My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 34 - Dont You Like My Familys Cui Hua?

Chapter 33 – Tang Wan: I Am Enough of a Man to Raise You in the Future!

Translator: Callis

Editor: Walker

Tang Wan, an adult, immediately perceived Zong Hes intentions and his heart instantly tensed.

“Zong He, I feel that you dont want to move right now.” Tang Wan very solemnly told Zong He. “You only want to sleep now, the quiet and passive kind.”

As soon as Zong He turned over and pressed Tang Wan underneath him, he didnt give him any room to struggle, like how Tang Wan had squished Da Zhuang. He successfully squished Tang Wan. With a pair of golden eyes full of the desire to possess Tang Wan, he said genuinely, “I want to.”

“No! You dont want to!” Tang Wan covered Zong Hes eyes with one hand. Being stared at with that gaze, he felt like he was stuck in a crisis, as if he would be swallowed up by a beast in the next second.

There was a type ofdont want, the type that if your wife didnt want it, then you wouldnt want it either.

Zong He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He understood that Tang Wan wasnt ready. If he did it now, he might be frightened. Tang Wan had prior convictions and would dare to run and fool around with wild men. The incomparably resentful Marshal took a lot of offense.

Burying his head deep against Tang Wans neck, Zong He breathed in Tang Wans scent. He gradually calmed his desire. In the end, he hadnt resigned to it and left a deep love bite on Tang Wans neck. Only then did he get up to take a shower.

With a thunderous heartbeat, Tang Wan covered his neck. Even his neck had turned pink. He was glad that, fortunately, Zong He always tolerated his willfulness and wouldnt force him to do things he wouldnt like. Otherwise, his marital obligation would have already been fulfilled tonight.

Sleeping that night was indeed peaceful. Zong He didnt do anything further to Tang Wan. Tang Wan also didnt dare to tease the human Zong He like he would typically do with the big cat. When he slept, he was especially obedient. In the morning, Tang Wan got up early and rewarded Zong He for his tolerance last night. He personally went to the kitchen to make a meal for two people.

Looking at Zong He inhale 10 steamed buns in one breath, Tang Wan was in an excellent mood, his eyes scrunching. He held his chin in both hands, and asked, smiling: “What would you like to eat at noon?”

Zong He didnt even think: “Meat!”

Tang Wan didnt know what to say. Da ge really was very loyal to meat. His taste wouldnt change even after a thousand years.

Zong He swallowed the meat bun in his mouth and added: “Dont boil it, stew it! Remember to use salt.”

“Arent you afraid of losing your fur if you eat too much salty food?” As far as Tang Wan was concerned, a big cat was still a cat. “When cats eat salty food, they will lose their fur and become bald, and it isnt good for the kidneys.”

Zong He corrected him, full of grievance: “I am not a cat, I am a tiger! As for my kidneys, they are still good, you should know from last night. Its a pity.”

Tang Wan immediately sat up straight and said guiltily: “Okay, Ill listen to you, eat stew and add salt.”

After Zong He ate breakfast, he went to the military. Currently, he had recovered enough so that he was mostly healthy. He want to quickly reach the peak and resume his training. In the military, there were many people willing to engage in hand to hand combat with him. Real combat was the quickest way for him to return to his form.

Tang Wan had nothing to do in the morning, and logged onto Weibo to read the comments. He filtered them and looked for the official Weibos that wanted to do business with him, specifically, Luo Bing Juns manager. To no avail, the other hadnt replied. In his heart, he thought: This is the only business thats cooled down.

He had suddenly fainted, and must have wasted a lot of the others time. If the other had wanted to cooperate with him, they would have long since replied. As of now, there hadnt even been a single word.

As expected, there were a large number of people that wanted to buy cat trees. It was a pity that he had already sold it off to Good Baby Toy Company and this resulted in their official blog become very busy. They had poked him a good number of times, and they had forged a mutually beneficial relationship with the intention of a long-term partnership. They had also asked about his well-being and the manufacturing of his felt animals. Tang Wan was amused: Those brothers that watched his every live broadcast, they were truly scheming dogs!

To Tang Wan, they had cooperated so many times that he thought it would be better to exchange communications numbers. It would also be more convenient for cooperating in the future, so they sent their own communications numbers to the other. Not long after, the other had sent him a message: Hello, I am the manager of the Bood Baby Toys design department, my name is Paulik.

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. Bo li qiao? Brother, this name is very unique.

Tang Wan marvelled a little, then responded: I am Tang Wan.

Bo Li Qiao: Have you recovered? I heard you were sick and was so worried that I couldnt fall asleep for two days.

Tang Wan: Rest assured, Ive recovered. Ive already sold you the rights to the felt-making work.

Bo Li Qiao: Thats really too good! Why dont we meet on the StarNetwork and have a good talk about cooperation?

The StarNetworks virtual world was the same as the real world. There were restaurants, tea houses, coffee shops, clothing stores, and other places where you could spend at. People could shop on the StarNetwork, order directly after settling on a product, and then have it delivered to their doors. They could also meet on the StarNetwork using virtual bodies. Even if they werent on the same planet, they could meet within minutes as long as the destination was the same.

Tang Wan agreed and purchased a virtual mask for 20 StarCoins.

Three minutes later, the two men teleported to the same location. Tang Wan saw the little blond fat man waving enthusiastically at him and went over politely, saying, “Hello, I am Tang Wan.”

“I am Paulick.” When Paulick saw Tang Wans familiar mask, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry. “When you are talking to me about business in the virtual world, you are still wearing the cat mask that you use when you broadcast live. Are you afraid that Ill reveal your appearance?”

Tang Wan touched his own face and apologized: “Sorry, my appearance will frighten people.”

Pualick looked at his beautiful, slender figure and his fair and tender skin. He laughed, but didnt expose his lie. The two found a little shop on the side of a street and sat down. Paulick smiled and asked: “How much are you going to sell the felt work for?”

Tang Wan smiled widely and showed two fingers.

“This is the first time we met in person, you cant retain some face? 2 million is too much!” Paulick tried to lower the price.

Tang Wan laughed. In a clear voice, he was neither hurried nor slow. He gently negotiated with the other: “You met with me in such a hurry to obtain the production method and rights to the felt work. Could it be because I mentioned something during the live broadcast, that they could buy materials bags? I think that, right now, there are a lot of people asking when you will manufacture them?”

Paulick looked at Tang Wan with a complicated gaze. He looked at his figure, then listened to what he said. He just figured out that the other couldnt be too old, but he could clearly analyze business deals. Paulick couldnt help but be suspicious, just which big family was Tang Wan was the heir of?

“I can guarantee, 2 million absolutely isnt too much. Im still advertising for you during the live broadcast. When you manufacture, you can very quickly be able to produce your first batch.” Tang Wan paused and laughed: “Its like the cat tree I sold you before, didnt you guys produce a lot of patterns? Felt work is the same. Now its just cats, soon you can expand to other animals and even people.”

Paulick was a bit emotionally stirred.

Tang Wan narrowed his eyes slightly and confidently said: “I can guarantee that the felt work will be even more popular than the cat trees. I will also design others, and in the future, I will also consider your company first. No matter how popular it ends up being, I wont raise the price, and of course, I wont withdraw from the deal. As you know, the things that I make on my live broadcast are very popular. If you dont feel that its appropriate, dont worry. In the future, we can still cooperate. I can auction off the manufacturing rights on Weibo.”

“Dont! Selling it to others wouldnt be as reasonable as it would be to sell it to us! Havent we cooperated countless times?” When Paulick heard Tang Wan say that he was going to auction it off, he quickly stopped him and promised, “Isnt it just 2 million? We wouldnt do it for others, but well give it to you!”

Paulick immediately pulled out a contract. It was clearly pre-prepared and just waiting for the negotiation of the price. He immediately wrote down the 2 million and signed his own name. Tang Wan took the contract and looked at it, ensuring that the contract didnt have any problems. Then he also signed his name.

With another 2 million in his account, Tang Wans mood was excellent. “Hoping that we will cooperate well in the future. When I make plans for other designs, I can sell them to you. Big ticket items like this at 2 million each, and 1 million each for smaller items. How does this exchange sound?”

Paulick was naturally extremely willing. Their company already had exports to every empire. To them, a few million was what one of their branches could earn back in two days. The price that Tang Wan had placed truly wasnt high. It was only because he wanted to earn a bit more that he tried to push the price down. It was a pity that Tang Wan didnt give him an opportunity to do so.

Tang Wan promised to draw up the draft when he went back home. Paulick didnt say anything and sent the 2 million to Tang Wans account. After Tang Wan accepted the money, he could see his accounts balance, and very happily took a screenshot. After he sent it to Zong He, he imposingly told the other: Im enough of a man to raise you.

After a long time, Zong He replied: En.

Tang Wan angrily humphd. This foolish big cat didnt even know how to flatter him, he could see it clearly! Laozi has money! Laozi can still earn a fortune!

It was still early and not yet time to make lunch. Tang Wan opened the system and looked at his own popularity. He was sick before, and couldnt check how much the points rose. With a glance, Tang Wan was delighted. He had enough points for him to buy a few cats.

Tang Wan would definitely buy a few ragdoll first!

Definitely buy a dignified girl!

A dignified girl that knows how to act sweet and spoiled!

With the symmetrical face and beautiful eyes, when the ragdoll cat that seemed more like a fairy was before his eyes, there was only one phrase in Daddy Tangs heart: Eat what lunch? It was enough just to inhale the cat!

The adult cat in front of him was nearly 20 pounds and the entire body was covered in fur, elegant and favorable. When touched, it was soft and melted the heart. Tang Wan excitedly sent Zong He a message: Zong He, Zong He look quickly! I summoned a beautiful girl! How is she so pretty? QAQ

Zong He looked at his terminal screen. With a foolish look on his face, Tang Wan was carrying a cat that the world had never seen before, giggling. No matter how he looked at the expression, he left that it was irksome. He unhappily responded: We cant give birth to a girl this color!

Tang Wan: Not important!

Zong He: Whats not important? Im not important or is our child not important?

Tang Wan wasnt in the mood to laugh at him and didnt have time to respond. It was because the little lady sitting in front of him was truly too beautiful! It was just that the temperament was……a little aloof!

Usually ragdoll cats were very clingy. This little ragdoll was very intimate towards Tang Wan, letting him carry her, but when she looked at other things, her gaze was cool.

Tang Wan was very accustomed to observing cats. By looking at their eyes, Tang Wan could figure out what the cats nature was. Wasnt this the attitude of a queen?

Wanting to see if what he figured out was correct, Tang Wan released Jin Xiao Pang.

Seeing Jin Xiao Pang get beat up by the little sister for disturbing her, Tang Wans guess was correct. Tang Wan gave his own quick wit a thumbs up.

Right then, the Marshal looked at the time, picked up the military coat on the chair, and stood up. The attendant quickly followed. “Marshal, what is your next journey?”

“Going home.” Zong Hes face was cold, and in a bad mood, left only these two words behind. He was ready to leave.

The attendant took the report that Zong He signed with a stupefied face. Although all the work was already finished, was the Marshal who ran home the moment he had free time the Marshal that would often sleep in the office?

+1 for the authors bait-y bed scenes ( =´∀`)ノ

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