Chapter 37 – Someone Stole My Cat!

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Editor: Walker

After Tang Wan entered, the reporters began to write their drafts one after the other. You said that you wouldnt let us take pictures of your face, but nothing about not writing articles: Mysterious Meng Pet hosteating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang and Heavenly King Luo Bing Jun are currently cooperating together in the third movie and film studio. This time, theres a cat! A cat! A cat! There was also another shocking thing:eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang isnt ugly at all! On the contrary, his attractiveness index wouldnt lose to the entertainment circles popular stars! Ultra, good, looking!

After this kind of news was sent out, Tang Wans Weibo bustled with noise and excitement: why do they know what you look like but we dont?

Is there still a little love for the fans?

I want to go to the set! I want to stop him!

Take me with you!

If you have the ability to come out, do you have the ability to show us a little?

You dare to show yourself? You wouldnt dare, I know it!


Tang Wan didnt have time to check his Weibo. He was focusing on teaching Mulan how to cooperate with Luo Bing Jun. After talking to Mulan, he spoke with Luo Bing Jun. “You have to conform to the cat, you cant let the cat conform to you. Your IQ is higher.”

Luo Bing Jun looked at Mulan with a foolish face, not knowing where to put his hands and feet. After hearing what Tang Wan said, he felt that his reasoning was sound, “My IQ is only enough to transplant rice seedlings!”

Xu Mis expression darkened; he just wanted to kill him, “Dont joke around! Be a little more serious!”

Luo Bing Jun felt wronged, “When was I not serious?”

Xu Mis heart was exhausted. “After this, Ill give you a vacation so you can play around to your hearts content!”

Then he looked at the big stars expression, which had returned to being serious. “Alright, Ill remember what you said today. Tang Wan, Ill find the time to seek you out and play games with you.”

Tang Wan: “……”

It was a trick! They were all tricks!

Mulans gaze towards Luo Bing Jun had always been very distaining, and Tang Wan could only try and call out: “Little Lady, look at me!”

Just when Mulan turned its head and looked at Daddy Tang, its eyes were bright and its expression was sweet, the cameraman quickly took the photo. When Mulan looked back at Luo Bing Jun, its eyes once again recovered the look of contempt. The expression was: blank, uninterested,youre so annoying,smelly man,dont touch me,let me crawl a little further away from you……

There were many celebrities shooting at this studio who had heard that there was a cat there, a kind of species that had gone extinct. More and more people gathered around to watch. Once they saw Mulans sweet expression, beautiful and smooth fur, and that pair of big, sky blue eyes, they excitedly took photos. Of course, there were also some people who were curious about Tang Wan, and there were people that pointed their cameras towards him. Tang Wans eyebrows furrowed. They were still more coming? At this time, Ji Yan took a softly packaged box from his pocket and handed it to Tang Wan. Surprisingly, it was a surgical mask.

Tang Wan laughed and accepted it, praising: “Do you have Doraemons pocket? Whatever I need, you can pull out?” Ji Yan didnt understand what a Doraemon was, but he could tell that Tang Wan was praising him. His face flushed again.

Tang Wan tsked twice. If someone didnt know better, theyd think that he was a rogue, taking advantage of the neighboring households younger brother.

After shooting for half an hour, Tang Wan saw that Mulan, who was encircled by a group of people, was already a little fidgety, so he wanted to discuss with Xu Mi, “Should we take a break? With so many people watching, Mulan is starting to become a little upset.”

Seeing Mulan look like this when it was supposed to be sweet and cute, Xu Mi immediately waved his hand at the cameraman. “Lets stop and take a break.”

Luo Bing Jun carried Mulan over to Tang Wan and whispered: “Why do I feel like the little fairys gaze towards me has become even more resentful?”

“Cats arent dogs, it will be scared when surrounded by so many people. Besides, theres no soundproofing here. With everyone shouting how beautiful it is and taking pictures, not venting its temper is already considered very sensible.” Tang Wan carefully picked up the little lady and smoothed out the fur on its head. Mulans mood became more stable, and it lay on Tang Wans shoulder delicately acting spoiled. Tang Wan couldnt help but press seven or eight kisses to its head.

The onlookers faces were full of envy. They also wanted to kiss it!

After Xu Mi heard Tang Wan spoke, there was a microphone he had managed to pull from somewhere in his hand. He said to everyone: “While were shooting, we forbid others in standing around. The cat is uncomfortable. Everyone, please be more forgiving of the cat. Scatter, scatter!”

The crowd regretfully began to leave the studio. Tang Wan sighed, relieved, and turned to Ji Yan: “Im thirsty, can you help me buy a bottle of water?”

Ji Yan pulled a bottle of water from his bag; it had already been provided.

Tang Wan took the offered water, then looked at the nearby beverage selling machine. It had freshly pressed juices, using fruits he had never seen before. There was a mechanical robot slicing the fruit, pressing it, and pouring it. Customers could swipe a card and help themselves. There were many people in line, and just by looking, he could tell that it was very good.

Ji Yan saw the desire in Tang Wans gaze, and he frowned. He wasnt sure about leaving Tang Wan alone here, but his heart couldnt bear to see Tang Wan disappointed. He looked solemnly at Luo Bing Jun and said: “Asking Young Master to look after him!”

Luo Bing Jun subconsciously turned his head around. With Ji Yans solemn tone, it seemed as if he was sayingif something goes wrong, you bastard had better work if your life depended on it.

By this time, the onlookers were almost gone. Ji Yan took the water container back from Tang Wan and whispered: “Wait two minutes for me.”

Tang Wan chuckled and contentedly waved Mulans paw, “Thank you Big Brother Ji~”

Ji Yans face quickly burst into flames and ran off, embarrassed. Tang Wan laughed, showing his dimples, “This child, hahahaha.”

Luo Bing Jun cocked his head. He felt that the moment when Tang Wan was teasing Ji Yan was very familiar. Xu Mi just wanted to laugh coldly, how damn similar it was to when Luo Bing Jun teased him. These two summoners, maybe they could really be friends.

Just at this time, suddenly a group of people that resembled a crazy mob poured in, stuffing the studio to overflowing in an instant. Tang Wan and Luo Bing Jun both started, stunned. What was going on?

“Luo Bing Jun! Im your fan!”

“Ive liked you for eight years!”

“Luo Bing Jun! I love you!”

“Big Brother Luo! Marry me! Marry me! Marry me!”


The two people looked at each other. Tang Wans gaze held the same resentment as Mulans; your fans!

Luo Bing Jun frowned. This time when he came to shoot, it was done in secret. Even if his fans knew that he was here, they couldnt come in and crazily interfere with his work. He knew that his own fans were very reasonable. Luo Bing Juns bodyguards werent enough, and they were bowled over by the group of fans. Tang Wan and Luo Bing Jun were in the middle, surrounded, with no place to hide.

Though Luo Bing Jun wanted to protect Tang Wan, he couldnt. He wanted to reach out and grab Tang Wan, but he was already dragged away by the crowd. Tang Wan was pushed around several times and almost fell down. At this time, two people, one on the left and one on the right, took hold of his arms and pulled him to the side. One younger looking fellow wearing a mask took the opportunity and grabbed Mulan and frantically pushed through the crowd, escaping.

Tang Wans mind buzzed. Someone stole his cat!

Fuck you, bastard! No one can steal my cat!

Even while Tang Wan was being dragged, he still furiously kicked out with a foot, hitting the younger fellows back. The other fell down in a large face-plant, Mulan also being tossed down, letting out a hiss. Tang Wan immediately felt like his heart was dripping blood! Tang Wan suddenly felt the area around his body clear, the feeling of being crowded fading away. There were two youths, one on each side, pushing people away from him. Tang Wan understood at once. These were the people that Zong He had assigned to covertly follow him. They had no choice but to show themselves, “Dont mind me, my cat!”

Tang Wan anxiously stamped his feet. His little lady was being snatched away! The most important thing was getting the little lady back!

The two soldiers who were protecting pursed their lips. Their assignment was to protect him from their place in the shadows. They already hadnt wanted to reveal themselves, and they still had to chase after a cat? Fūrén really loved cats as if they were his life.

At this time, a green vine suddenly sprang from the ground, dividing into countless stems and typing up the people who wanted to escape. The vines continued to grow, typing up a short fellow who had already managed to flee thirty meters away, and dragged him back by the legs. The short fellow shrieked and grabbed Mulans neck. Before he would voice his threat, the vines divided, sharp needle-like tips appearing. After they gathered at the others hands, there was the sound of something snapping. The sounds of bone breaking reverberated in the others peoples ears, and the originally violently struggling people were scared into compliance at once and were lying motionlessly on the floor.

The vines rolled at Mulans waist, and light as a feather, delivered it back to Tang Wan. With the little lady lost, then recovered, Tang Wan shakily carried it and raised his head. The vine typing up the short fellow trembled, and his whole body was lifted up into the air then dropped right in front of him. Tang Wan nervously retreated a step. At this time, a foot landed on the others head.

“Ji Yan?” Tang Wan looked at the young man, who resembled a murderous god, with wide eyes. Ji Yans gaze was frigid.

Ji Yan handed the drink to Tang Wan and said guiltily: “Im sorry! Ive let you become startled, please punish me!”

Tang Wan laughed and patted Ji Yans shoulder. “I want to thank you for coming back in such a timely manner. Just now when you left, it was because I asked you to do so. If you still feel like you failed your duty and want to be punished……then help me give Shen Zhu Ge a bath when we get back. His hair is dirty.”

Ji Yan still felt guilty. It was his first time going out with Fūrén, and something like this had happened. Ji Yan believed that it was due to his own negligence.

At this time, Luo Bing Jun and Xu Mi reacted and squeezed out from the crowd. They asked Tang Wan, worried, “Are you okay?”

Tang Wan shook his head, comforting Mulan in his arms. Ji Yan pulled off the short fellows mask. It turned out that it was the reporter that had wanted to take a picture of them before!

Luo Bing Jun looked at the group of fans and said, his expression cold, “You also found this group of fake fans? My fans wouldnt look at me with such a gaze.”

As it turns out, Luo Bing Jun was just carefree, not at all foolish. At a glance, it was clear that these people were hired to make trouble, and their goal was to steal the cat in Tang Wans hands. It must be known that someone had already made an offer of seven million yuan for Jin Xiao Pang. If Mulan had been taken to the black market and auctioned off, it would definitely fetch more than seven million yuan.

There came a sudden commotion from the front doors, and someone shouted: “The Imperial Guard has arrived!”

Ji Yan glanced outside. Using a vine, a good dozen people were tied up along a chain, then dragged out. Everyone was stupefied: How much combat strength did this person have?!

Luo Bing Jun swallowed his saliva and whispered, “Your retainer also has a plant ability.”

Tang Wan: “En, just like you.”

Tang Wan didnt really know if it was the same, but they were both plants anyways. At this time, hed just say that they were the same. It would very much give him face!

Luo Bing Juns expression was sullen. His father was right, he was the most useless cub among the plant ability users. There were those younger than him with more amazing, explosive talents. He could still only summon some plants and grow flowers, vegetables, and grass!

The Imperial Guards captured the short reporter for committing theft, and the other accomplices were all brought back for punishment. At that time, they were going to get an appraisal for how much Mulan could sell for, then turn the short reporter in.

All of a sudden, a staff member that had stood by and watched the whole ordeal angrily said, “Arent they foolish? How could they steal a cat that was summoned?!”

“Right! Who would dare buy it if it was stolen? It has its masters spiritual mark on it. The master can recall it at any time, unless the master erased traces of it.”

“Its considered a protected species! IQ not enough to even plant seedlings!”

Hearing this, Luo Bing Jun asked Tang Wan curiously: “Right, why didnt you just directly summon it back?”

Tang Wan paused, “……I was worried and forgot!”

The people around him wordlessly stared at him. He had forgotten his own ability?!

Tang Wan buried his face in the little ladys fur, embarrassed. He had never tried to use the system to remotely recall his meng pets. As it was the first time he had encountered such a situation, he had honestly never thought of this function.

This event also allowed Tang Wan to understand how much greed could be stirred up by the value of the rare animals.

Tang Wan carried Mulan, whose mood had already calmed down, and said to Xu Mi: “Lets change the way the photos are taken. Dont let any other people see. If Mulan doesnt want to cooperate, then well switch to Jin Xiao Pang to make up for it. Ill call all the other animals out, you can pick.”

Luo Bing Jun raised his hand: “I was thinking that I wanted an alpaca.”

Tang Wan: “……”

This is a brother with very heavy tastes!

When will Zong He return from exile? (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ )ƅ̋

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