My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 39 - Is There Any Use in Resisting?

Chapter 38 – Priceless Wedding Ring

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At this time, Luo Bing Juns manager said: “I heard that Studio 6 was empty and sealed off. Its condition is appropriate, so should I rent it instead?”

“Then hurry!” Xu Mi didnt speak any more nonsense. If Tang Wan asked for a change, then theyd change.

When they arrived and Tang Wan glanced around, Tang Wan nodded in satisfaction. After the studio doors were closed, no one could see them.

Luo Bing Jun changed his outfit again. Seeing Tang Wan still carrying and coaxing Mulan, he moved closer and stroked Mulans back, wanting to coax it as well. Unexpected, Mulan immediately bared its teeth and looked extremely impatient, even like it wanted to bite him.

Luo Bing Jun was so startled that he immediately pulled his hand back, “Its really frightening!”

Tang Wan rubbed the top of Mulans head and placed it directly back into the system, letting it have some peace, and let Jin Xiao Pang out. “Mulans mood is unstable, so we can only let Jin Xiao Pang out. This child is big-hearted, easy-going, and has a good temper.”

Jin Xiao Pang looked all around with big, wide eyes, his round furry ears twitching. It was just curious, not showing any fear.

Tang Wan ran his hand along its back twice. In his heart, he felt that it should take on a sturdy child as a wife. Tie Niu was a sturdy child.

Luo Bing Jun happily held Jin Xiao Pang in his arms and rubbed its stomach. In an instant, he was conquered by the thick layer of fat and soft fur. Jin Xiao Pang just glanced at him. Tang Wan was standing right by it, and it didnt start any conflicts. It even gave Luo Bing Jun a lot of face and pressed its face against his shoulder, appearing like a lovable child. However, Luo Bing Jun was so moved that his eyes were brimming with tears of excitement, and he went off to take some photos. Tang Wan held his chin. He actually really wanted to remind the other that Jin Xiao Pang only did such things because the child was too lazy to respond.

Taking photos with Jin Xiao Pang went very smoothly. Because this child was too lazy, he placed it down, where it lay with its plump stomach sticking to the floor and his claws outstretched and motionless. Whatever position it was placed in was what position itd take. Without the lure of food, it wouldnt bother moving at all!

With Jin Xiao Pangs disposition, it quickly became the entire working teams big darling. When one touched it, the other would snap a picture. There were still others that went out and bought meat jerkies and canned food that cat beasts could eat. Big and small bags were stuffed into Tang Wans hands, all for Jin Xiao Pang to eat.

Tang Wan didnt know whether he should laugh or cry, but he accepted everyones kindness. He asked Xu Mi and Luo Bing Jun: “I also have parrots and rabbits, do you want to experiment with them? I wont accept your money.”

It was very difficult to get this kind of opportunity, so how could the two people refuse? Even if they didnt take any photos, they were both extremely willing to just take a look.

Luo Bing Jun pressed on Tang Wans shoulders with both hands and solemnly assured him: “In the future, we will be brothers! Lets become mutuals on Weibo! If I have a bowl of rice, then youll have one as well! My father is your father, and my fans are your fans. If youre being bullied, Ill help beat them up for you. Please bring your meng pets out! Bring them out and let me pet them!”

Tang Wan was irked. That last sentence was the main point. Did this brother have any integrity?

Aside from Mulan, all the other pets Tang Wan had raised were especially friendly. Whoever had milk would be recognized as their mother. If you fed them, theyd play with you.

As soon as Xuan Feng came out, “Little big brother, a kiss! Mua!”

The staff members all applauded, one after another. Even Xu Mi thought it was cute and fancily praised: “Whose familys child is this? So young but still knows how to tease?”

Tang Wan really didnt want to say, “My familys.”

Finally, under Luo Bing Juns bright and eager gaze, Tang Wan released Shen Zhu Ge. Shen Zhu Ge had recently become chubby and his hair was fluffy, so at first glance, it seemed like it had a double chin. Luo Bing Jun thought that this kind of furry creature shouldnt have a bad temper, and went up to it and neared its neck. Shen Zhu Ge looked at him curiously, and towards this big stars face: “Tui!”

Tang Wan: “……”

In the end, Heavenly King Luo declined to take a picture with Shen Zhu Ge. With one “tui!”, it had become the eternal shadow in Heavenly King Luos heart.

— — — —

At this time, in the Empires Royal Auction House, the largest one in the Empire, the goods there were naturally priceless, as the auction house was labeled with the word “Royal”.

The head of the Auction House carried a gift box with expensive packaging towards the VIP room. He took a deep breath, then rang the doorbell. From inside, there came an indifferent voice: “Come in.”

The head turned pale and pushed open the door. He solemnly placed the gift box on the table, “Marshal, this is the item you requested.”

He never thought that hed be able to see Marshal Zong He. The Marshal had come to retrieve this ring.

Zong He opened the box and the corners of his lips curved up, satisfied. It was a pair of rings. They had originated 200 years ago as posthumous work from the galaxys unparalleled jewelry designer, Master Yuan Zi Bing. It was said that after the rings were designed, he went searching for a person to make them. It had taken 10 years. Unfortunately, Master Yuan Zi Bing passed away before he could find a person for the rings. The pair of rings were displayed in the Imperial Jewelry Exhibition Hall as a national treasure.

This time, the rings could have been taken to the Auction House because Zong He had sought out his elder cousin, the Emperor, who allowed them to be put up for auction. He didnt want to take advantage of the royal family and so, he hid his identity. He would have them no matter how much it cost. So, the diamond rings had cost 1.3 billion yuan. In any case, his father had left him a large inheritance. He wasnt distressed at all to spend money on his partner.

What was extraordinary about the rings were not only was their fine craftsmanship, but the blue crystal a centimeter in diameter in the middle. It resembled the Earth that Tang Wan liked, the Earth from a thousand years ago where it was still bursting with vitality.

Using the naked eye, the lively water-blue planet and the rough silhouette of the terrain could be seen. With a closer look, glacial mountains, rivers, and even a long wall were present. It was said that it was the Great Wall constructed during ancient times. Like this, the beautiful design that rivaled nature determined the rings value.

Zong He knew that Tang Wan especially liked Earths culture, and thought that he would definitely like the ring. So, no matter how much it would cost, he must obtain it.

Lin Bo looked at it and his heart hurt, “If the Duke knew that you spent so much money to buy the rings……”

Zong He calmly told him: “He would happily pop out of his coffin, since the Zong family wouldnt die without descendants.”

Lin Bo was speechless. No wonder Fūrén said that his familys Marshal had a stinky disposition and rotten temper. The words he said werent good to hear; there were times when it really wasnt good to hear.

After remaining silent for a while, Lin Bo consoled: “He would still love you very much.”

Zong He put the box away. “I dont feel that he was bad, but I dont have many memories of him. It was you who raised me, hence in my heart, you are my father.”

Lin Bos smiling expression clearly cracked, and he emotionally said: “Dont say such a thing again, wouldnt it stimulate me in my old age?”

Zong He couldnt help but laugh. The old fellows heart was very clear, ah, people! The hypocrisy!

Lin Bo reminded him, “If Fūrén wears this ring on his finger, it will cause waves, especially during his live broadcasts.”

Zong He unyieldingly hummed; it was precisely because he wanted everyone to know.

Lin Bo restrained himself from laughing. “Fūrén really is a good child. Your natures complement each other. Except for the trouble that might arise from his identity, everything else is good.”

Zong He narrowed his eyes. In an overbearing manner, he said: “Who would care?!”

Identity, it counted as much as a fart!

After the rings were auctioned off, the Internet had boiled over: who spent 1.3 billion to buy the national treasures?!

Some said that it was a high-ranking noble, and others said that it was a rich businessman. In other words, those who didnt have a family legacy couldnt possibly afford it. Everyone was talking about where the person who had bought them would place them. Would it be passed down as a family heirloom or would it be displayed for people to admire?

The Marshal expressed: Neither!

He was going to put the ring on his partners finger so that everyone could see it!

— — — —

After restlessly tossing for a day, Tang Wan finished the shooting. He looked at the unedited pictures. If he didnt look at the handsome brother Luo Bing Jun and only looked at his familys fur children, he would find that each one of them surpassed the former in cuteness. Tang Wan and Xu Mi were both very satisfied. When they parted, Xu Mi gratefully shook Tang Wans hand and promised: “When the moment comes, there will definitely be a lot of publicity!”

Tang Wan politely said: “Thank you very much!”

Dealing with smart people was truly convenient.

When he returned home, Tang Wan didnt return upstairs, but lay on the big sofa in the hall. Hed take a break first, then deal with things later.

Zong He came down from upstairs and sat down beside Tang Wan, watching him attentively with bright eyes.

Tang Wan subconsciously hugged the long pillow, “When you look at people with your golden cats eyes, its like youre looking at prey. In your heart, do you not know how frightful it is?”

If Tang Wan hadnt said it, then itd still be okay. However, after Tang Wan finished speaking, Zong He moved his face closer and he jumped in surprise. He instinctively raised the pillow he was hugging and pushed it into the Marshals face.

“If you have something to say, then say it. What are you coming near me for?!”

“You still have so much confidence after committing an act of domestic violence against me?”

“Who committed domestic violence?”


Tang Wan looked at the soft pillow in his hands. What kind of domestic violence was this?

At this time, there was a slightly cool feeling on his forehead. Tang Wan lifted his gaze. Zong He was pinching something that he had pasted directly to his forehead. Tang Wan blinked and asked curiously: “What? You didnt catch a bug to scare me, did you? Im telling you, Im especially courageous. Im brave enough to eat it, dont you believe me?”

Zong He knew that Tang Wan deliberately tried to disgust him, but he was actually disgusted. He couldnt imagine him opening his mouth to swallow an insect. Zong He stopped teasing him. He pulled Tang Wans hand up and placed the ring on his finger without an explanation.

Stupefied, Tang Wan stared at the extra addition to his finger. He felt like he was floating away from reality. “A ring?”

Zong He confidently told him: “Now that its on, dont take it off. It makes it clear that youre already married.”

Only then did Tang Wan carefully examine the ring. His gaze was immediately attracted by the form of the crystal, which resembled Earth. “This is……Earth?!”

The outer edge was a silvery-white color, but he couldnt determine what metal it was made of. It seemed a bit like platinum, and its light color complemented the beauty of the big inlaid crystal. To his surprise, it was incredibly life-like, the same as the 3D satellite images that were taken of the Earth during his era. Tang Wan was stunned, and he gently touched the crystal. His eyes were a little heated. “It must have cost a lot of money to make this ring.”

Zong He opened the terminals magnifying function and enlarged it for him. Tang Wan could see the Great Wall with a glance. His eyes grew warm again, and he couldnt stop his tears.

Earth was something that he was still attached to, and was a restraint from his past. He had never thought that Zong He, this iron-willed, unyielding man, would be so meticulous and considerate. To his surprise, he knew what he liked and even made such a ring for him.

“Thank you, I like it very much.” Tang Wans eyes were tinged red, and he moved to cup Zong Hes face. He took the initiative to move closer and pressed a kiss to the others forehead. From now on, he would learn to transfer his attachment to the ring and forget about the past. He would use the Tang Wan of this eras identity and keep on living happily with this family.

I straight up hyperventilated for 10 minutes after this scene (๑>ᴗ<๑) Someone asked about the rings like 30 chapters ago and here they finally are!

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