My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Chapter 42 - Im Drinking Vinegar the Uncoaxable Kind!

Chapter 41 – Only Idiots Wont Take An Opportunity To Make Money

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Bo Li Qiao: If you could design a new toy similar to the cat tree, it would be better if it was even taller and bigger. We plan on putting it in a theme park so that adults will also be challenged a bit. Its urgent, we need it the day after tomorrow. Can you make the design? (Kneeling.jpg)

Tang Wan sent the other a picture with his two fingers outstretched.

The other immediately understood: Two million, I understand!

They were a type of virtual business partners that had already reached an agreement. Tang Wan sketched the design, and the other would manufacture it. Tang Wans live broadcast would be promoted, and sell big. Tang Wans viewer traffic had risen and his fee was still like this now; Tang Wan would still design for them and didnt raise the price even after he became famous. Bo Li Qiao thought that there were few business partners as conscientious, so he didnt bargain at all and just gave him what he wanted.

Tang Wan called Ji Yan over to help clean up, but he didnt go back to his room. He immediately sat down and began to sketch out his design. He drew a luxurious cat tree that resembled a castle, soaring like a heavenly pillar, absolutely meeting the others requirements.

The cat tree was something that Tang Wan was so familiar with that he could draw it with his eyes closed, and he had almost completed it in half an hour. Zong He noticed that Tang Wan still hadnt come to find him after his live broadcast ended. He couldnt bear it anymore and went to catch the person himself.

“You still havent finished?” Zong He stood by the doorway, his deep eyes hiding his bitterness.

“Give me one more hour. Ill finish this sketch and discuss the details with the other.” Tang Wan was single-mindedly focused, his pen flying across the paper.

Zong He asked discontentedly: “Youre not in a hurry now?”

What about their agreed-upon nightly groomings? He had originally wanted to take the opportunity to cultivate the affection between them. How many meanings didbeing busy have?

Tang Wan turned around with a smile. “Isnt it just eight oclock? Its still early. Rest assured, I will go to bed after I finish drawing.”

Zong He was still dissatisfied, but the Marshal couldnt let himself mention anything about grooming.

Tang Wan turned back around and drew more for a long while, then felt like he was being stared at. He turned his head again to look, and saw that Zong He was still standing in the doorframe watching him like a complaining cat. Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. “Ill go back and find you soon, arent you tired of standing here?”

Zong He simply asked someone to bring a chair over and sat beside Tang Wan, watching him draw. Tang Wan had almost finished his design. He smiled and glanced at Zong He, then added a space capsule-like cat bowl. “I received an urgent order from Good Baby Childrens Toy Company to make a giant cat tree in a theme park for cat beastmen to play with. When I finish designing this one, theyll give me two million. Theres an old saying that goes like this: only an idiot wont take an opportunity to make money. I should get the money tonight, so we dont have to worry.”

Zong He was full of regret. If he hadnt told Tang Wan that he didnt have any money, then Tang Wan wouldnt pay so much attention to money and not even brush his fur.

“If we make this one hundred meters tall, then it really would be a heavenly pillar. Can the beastmen rely on just their strength to climb up?”

Zong He disdainfully tskd. “It depends on the type of beastmen. The ones with hooves definitely cant.”

Tang Wan frowned. Sometimes, the Marshals words were truly unpleasant. Only because he was so good looking that his attractiveness index could replace his poisonous tongue.

“Then, can you climb up?”

Zong He remained silent. This question even needed to be asked?

Tang Wan poked at him, “Can you do it?”

“Of course.” Zong He looked scornfully at the cat tree. “I could climb when I was a child. Cats that couldnt climb were all rubbish.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips. Could it be said that he was domineering, or that his mouth was deficient?

“After I finish this, I really want to take Da Zhuang to the playground to play. Da Zhuangs so busy that he hasnt come in a long time. Has he grown a lot?” Tang Wan looked around to make sure that they were the only two in the room, then whispered: “Is Da Zhuang His Majestys illegitimate son?”

Zong He: ! ! !

“Surprised? Why are you looking at me like that? Was I right?” Tang Wan was bitterly disappointed. “The Imperial Empress is so pitiful. Such an extraordinary woman, but it wasnt enough to give His Majesty two children, she also has to wear a green hat, tsk, tsk~” Tang Wan signed his name in the lower right corner of the sketch. His gossipy heart was burning, “Your cousin really is scum.”

Zong He: “……”

“However, I just dont understand why youre never here when Da Zhuang is.”

Zong He took a deep breath. He pinched Tang Wans chin and turned him around. “If you have time to talk about such matters, it would be better for you to finish your drawing and head back to the room to sleep!”

Tang Wan looked at his watch. It wasnt nine oclock yet. “Arent cats nocturnal animals? You want to sleep so early? Are you tired? Then you can sleep first.”

Zong Hes lips were stretched thin. He bowed his head and gave Tang Wan a strong kiss. He was sullen; he didnt just want to sleep quietly in bed, he wanted to exercise on it too! If they couldnt sleep, then they would be intimate for a bit. What was there to say about common gossip?

Tang Wan sighed. The big cats temperament couldnt be guessed. Even if he guessed back and forth, he still wouldnt understand. The big cat wasnt as easy to coax as the little cats.

Tang Wan sent the sketch to Bo Li Qiao and explained the minute manufacturing details and the necessary components. After they finished speaking, it was already past nine oclock. Tang Wan stood up and went over to pull Zong He, “Lets go. Ill take a bath first. Since youre tired, you can sleep first.”

The Marshal sullenly allowed himself to be pulled to their room.

After Tang Wan took a bath, there was already a big cat lying across the bed with his chin resting on his front paws, gazing at him with hidden bitterness. The guilt in Tang Wans heart suddenly rose. “Aiya, for the agreed-upon brushing, Ill give it to you immediately! Ill brush until your fur is slick and smooth!”

Zong Hes eyes narrowed as he enjoyed his partners brushing and pets. His entire body relaxed. Tang Wan listened to the faint purr, unsure if he had heard incorrectly. He moved closer to Zong Hes neck to listen. He smiled in amusement. The big cat was so easy to satisfy. After Tang Wan brushed his upper body, he moved down his body. While he was brushing, he was thinking of Da Zhuang. “I really miss Da Zhuang. What has that child been doing recently?”

Zong He opened his eyes slightly. “If you want a child, we can have our own.”

Tang Wan frowned. “What would you do if they arent like you and remain an ordinary human instead?”

Zong Hes direct observation: “Then they would be the baldest descendant of the feline family.”

“Then I dont want one! I dont want a bald child!” Tang Wans refusal was adamant. If the child didnt have fur, then they wouldnt have the beautiful pattern of Zong Hes fur. So he just wouldnt want a child.

In the end, Zong He was also amused. Tang Wan had nearly forgotten that he was also an ordinary human and just wanted a furry child.

After Tang Wan straightened out Zong Hes fur, he wrapped his arms around the cats neck and kissed his face. “Sleep like this tonight then, dont transform back.”

Zong Hes expression very clearly sank again.

Tang Wan beamed and gave him two more rubs. “I feel that youre very handsome like this!”

Zong Hes whiskers twitched and he lay down, motionless, and allowing Tang Wan to flatter him. “I agree.”

Tang Wans face turned red and he sighed quietly. While Zong He was in this form, he could still control himself. Once he transformed into his human form, he wouldnt be able to restrain himself.

Just before he went to sleep, Tang Wan dazedly rubbed Zong Hes face several times, muttering: “Da Zhuang……”

Tang Wan had been looking after the child for a year, and they were always together. How could he simply say that he wasnt coming back? Tang daddy really missed the child.

Zong He looked at Tang Wans state, then sighed deeply. “Ah.”

— — — —

The next morning, Zong He had gone off to the army. Tang Wan was sitting on the grass, grooming Shen Zhu Ge. The communication device on his wrist rang, and Tang Wan answered. Luo Bing Jun asked with a laugh: “Hello! Xiao Tang, Im on holiday!”

Tang Wan placed the communication device to the side and turned on the video function, letting the other see his darling sweetheart. “Thats great, its not easy for a big star to take a vacation.”

Luo Bing Juns head ached when he saw Shen Zhu Ge. “That brother is handsome ah! Quickly turn this off, Im traumatized!”

Shen Zhu Ge ate grass, glanced at the man in the image, and ignored him.

Luo Bing Jun was helpless, “How does it have such an attitude?”

Tang Wan profoundly said: “Probably because youre not as good looking as it is.”

Luo Bing Jun touched his hair. “Actually, I feel that I am more healthy than it is.”

Tang Wan laughed. This big star was free enough. “So, when youre on vacation, youll come and gossip with me?”

“I also wanted to see the ring on your hand, its said that its especially beautiful.”

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. “Who said that?”

“Everyones talking about it, so hurry up and let me take a close-up look!”

Tang Wan had no choice but to let the other look at the national treasure on his finger. After he finished admiring, he praised: “Its really beautiful! Will the ring on your finger bring us good luck?”

“What does that mean?”

“Lets play video games together! I heard that you arent very good at playing video games. Your level must be very low. I signed up for a small account with my grandfathers number, so we can team up to terrorize those rookies. I can take on ten at once, and Ill take you to soar up!”

Tang Wan: “……”

To be honest, he wasnt the least bit happy to be invited by this.

Anyways, it was boring to be idle. Tang Wan was swayed by Luo Bing Jun into playing a Jedi Battlefield game. Luo Bing Jun had played this before. He was actually mediocre, but was better than Tang Wan. The two people teamed up, not playing in random matches so that they were fighting against similarly leveled teams. Their luck was good, and they didnt meet any extraordinary teams. Luo Bing Jun carried Tang Wan, and they won six games. With the rapid rise in levels, the players inside were becoming more difficult to handle. With Luo Bing Jun dragging around a liability like Tang Wan, he struggled to form a team with others. It was because, sometimes, teammates were also a pit!

After ten matches, Tang Wan and Luo Bing Jun were beaten thoroughly. The big star couldnt bear it anymore, and flipped a table. “Damn it, I cant play anymore! Im going to apply for another account!”

“Dont.” Tang Wan looked at himself, who had been a rookie-bronze and struggled to attain silver. “Are you going to fight all the way from the bottom again? Even if you reach silver, you cant go above it.”

“Then what are you saying I should do?”

“You wait, Ill call someone.”

Tang Wan stealthily started the live broadcast, shouting into it: Playing video games! Please bring us to soar! Searching, searching!

After a few seconds, the audience didnt know whether to laugh or cry: You suddenly opened the live broadcast to find someone to play games with you?

I saw, how can he be so hard-working? He had a live broadcast two or three days ago, and last night, he was online again. I subconsciously looked out the window and thought it was red rain.

Ill carry you! Add me! I just snatched a good opening!

Can you take me? I play a lot, and my skills are good.


Looking at the rows of lines flying across the screen, Tang Wan thought of the audience member before, who had claimed that he was a professional player. He recalled that their name was Crazy Luo Bei, but he hadnt paid a lot of attention towards this ID. Just after he finished, he saw a red line in the barrage, Crazy Luo Bei: Ill carry you, add me on private messaging. I can carry six!

Tang Wan laughed. He had been waiting for him, the mule had been pulled out by the horse for a walk. Before, he had said that he was a professional, and now, it was time for him to show his real skills. Tang Wan said to Luo Bing Jun: “I found a skilled person, you wait a bit and Ill call them.”

Tang Wan privately poked Crazy Luo Bei and added him as a friend. Tang Wan also found a few more players on the live broadcast that seemed like they were good at playing video games, and formed a team of seven people. In high spirits, they valiantly went to fight for the ranking.

Luo Bing Jun snorted. “Fuck, I dont know if I can meet the bastards that just beat me.”

Tang Wan also snorted. “What are you afraid of? Its not important, the entire map is our enemy!”

After they spoke, they both laughed and Tang Wan ridiculed a bit: “That was ridiculous. Its like the two who were just defeated wasnt us.”

Of the two voices, one was magnetic and the other was charming. The former would intoxicate those that were listening, and another was a voice that could make ears pregnant. The latter was pleasing to the ear, the voice crisp and clear. After teasing around, the voices laughedhahahaha.

At this time, a person on the team asked uncertainly, “Say, why do I feel that No. 1s voice sounds very familiar?”

No. 3 Crazy Luo Bei “hmm”d: “It really does.”

His voice was very firm, but didnt sound very old. He felt that it was a person with a bad temperament, but had a strong identity.

The other team members also doubtfully asked, “Huh, I also feel that No. 3s voice is somewhat familiar.”

No. 1 and No. 3 were suddenly as quiet as chicken.

Tang Wan: “Soulful wholesale, beautiful meow voice-changing device, a coin for three. Passerby, dont miss this opportunity!”

Teammates and audience: Emmmm……do you think we are foolish?

When Zong He brought up having children and Tang Wan didnt say no…

(੭ु´͈ ᐜ `͈)੭ु⁾⁾

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