My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 36 - When I Take It Out Itll Be So Cute That Youll Spit Milk!

Chapter 35 – Im Not that Kind of Beast

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Editor: Walker

Tang Wan was in a good mood when he went offline. Then, he searched up Luo Bing Jun on the Internet, and was stupefied. He was truly worthy of being called show businesss site traffic big shot. Every single one of his songs had more than 10 billion views. Besides, he could not only sing and dance, but also perform! Tang Wan exclaimed in admiration, “This is a versatile talent!”

Although he looked very unreliable, he was was actually very talented. Tang Wan nodded, feeling more and more that the others signed postcards were very valuable. A lot of people should want it. He would use it as a prize for a lottery during his live broadcast; it would definitely be very lively.

Tang Wan randomly selected a song and played it in the home. As soon as the beautiful music came out, the tense atmosphere in the home changed. There were soldiers patrolling at all times, and so the atmosphere here was different from the atmosphere at ordinary homes. Tang Wan intended to put on some more music in the future. Unfortunately, he didnt have the old songs that he had liked listening to.

After resting for a bit, Tang Wan bought a bag of fish food and went to the pond in the garden to feed the fish.

The koi had already adapted to their surroundings. He didnt know if they had been influenced by the environment, they had grown very wily and fast. At a glance, they were very plump. When Tang Wan bought them, he had bought them in all colors; there were red ones, gold ones, black ones, silver ones, black and gold ones, white and gold ones, red and gold ones, and those with three colors. This pond held the group of plump fish. When it was time for them to eat, they would crowd and stack up on one another. While Tang Wan tossed out fish food, he was also unhappy: “If you guys could grow fur, I could make felt figures. Do you really need to eat so much?”

In the end, he was upset at them for not having fur.

The weather was good today, so Tang Wan released the fur children to allow them a breath of fresh air: the alpaca, the pony, and the mini donkey had all already become good friends. They went for a stroll together. Xi Shua Shua crouched by Tang Wans side, playing with water.

Tang Wan felt that this child was very lonely. Perhaps he should purchase a female companion for it. Thinking of this, Tang Wan opened the system and bought a little female raccoon. He thought for a moment; he couldnt let Cui Hua, such a good name, remain unused. Right at that moment, Tang Wan filled out the two characters on the account information. “Xi Shua Shua, in the future, this will be your female companion. Take care of it well; its called Cui Hua.”

Cui Huas expression was full of confusion.

Tang Wan touched its head, very satisfied. The child hadnt resisted and seemed to like it very much.

Then, he immediately released Xuan Feng. As soon as this cheap bird came out, it shouted and flew after the alpaca and the others: “Im going to poop on your head! Poop! Poop!”

Tang Wan pursed his lips. He didnt know if the bird knew what it was saying. If it understood, the child would absolutely need some refinement. It was too smart, but didnt have good intentions!

As they say, everything has a weakness. Tang Wan felt that he needed to buy a big parrot in order to control Xuan Feng and its nonsense spewing mouth. As a result, Tang Wan bought a hyacinth macaw. It was said to be the largest parrot in his original world. It could grow to more than 100 centimeters in length, weigh 1.7 kilograms, have a wingspan of 1.5 meters, and live for 60 years. This kind of parrot had beautiful and vibrant blue feathers, nearing an azure color. The most amazing thing was that the birds beak was so hard that it helped the parrot to crack open nuts. Tang Wan felt that if he bought this bird, then Xuan Feng would absolutely become well-behaved.

When the parrot appeared in front of him, Tang Wan went silent. It was so small! Like a childs stature!

Why was it that he could choose adult cats, but not birds? How could it shake Xuan Feng?!

He had already bought it, so he couldnt return it. Tang Wan held the bird in the palm of his hand, looking at it from each side. Satisfied, he rubbed the top of the little birds head. So beautiful! Generally, the area surrounding a parrots eyes were white or featherless, allowing the skin to be seen. This parrots entire body was covered in beautiful feathers. No matter how you looked at it, it was handsome!

At this time, Xuan Feng also saw the bird in Tang Wans hands, looking like it had seen a love rival. Xuan Feng flapped its wings and flew over, landing on Tang Wans shoulder. It cocked its head and sized up the new bird. It felt that the bird was about the same size as itself. It immediately acted aggressive, using its wing to press on the newcomers head. “Call me daddy!”

Tang Wan was speechless. He really wanted to tell this silly bird that if it let the new bird call it daddy now, a month later, youll be calling it daddy!

Xuan Feng apparently did not know that the bird was just a child. It pressed its head with a wing again, making the other call it daddy, “Call me daddy! Smash! Call me daddy!”

Tang Wan put the little parrot down, letting it play with Xuan Feng. He needed to give a name to the child. “Call it Hong Liu then. In the future, there could be Hong Qi, Hong Ba, and Jian 21.

Now, Hong Liu had joined the forces of Tang Wans meng pet army.

Seeing the alpaca all act unrestrained, as if there was nothing but an ocean and sea spray in its heart, Tang Wan felt that he should pair it with a sheepdog, followed by a husky. Hed name it Guan Li Yuan. Pressing his luck like this, would it set the house on fire? Just as he was wondering if he should buy it now, Lin Bo led a young man into the garden and approached Tang Wan. He smiled and asked: “I heard that you were going out tomorrow?”

Tang Wan put away the system and laughed, asking: “Yes, Zong He told you?”

Lin Bo smiled and touched his beard, “Correct, the Marshal would be anxious if you went out alone, and Im too old to follow you around. He specially found somebody mobile; his name is Ji Yan. In the future, he will follow you and be your personal retainer.”

Tang Wan looked at the young man behind Lin Bo. He looked like he was in his early twenties, wasnt too tall, and had a face full of obedience. But for Lin Bo to arrange for him to be his retainer, he must be a very capable person. In order for him to feel relaxed in his home, Tang Wan smiled and extended his hand to the other. He politely said, “Hello, I will be troubling you in the future.”

Ji Yan stared at him, stunned, and with his face flushed. He bowed to the other, embarrassed, “Youre too polite, it is my honor!”

Tang Wan sadly retracted his hand, his lips curving up. “Its you who is too polite.” Tang Wan confirmed with Lin Bo. “So in the future, Ji Yan will follow me around?”

“Yes, if it is to your satisfaction, he will always serve by your side.”

Tang Wan laughed and giving no chance for him to explain, pulled Ji Yans hand and shook it vigorously.”Please take care of me in the future! We must follow this with a serious meeting ceremony, I will be requesting a lot from you in the future!”

Raising cats, dogs, and fish, bathing Xi Shua Shua, and giving the alpaca a haircut; if he wanted to raise lions, tigers, and wolves in the future, hed have to take them out for exercise every day. He didnt need to get several dogs immediately, but he needed someone to prevent the home from falling apart. Ji Yans arrival was perfect, solving all of his problems!

Ji Yan flushed, his whole body tensed and as rigid as a straight line. After stammering a bit, his face was still red and he exerted all his effort into nodding. “En!”

“Pft!” Tang Wan stifled a laugh. This child was too cute!

“How old are you?”


“Youre not attending school? I remember when I was your age, I was going to school.” Tang Wan thought about himself, and felt that he himself was an illiterate. A person at his age should also be at school. The place he appeared at wasnt quite right, so he was still illiterate. The Marshal unexpectedly hadnt ignored his illiterate self. How touching!

Ji Yan followed Tang Wan and obediently said: “I have received training at a special department, I dont need to go to school.

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. Special department?

“Then who else is in your family?”

“No one, I am an orphan.”

“Oh, Im sorry.”

“Fūrén is too kind.” Saying this, Ji Yan lowered his head again. Tang Wan opened his mouth, but had no choice but to laugh. This child was too well-behaved. “In the future, if you have things you cant do or arent good at, Ill keep them away from you.”

Ji Yan thought for a moment, then answered in a small voice, ashamed: “Im not good at arguing with people.”

Tang Wan could barely stop himself from laughing. Was this considered something he was bad at? “Dont worry, I can do it! Im good at scolding people!”

Ji Yans face turned red again, “Aside from being good at looking after people, theres still…does murder count?”

Tang Wan stared in astonishment. Murder? This child? The one whose face turned red whenever he spoke?

It should be said that this was truly a person who had been found by Lin Bo, how fierce!

After getting a rudimentary understanding of Ji Yan, Tang Wan didnt interrogate the other any further. He smiled and said, “Come on, Ill introduce you to my fur children. In the future when I dont have time, Ill have to trouble you to look after them. The one who doesnt play with its female companion but only plays with water is Xi Shua Shua. This little girl is Cui Hua, that one is Shen Zhu Ge, and that one is Er Hei, a mini donkey. This is Tie Zhu, a pony. This one is Luo Bei the rabbit, and its friends Qin Cai, Xiang Cai, Bo Cai……This one is Xuan Feng, who has a vulgar mouth, and the one who will turn into a giant is Hong Liu.”

Ji Yan: “……”

Tang Wan showed off, “Well then, arent they very fierce!”

Ji Yan cleverly said: “Yes, their names are also very fierce.”

Tang Wan touched Ji Yans shoulder. “Im truly pleasantly surprised. They all said that the names I came up with werent good. Many people on the internet said that I didnt have good taste!”

Ji Yan thought for a moment and said obediently: “Its them who doesnt have good taste.”

Lin Bo, who had originally been worried that Tang Wan and Ji Yan wouldnt get along and was secretly observing them, dropped his melon seeds. Before transferring Ji Yan, he hadnt known that the child had the ability to spew nonsense.

— — — —

The next day, Tang Wan brought Ji Yan with him, and they boarded the aircraft together. They were heading towards the location Xu Mi had given them.

JI Yan stood behind Tang Wan and obediently remained silent.

Tang Wan patted the seat next to him, puzzled. “Xiao Ji, sit!”

Ji Yan shook his head. “I cant sit.”

“If I let you sit, you should sit. You look like a little young wife. If they didnt know better, they would think that I was mistreating you.”

Ji Yan was so frightened that he immediately sat down. He was too obedient.

Tang Wan sighed. This child, really saying that his specialty was murder.

The aircraft left the Marshals mansion. As they neared the imperial household, they passed through all of the security checkpoints. This was the first time that Tang Wan had visited the Imperial Star, and he curiously looked about. The endless stream of horses and carriages in the past had already become high tech flight paths. There werent many pedestrians on the wide, imposing streets.

Everyone who lived here were rich and nobles, but still, they couldnt compare to the Marshals mansion. They lived on a floating island.

At this time, Tang Wan suddenly thought of something. “How much is a floating island?”

Ji Yan thought .”For one as big as the Marshals mansion, it would be more than a billion. Most of the time, there is no market price and cant be bought without royal approval.”

Tang Wan listened in a daze, picked up a pillow, and buried his head in it.

The big cat was unexpectedly so rich! And he had talked big, bragging to the other and saying that he was enough of a man to raise him! Raise an egg ah! He didnt make enough money for even a single strand of the others fur, no wonder he had been so unperturbed and only replied with an “en” and not a “pah”. It was a testament to the mutual affection between a husband and wife!

Throughout the whole journey, Tang Wan regretted running his mouth and flushed shamefully.

He didnt know what Ji Yan was thinking when he comforted Tang Wan: “Calm down a bit, the feelings between Fūrén and the Marshal are very good.”

Tang Wan: “……”

Luo Bing Jun and Xu Mi had arrived at the meeting point ahead of schedule. When they saw Tang Wan showing his face from the aircraft window, they greeted him. Xu Mi smiled and waved. Then he turned and seriously warned Luo Bing Jun. “His aircraft isnt one that normal people can sit in. Its for military use, but even those with military rank cant use it. When he landed just now, nobody dared to stop and search him. His identity isnt simple. Have some sense, dont ramble.”

Luo Bing Jun stood up and tidied his clothes. “Relax, Im not that kind of beast. Im a person.”

Xu Mi was speechless. What kind of nonsensical reason was that?

“Hey! Where are you going?”

Luo Bing Jun had arrived at the entrance of the aircraft. “Ill freeload on the aircraft to see what its like to not go through the security checkpoints!”

Xu Mi was so angry that he almost jumped up and kicked him. When he thought of his ancestors other identity, he could only endure. He finally choked out: “Have some face!”

Ive only had Ji Yan for half a day but if anything happens to him, Ill kill everyone in the room and then myself (๑و•̀ω•́)و

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