Chapter 34 – Dont You Like My Familys Cui Hua?

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Editor: Walker

Tang Wans communicator had been lighting up for a while, but he hadnt noticed. His mind was on the cat. The Marshal was sitting on the aircraft, burning with suppressed anger, and looked displeased, scaring the extremely nervous escort soldiers stiff.

Tang Wan was still looking at Jin Xiao Pang, who had, as usual, come out to find food. After eating two pieces of jerky, it noticed that there was a beautiful little lady standing next to Tang Wan. It stretched out its neck, moved its plump body, and carefully and cautiously moved closer towards the little lady, who was longer than its own legs and gave off an imposing aura. It put its face near the little ladys buttocks to sniff at the scent. It hadnt expected that the little lady would raise its paw and slap it against its head, causing Jin Xiao Pangs plump body to stumble.

In this moment, Jin Xiao Pang was afraid, looking at the little lady with eyes full of fear. How fierce!

The little fairy coldly glanced at Jin Xiao Pang. If the look in its eyes could be described, it would be disgust! Unparalleled disgust!

Tang Wan was convinced that this little girl would really dare to use its claws, truly fierce.

Looking at Jin Xiao Pang, who was already huddling obediently in a corner, Tang Wan barely suppressed his laughter. “Dont you think you got what you deserved? The moment you came, you went over to sniff another familys sisters buttocks and got beaten?”

Jin Xiao Pang cautiously and solemnly sized up the little lady. It seemed as if the little lady was too fierce, and wouldnt play with it. It sat on its tail and continued to eat the jerky. Tang Wan didnt even wait until it had finished a few pieces before taking the bowl away, fearing that it would gain weight again.

Jin Xiao Pang looked at Tang Wan, full of grievance. Right after it had come out, it had taken a beating, and now it couldnt eat?

Tang Wan poked at Jin Xiao Pangs stomach. “Child, if you really dont keep track of it in your heart, your stomach will soon touch the ground. If you look at your legs, theyre fat and short. If you keep eating like this, youll turn into a short-legged cat.”

“Miao!” Jin Xiao Pang remained unmoved and curled around Tang Wans legs, still wanting to eat.

Tang Wans heart ached, the orange cat was too terrible, it could really eat too much!

At this moment, the little ragdoll came over and looked at Jin Xiao Pang with cold eyes. The little chubby child immediately let go of Tang Wans leg, becoming well behaved.

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. With one paw, it had determined its position? Jin Xiao Pang didnt challenge it?

Jin Xiao Pang laid lazily on the ground, proving with its practical actions that it only wanted to eat and sleep, and did not want to be king.

Tang Wan softly laughed at it several times. “Youre very promising in that aspect!” Looking at the little lady, future cats would recognize it as the big boss. At twenty pounds, except for a Norwegian Forest cat, other cats really would not dare to extend their claws towards it.

Next, Tang Wan took pictures of the two fur children. Even though the business with Luo Bing Jun had calmed down, Tang Wan put pictures of the little lady on the internet. He really wanted the other to know that his little lady really was a fairy! Not cooperating with him was absolutely the other partys loss!

As soon as the photos were posted online, the internet flared up, and many netizens expressed their doubt: It was faked! The other meng pets are cute, but this was simply a little fairy! How can it look so good? Beautiful everywhere! Its graceful just by sitting there!

In order to show everyone that his little lady was real, Tang Wan recorded a video of the little fairy and uploaded it to the internet. This time everyone was convinced: Unexpectedly he summoned a new meng pet!

Whats its name? How beautiful!

From now on, I will definitely be its fan!

Hello little fairy, I am your fan!

The old ancestors can pet creatures like this every day, but we cant. Our ancestors lived a better life than us.

Only now did Tang Wan formally introduce the cat: Hello everybody, this is the kitten that I had just recently summoned. This little lady is called Cui Hua.

The netizens exploded: Strongly demanding a change of name!

Throwing reward money to change the name!

How could you call such a beautiful cat such a thing!

Change the name! If you dont change, youll be blacklisted!

What the fuck! Daddy Tang, be kinder to your little lady! The name is poisonous!


Seeing them so stirred up, Tang Wan was also innocent: I also dont know what to name it, my naming sense has always been like this. Children named like this are easier to raise. You dont like the name, yet youre still coming?

As a result, all of the fans came up with a name for the little fairy; never let it bear the name Cui Hua! The situation was more lively than when they were naming the Giant Panda.

The news that the ancient Earth kitty had been named quickly spread on the Internet. It had been said that it was as lovely as a flower and its attractiveness value was off the charts! A lot of people outside of the celebrities circle got the news and came to see it. They found out that the rumors were true, it really was beautiful! Too elegant! Calling it Cui Hua would be a waste of its attractiveness index.

After a collective discussion among the netizens, everyone gave the fairy a beautiful name: Mulan.

The name was very cultured and meaningful. The name had absolutely been given by a person who liked ancient Earths culture and had done their research. Tang Wan was very satisfied, He hoped that the little girl could be as strong, brave as Mulan, and a real man, pah! A girl!

When the name was set, the netizens continued to cause a commotion:

Thousands of letters written in blood for a live broadcast!

Tens of thousands of letters written in blood for a live broadcast!

Millions of letters written in blood for a live broadcast!

A whole world of letters written in blood for an update!

You all said what I should have said……Aaaaahhhhhhhh all kinds of letters written in blood for a live broadcast, Ill kneel Orz


Tang Wan hadnt realized that by coming up with a new name, his popularity was growing again.

At that moment, Luo Bings agent, Xu Mi, suddenly poked Tang Wan: Hello, we knew that you were sick before, and weve been waiting for you to recover. Now it looks like you can continue to work?

Tang Wans eyes lit up. He would have never thought that the opportunity had come so unexpectedly. The little lady had brought riches!

The other party politely asked: We want to discuss the costs with you, is that convenient?

Tang Wan: I am his fan, free of cost.

On the other side, Luo Bing Jun proudly said to Xu Mi: “He said that hes my fan!”

Xu Mi bluntly poured cold water over him. “Hes being polite, so hes not charging a fee. He just wants popularity, nothing more. Why else would anybody not charge for your work? Not understanding this situation, how did you grow up?”

The big star ate his snacks and felt wronged, wiping a hand on the corner of his agents jacket, “Dont expose me. I feel that he is very interesting.” As he spoke, he summoned a tuft of grass. “We both have summoning powers, its fate! You say, arent we a perfect match?”

“The things cats like to eat is grass. Chicken, ducks, and geese eat grass. Cats eat chicken, ducks, and geese, theres no shortcoming.”

Xu Mi asked, annoyed: “You dont know if hes married! And you dont know what he looks like! If your perfect match is an egg?”

“I just feel that our abilities make us seem as if we were brought together by fate. What did I say that made you speak so rudely?” Luo Bing Jun unhappily crouched on a chair, looking down at Xu Mi, who was sitting down. His gaze was noble and elegant, almost making Xu Mi spit blood.

Of course, Xu Mi knew that something had brought them together. Summoning abilities were rare; one could summon animals, the other could summon plants. The functions were different, but it was more or less the same. Their nature should allow them to get along.

But Luo Bing Juns words were too ambiguous. He was normally out of tune, and couldnt tell if what the other was saying was true or false. What did they mean?

Xu Mi had to strictly warn him: “You can be friends with him, but you cant think of being more than friends!”

Luo Bing Jun unhappily glared at his agent, as if he was looking at something dirty. “I wasnt thinking of love, what were you thinking? Falling in love with someone I havent even seen before? We humans wont go into estrus! Besides, the other might have a family. You cant think of me as a mistress, shameless!”

Xu Mi choked and his face turned red. Who was shameless? How did he become so shameless?!

Tang Wan had a brief chat with the other. Looking at his watch, he hurriedly rushed into the kitchen to cook. His familys big cat said that he had wanted to eat meat.

As soon as Zong He got home, he knew that Tang Wan was in the kitchen. As soon as he pushed open the door, he was hit with a strong, spicy scent, irritating and tickling his nose. He couldnt help but sneeze. His eyes teared up and choked.

Tang Wan was wearing an apron, a filtering mask, and protective eye shades. He held up a spoon and asked, concerned, “Whats wrong? Someone said that you were handsome behind your back?”

Zong He had nothing to say, pinching his nose. “What did you do?”

Tang Wan laughed and said: “I wanted to eat mala roast fish, so Im frying chili peppers. You go out and wait for me.”

As a cat beastman with a sensitive sense of smell and without any protection, standing in the doorway really was not a good idea. Zong He retreated from the door and went straight to Tang Wans live broadcasting studio. His cold gaze swept around, only to find a few cat hairs on the carpet.

“Hmph!” One after the other, Zong He stomped over the carpet.

Tang Wan, who had no idea that the big cats jealousy was rising, shouted after he finished cooking, “Big cat, its time for dinner~”

Zong He thought for half a day before he finally understood. The “big cat” was him.

Tang Wan put the bowls and chopsticks on the table and called Zong He out. “I added salt. Youre not afraid of losing fur, so you can eat a little more.”

Zong He picked up his chopsticks and, unafraid of losing his fur, and started eating.

Tang Wan drank some soup and told the other in advance, “In the afternoon, I am going to meet a stars agent in the virtual network. The other wants to rent my cat. If its all settled, maybe we would meet in the real world in the future.”

He could not carelessly give his fur children to a stranger. If they were tossed aside, then he really would have no place to cry.

Zong He nodded. “Yes, when you go out in the future, you wont have to hide your face. You can see whoever you want. You can also go to β Ursae Minoris when you have free time. Ill send someone to secretly follow you, your safety wont be a question.”

Tang Wan was instantly at ease. With Zong Hes words, there was an indescribable sense of security.

At this moment, Zong He interrupted the warm atmosphere. “What you said before, what wasnt important?”

Tang Wan stared blankly. “Huh?”

Zong He pointed at his communication device and pulled out the evidence. “Did you say that I wasnt important, or that our future children are unimportant?”

Tang Wans lips twitched, as if he was trying not to laugh. “I was saying that you think too much! What color the fur of our children would be isnt important. Just being healthy is good!”

Zong He gave a cold snort; there was still grievance in his tone.

Tang Wan rolled his eyes, and looked at the big cat unhappily. “Even when you eat you cant stop your mouth. Why is your tolerance so low?”

Zong He was very serious. “This is a matter of principle.”

“Principle, nonsense! I already said that I wont leave and Ill happily pass the days with you. You think I would still secretly find a sweetheart to have a child with? I am not an unfaithful scum!”

Zong He was surprised, “Youre still speaking such profanity!”

Tang Wan laughed coldly, “I also know traditional insults and can scold until it is unbearable. Its just that its normally civilized.”

Zong He was silent. As he was thinking, he picked up a large piece of meat, obediently eating. With this scorching temper, he was much cuter baring his claws and fangs than when he was being serious. Therefore, the Marshal felt that hed keep spoiling him. It was fine for him to act a bit fierce, he wouldnt suppress it.

Unwittingly, the Marshal ran onto the bright road of being his wifes servant, standing especially tall and upright.

— — — —

In the afternoon, he met with Xu Mi, Luo Bing Juns agent. At first glance, Tang Wan had a gentle face, and was a well-tempered youth with good facial features and emitted an aura of warmth.

Upon seeing Tang Wan, Xu Mi was slightly stunned. He never would have thought that Tang Wan would have been so generous that he would show his face. Outside, countless people had tried to guess what he looked like. Many thought that he was ugly and too embarrassed to show his face, so he wore a mask. Looking at Tang Wans facial features now, Xu Mi smiled and asked: “With Mr. Tangs attractiveness index, have you considered coming over to our line of business?”

Tang Wan smiled and shook his head. “Mr. Xu thinks too highly of me. I have no acting skills, nor a good voice. I cant eat out of that bowl.”

The two looked at each other and laughed. Xu Mi really knew how to talk, praising people to raise their goodwill. He praised Tang Wans cats, saying that they were very good-looking, “Your familys Da Zhuangs attractiveness index is the peak of felines. He can be a child star.”

Tang Wans eyes brightened. When others praised his good looks, he wasnt really aware of it, but when others praised his cats, he immediately perked up, “This child is the one that grew up the best-looking, with a special fur color and a unique temperament. He shouldnt be a child star, he should attach the most importance to his school work.”

“Jin Xiao Pang is also cute, foolish and cute. The chubby little round face is very attractive. Theres also that little fairy; its too beautiful. The name……was changed?”

“It was changed.” Tang Wan knew that the other was searching for a topic of conversation with him. “The child is now called Mulan. Im afraid of continuing calling it Cui Hua, the whole internet would chase after me.”

“Hahaha, this name is very good. Will it let others carry it? Luo Bing Jun can carry it when taking photos.

“Yes, these children are very close with people, but I dont know if they would be cooperative. After all, Im not familiar with Mr. Luo. When the time comes, the cameraman had to have it look for the lens.”

“Good good good, then what about the question of compensation?”

Tang Wan laughed, “As promised, no money. It would be good if you could just give me a little more publicity and letting me follow when shooting.”

“No problem. Well shoot on β Ursae Minoris Film City. Where do you live? Well pick you up when its time.”

Tang Wan smiled and gently declined. “Theres no need for that much trouble. Just give me a place where I can meet you.”

Next, the two exchanged communications numbers to facilitate future exchanges. At this time, a bright white light flashed next to Xu Mi and a figure appeared next to him. The mild and calm Xu Mi sprang up from the seat at once and angrily asked: “Why didnt you know to cover your face? Do you think youre just another passerby?”

“Aiya, dont be so serious. Im just here to see whats going on.” Luo Bing Jun extended his hand out towards Tang Wan and gave him a carefree smile. His voice was gorgeous, dripping with sex appeal. Tang Wans heart went numb and he saw a smile on the corner of the others mouth. Tang Wan blankly extended his own hand, as if a generation had passed. Looking closely, he looked very much like the childhood friend he had grown up with.

Luo Bing Jun was very clear and bright, without a hint of arrogance. He sat in the seat next to Tang Wan and habitually pulled his legs up onto the chair. Then, he felt that because he was meeting Tang Wan for the first time, he had no choice but to put his legs back down. In any case, as a more casual person, he was not graceful at all.

Tang Wan saw Xu Mi sneakily swat Luo Bing Jun on the back, angry. In order not to lose the King of Heaven any face, he couldnt help but laugh softly. This personality was very interesting.

Xu Mi had already fallen into the pits of despair.

Luo Bing Jun looked at Tang Wan laughing, and then smiled. He moved closed and enthusiastically asked: “I heard that you were my fan?”

Tang Wan could only give him face and nodded. Truthfully speaking, he didnt have a habit of listening to music, nor did he know what this person has sung. But, he had said on his Weibo before that he was Luo Bing Juns fan. He hadnt expected that the other would find out.

Luo Bing Juns lips twitched and his smile turned devious, “Lets exchange communications numbers. How about I send you a signed postcard?”

The corners of Tang Wans lips lifted. “Okay, can you send me a few more so that I can send them to friends?”


“Then well exchange!”

Tang Wan happily gave the other his communications number and mailing address. Xu Mi saw the sudden glow in Tang Wans eyes, then looked at Luo Bing Jun as if he was looking at an idiot. This was someone who wouldnt show the mountains or reveal the water. If he sold you, youd help him count the money!

All this time I thought Xu Mi was female (; ̄д ̄)

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