he would grow a lot and his body will double in size.” Tang Wan worried, “Growing this fast, would his skin become red and dry?”

Zong He ears trembled, he had a bad feeling.

Tang Wan scratched the cats ears and patiently explained to the cub: “Its when kittens grow too fast and the nutrition cant keep up and the fur falls out. Ill buy you a baby feeding bottle. You have to drink some milk with calcium to strengthen your muscle and bones.”

Zong He: ! ! !

Tang Wan was the type of person that would do whatever he set his mind to, passing like thunder and moving like the wind. No matter how much Da Zhuang resisted, Tang Wan remained unmoved. He still bought the calcium milk powder and milk bottle for the cub online. During Da Zhuangs childhood, he just had to treat his body well. He didnt care about suppressing his iron blood.

Now, online shopping was too quick. Two hours after Tang Wan had ordered it, someone had delivered them.

When the milk powder and feeding bottle were sent to the home, the entire household was shocked by the stores name. Baby products? These were used for raising a baby!

Lin Bo rushed to ask: “Are you two going to have a child?”

Tang Wans face was blank, “What?”

At this time, Zong He jumped onto the table, slapped the milk powder and bottle from the table, and sent them flying.

“Aiya!” Tang Wan quickly picked up the bottle and examined it. Fortunately, it hadnt broken. He said soothing, “Zhuang ah, do you not like this bottle? I specially bought one with small blue flowers and a lacy pink bib. Isnt the color especially vivid? After you put it on, you will become the most handsome cub in the whole galaxy.”

With this, Lin Bo understood why Tang Wan bought the milk powder. With no child, Lin Bo wasnt interested in anything else and left disappointed.

Only then did Tang Wan realize what the other had meant and didnt know what to say. Zong Hes body wasnt completely healthy. Even if he wanted to make a child, he had to wait for his complete recovery. Besides, they were actually lying in bed and talking to each other at night. Their feelings werent in place yet, and it would be irresponsible to make children at this time.

While Tang Wan was distracted, Zong He had torn the pink bib to shreds. He picked it up and threw it on the ground with an especially imposing manner.

“This thing, I dont need it!”

Tang Wan stared in astonishment and before the anger in his heart could rise, he was stunned by the sentence from the young cub in front of him, “Damn! You know how to say multiple sentences? And the logic is clear! And expressed clearly!”

Tang Wan scooped up Da Zhuang and burst into a hundred meter sprint, he was excited to share the good news. “Lin Bo! Da Zhuang can speak whole sentences! His development doesnt have any problems! Hes not an idiot!”

Zong He pressed his paws to Tang Wans forehead, as if he wanted to scratch him with his claws. “Whos an idiot?”

Tang Wan quickly stroked his head and smoothed his fur, “Good boy, how could you possibly be an idiot? Youre very smart!”

Zong He took a deep breath, stared coldly at Tang Wan, and jumped out of his arms. He wanted to leave. Tang Wan followed behind his butt with an old fathers mentality and heartfelt persuasion. “You dont like pink? Then wouldnt it be fine if we didnt use it? Do you drink with a saucer or a bowl? Daddy will swap out a big one for you! Ill find you a food bowl!”

Zong He stopped and his ears flattened. He was so angry that he wanted to hit someone. He looked up at Tang Wans smiling face and in the end, begrudgingly put down his claws. He angrily shook Tang Wan off and ran far away.

The Marshal was furious. He was angry that he could never bear Tang Wans grievance-filled gaze. He wanted to coax him every time, and every time he got so angry his fur stood straight up. Why?

Lin Bo touched his mustache and said, “Now, a cubs temper really is short.”

Tang Wan nodded, it was true!

Before going to bed, Tang Wan was still looking for Da Zhuang. Considering the fact that the child was getting older and older, he couldnt sleep with him in the future, so he had to arrange a small bedroom next to them.

Lin Bo sent a guard to Tang Wan to tell him, “The housekeeper says that the Young Master was taken away by his parents. His spiritual strength was restored and his parents are very happy.”

“So its like this, then its also good.” Tang Wan laughed, but his heart was a little empty. In the end, he wasnt his child. Even after raising him, he couldnt be his child. Suddenly, an idea popped into his head. He thought of extracting Zong Hes genes and going to give birth to a child like Da Zhuang!

Thinking of this, Tang Wan held his forehead. Had he gone crazy?!

Not long after Tang Wan went to bed, Zong He came back. Tang Wan squinted at the clock. Da Zhuang had only left half an hour ago. Everytime Zong He came back, it wouldnt exceed half an hour after Da Zhuang left.

“You didnt come back in time to have dinner with Da Zhuang again, and Lin Bo couldnt arrange for the two of you to see each other.” Tang Wan examined Zong Hes expression, and really wanted to seek out some hints. It was a pity that as long as Zong He didnt want to show anything, nothing would be revealed on his face, and there would be no change in his gaze.

Zong He took off his coat and sank into the bed. He hugged Tang Wan and buried his head in his neck. He said quietly, “Next time then.”

Tang Wans face was flushed from the action and he couldnt continue to investigate anymore. He pulled his neck back slightly to avoid the breath sweeping across his sensitive spot. “So, did you eat dinner? Would you like a bowl of congee?”

Zong He was unhappy with the man in his arms, who had tried to wiggle out of his grasp, and tightened his grip. “I wont eat, Im angry.”

To Tang Wan, he seemed like a big cat who was wronged and asked for comfort. Tang Wan immediately became soft hearted, put his arms around Zong Hes neck and hesitantly asked: “Who made you angry? Well go shoo him away!”

Burning with suppressed anger, Zong He nibbled on Tang Wans shoulder.

Tang Wans entire body stiffened. His heart slowed for half a beat, then beat wildly. He didnt know how to react. Cats bit people as a way to express their love. Generally speaking, they bit their masters lightly, which represented their dependence and conveyed “I love you”. Now that Zong He bit him, what was he expressing? Tang Wans face was getting more and more flushed, this big sticky cat!

Zong He also rubbed against his face without restraint and took another bite.

If it was said that the first bite was to vent anger, the second bite was purely because he was reluctant to give up the feeling of the first bite. There was a fire ignited in his heart. Only by possessing a deeper layer of the person in front of him could the fire be extinguished.

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