Chapter 42 – Im Drinking Vinegar, the Uncoaxable Kind!

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With so many spectators, the number of Luo Bing Juns fans naturally wasnt small, and all the people watching the live broadcast were listening to his song. As soon as Luo Bing Jun came up and started to speak, the audience wasnt stupid. There wasnt one person who discerned it, but many. In addition, Luo Bing Jun was now collaborating with Tang Wan, and they were mutuals on Weibo. If they thought about it, they were about the same age, so they should play together.

Another one was Crazy Luo Bei. He really didnt brag, but was a king in the game, so much so that he even made it as a super-king among the professional players. Not only that, but he was also only 16 years old!

He was most likely the youngest child among the professional players. He had many fans of the sisterly and motherly type, and because of his little wolf-like temperament, he was very aggressive. As a result, he also had many male fans.

During the competition, a player could refrain from showing their face to remain a mystery. However, players of the same team needed to communicate. As it happened, Crazy Luo Bei was the team leader. Arrange soldiers seemed to be this childs innate ability. When he opened his mouth, the fans could all hear it.

No.4 was a girl. When she heard that Tang Wan wanted to give two side accounts, she laughed and asked: “Little brother, I want my voice to turn into Luo Bing Juns, I want a thousand voice-changing devices!”

Tang Wan couldnt hold in his happiness, “Sorry, Im out of stock. A big fool just bought 10,000 of them.”

The big fool Luo Bing Jun rolled his eyes and gave Tang Wan the middle finger!

No.4 asked again, “Then do you have a voice-changing device for the little brotherPrevailing Over Buddha? I want 10,000~”

Tang Wans ears twitched, “Who?”

“‘Prevailing Over Buddha” Luo Bing Jun didnt hide anything from Tang Wan, rambling to his hearts content and directly telling him: “Gaming IDPrevailing Over Buddha. Almost everyone who plays games knows of this talented youth, whos an expert in commanding. Theres a thousand regiment battle every month, and when other regiments see his ID, their heads ache.”

Tang Wan: “Pfft!”

The live broadcasting studio went into a frenzy: Luo, Bing, Jun, himself! Ahahahah!!!

That brother is so handsome, he must be very handsome while playing games as well!

Tang Tang, dont hold him back ah!

Gods, quickly come and look, Luo Bing Jun is in Tang Wans live broadcasting room!!!

You didnt prepare any meng pets today, are you going to livestream while playing games?

Even though the other certainly didnt admit it, theres a 90% chance hes little brotherPrevailing Over Buddha!

God! My little brother is playing games in the live broadcasting studio!

My son! My son! My son!


Tang Wan watched as the live broadcasting room became lively, then quietly and stealthily texted a question to Luo Bing Jun: That little brotherPrevailing Over Buddha is very powerful?

Luo Bing Jun: You dont know but youre still planning to look for him?

Tang Wan: He mentioned once that he was a professional player and that hed carry me if we ever played games. So Ill just try it.

Luo Bing Jun: Youre amazing! Hes not old, just sixteen years old and already a captain; his commanding skills are very good. Ive seen several videos of his competitions. How would I describe his tactics? Hes unpredictable, and no one can guess whats going on in his head. Hes also especially fierce; hell kill a person when he sees them, not leaving a single one behind. Hes the kind of fierce person that would kill the enemy even at a heavy cost.

Tang Wan was surprised. Only sixteen, so young? Wasnt he the same age as the cheetah twins? Didnt this child need to go to school?

But this name……when Tang Wan remembered it, he couldnt help but laugh. It was truly unparalleled.

After entering the game, Tang Wan beamed and poked No. 3, “Little brother Luo Bei, protect me~”

The youth coughed, and coldly replied: “Follow me closely later.”

Tang Wans eyes brightened, this child was very good at giving people a sense of security. This was a very confident young man!

Tang Wan understood that not everyone in the live broadcast wanted to see them play games. Initially, he hadnt intended to play on the live broadcast, he just wanted to find a teammate. He hadnt expected that the current number of people continued to grow with both of the peoples fans coming in. To show consideration for the whole audience, Tang Wan released cats, rabbits, and parrots. He guessed that the three species wouldnt fight if they were placed together.

Xuan Feng was rather cunning; when it saw that the cat had been called out and that the rabbit had a larger body, it knew that it wouldnt stand a chance. So, it simply remained on his shoulder, watching him play games and waving his wings in an arrogant manner, just lacking a shout: Laozi is standing on Daddy Tangs shoulder, who still dares to fight with me?

Hong Liu looked at it as if it was looking at a fool.

The other meng pets slept when they were supposed to sleep, ate when they were supposed to eat, took walks when they were supposed to take walks, and licked their fur when they were supposed to lick their fur. There were a good number of little kittens nestled against Mulan, waiting for the big sister to lick their fur. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

When the game started, Xuan Feng approached and shouted: “Little big brother, jia you!” “Little big sister, jia you!” “Little beauties, jia you!”

Tang Wan cocked his head, and Xuan Feng immediately plastered itself against his face. The two rubbed their faces against the other in mutual understanding. Xuan Feng then shouted: “The other sides grandchild, do you dare to fight against me?”

A round of laughter rippled through the live broadcasting studio: Excellent, Xuan Feng is a little expert at pulling hatred!

Tang Wan unhappily glared at it, “Dont be noisy, speak civilly.”

Xua Feng cleverly rubbed against Tang Wans face, well behaved for the time being.

This time, a barrage came up, all learning from Xuan Fengs speech: Little older brother, jia you!

Do you dare to fight against me?

If I stand here do you dare to hit me?

Little older sister, a mua~


Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry; they had learned bad things from Xuan Feng.

After entering the game, Tang Wan knew that he wasnt good at technology, so he followed little brother No.3 closely. In front of this little brother, the players of this rank were like a basin of vegetables; they could be eaten however they chose to eat them. A small friend with a gun was like a god of death after entering. He didnt hide, but would rush up to the people he saw and go wherever he heard the sound of gunfire. Tang Wan just found a place to hide, not bothering to pick anything up, just carrying a weapon and using a backpack as a defense against the other side. Although, he felt that he might not need it against the other side.

Xuan Feng had already gone mad with excitement, and was making trouble on Tang Wans shoulder: “You over there, you dare to attack me? I dare you to try to attack me!”

A barrage of comments followed: You dare to attack me? I dare you to try to attack me!

Everyone was misbehaving!

Tang Wan ran down the entire game. He didnt know how, but he got his victory presented to him on a platter, smoothly capturing the first game.

During the second game, fighting againstPrevailing Over Buddha was like trying to kill a god. The whole course of events was straightforward, just forging ahead with no special strategy. When he saw a person, he would attack them; just one person fighting against one of the other sides teams.

After two games, the little brother was silent for a while, then suddenly asked with a smile, “Older brother, are you excited?”

Tang Wan immediately flattered: “Of course Im excited! I feel like only this can be considered playing a game!”

The other assertively replied: “Yes, playing games are for feeling happy. Losing wouldnt be happy, so get that happiness, victory must be obtained.”

Tang Wan understood, this child had just said: I cant afford to lose! I cant lose!

During the third game,Prevailing Over Buddha still charged forward, calling his teammates to run after him: “Come on! Ill let you experience abusing rookies!”

Tang Wan still had a playful mindset, happily running after the little brother.

He really was worthy of being a professional player. This child was firm and unwavering, hed kill any person he saw. What hiding and roundabout tactics? They simply didnt exist! His entire being was like a worlds overlord.

There were more and more people in the live broadcasting studio. There were many audience members discussing: So he really was a professional player! No, an exceedingly fantastic professional player! When he told us, we thought he was just boasting!

Tang Wan took the time to glance at the screen, and was especially proud: “My fans are crouching tigers and hidden dragons!”

After saying that, he distinctly heard a strong, cold hum, especially prideful.

Tang Wan smiled and put on his headphones so that the audience couldnt hear the inter-team communications. He sent Crazy Luo Bei a message: Is this okay? We all know you abuse rookies.

The other side didnt type either, proudly declaring: “It doesnt matter. If they dont approve, they can come fight me themselves. Whatever.”

Tang Wan gave him a thumbs up. This little brother, how domineering!

After a while, he heard the other say: “In a bit, you can add my communications number. When I have time, I can bring you out to play.”

Luo Bing Jun opened up a small chat window, pulling only Tang Wan and Crazy Luo Bei in, and asked Tang Wan: “Are you wearing headphones?”

Tang Wan typed: Its more convenient to communicate like this. With so many audience members, if we accidentally say something unintended, we could very well be scolded. You two are public figures, so it wouldnt hurt to be careful.

Luo Bing Jun profoundly said: “Then Ill be at ease.”

Just as Tang Wan was about to say that it was his consideration, he heard Heavenly King Luos pregnancy-inducing voice flatter: “Thank you daddy for taking me along~ Please take care of me again next time~”

Tang Wans lips were drawn out, he just wanted to stomp on this person. Did he want face? Did he have integrity? It was said that the nobility was very reserved, who said this?! Trusting that was his mistake!

Tang Wan felt that he couldnt call backPrevailing Over Buddha. This child must have come from Earth. He only could have chosen this name if he knew of the legend of the monkey brothers. Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, and said: “Xiao Luo Bei, dont listen to his nonsense, hes just teasing you.”

No.3 laughed, and said coldly and proudly: “Good, No.2, dont be afraid. Daddy will take care of you. That over there is your uncle.”

Luo Bing Jun paused, then grit his teeth: “Very well, daddy!”

Tang Wan: “……”

You two are incredible, you two go on first!

After playing six games in a row, Crazy Luo Bei was still playing by shooting every person he saw. Tang Wan and Luo Bing Jun were running behind the other, the number of their points accumulating.

Tang Wan was already surrounded by a few rabbits and cats, and there were a few that were strolling around. The room was filled with a furry army. There were a number of larger cats licking a few smaller cats gathered into their arms. There were little kittens sleeping stretched out on the larger cats. They were obviously not related by blood, but they got along well. Tang Wan took the opportunity to look at the barrage. There were few comments, but the number of people wasnt small at all. Tang Wan curiously asked: “Why arent you guys speaking?”

Barrage: Shhh! Dont say anything, were petting cats.

Be quiet, Im feeling the fur on the rabbits stomach.

Speaking destroys the mood, we just want to pet the cats.

Be a bit quieter, Tang Tang. Shush!

Im looking at cats.

Im looking at rabbits, dont speak.

Tang Wan chuckled, “You guys can continue watching them for however long Im gone.”

The audience wasnt satisfied: Who let you hide your face? What else can we look at?!

Many people say that youre good looking, a lot of people saw it already, but there arent any photos or evidence. Hmph!

Im exploding, Im really exploding, so much that I scared myself by exploding!


Tang Wan turned his head, pretending to be blind. He continued to play video games with his teammates.

The audience sent out a series of angry crying expressions, all shouting that they wanted to blacklist Tang Wan. Unfortunately, Tang Wan simply pretended not to see it. He didnt try to coax them either.

After another five games, Tang Wan watched his points soar up and his rank rise. He quietly followed Luo Bing Jun and asked: We should be the rookiest kings!

Luo Bing Jun: There isnt any sense of challenge fighting like this.

Tang Wan: Haha! When you get hit, isnt it time to call for daddy?

Luo Bing Jun was speechless. He found that he and Tang Wan really were kindred spirits. After meeting once, they were already familiar. Tang Wan had unexpectedly also started to bully him; he also had a sufficiently poisonous tongue.

They teamed up to play video games. The audience watched the game while petting meng pets. This time, the live broadcast was playing; you play with your things, Ill play with my things. Midway, two players had something to deal with and went offline. Tang Wan went to the live broadcasting studio to ask for two more players. At the end stage, little brotherPrevailing Over Buddha is starting to arrange his tactics. He circumvents, cuts in, looks for people to cover him, striking one by one. Tang Wan increasingly felt like this child had innate talent in commanding. Even though video games and real combat were different, the different paths would lead to the same result. He just didnt know why this child didnt go to school and played games every day. Could it be that he didnt have the money to attend school?

Tang Wans mind was active, and he recorded a section to send to Zong He for him to watch. If he was a good seedling, then they could send this child to military academy. If he didnt have money, he could pay for his tuition.

They played until noon, when Tang Wan glanced at the time. It was already 11:30, and he commented: “Brothers, should we rest and have a meal offline? Moderate gaming can stimulate the brain, but excessive gaming can harm the body. The time should be reasonably distributed, and we should enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We should follow the basic principles of playing games.”

The barrage hahahad, laughing at Tang Wans advice and making up a jingle!

Playing until this moment, everyone was tired and logged off one after the other. At this time, Tang Wan privately poked Crazy Luo Bei: Little brother, can we be added as communications friends?

Crazy Luo Bei: Yes, if someone bullies you in the future, you can call for me. Ill substitute for you and take revenge!

Tang Wan laughed. This child was especially enthusiastic.

After the two were added as friends, Tang Wan also logged off from the game and said to Luo Bing Jun: I need to eat, and then take a nap afterward. Im not playing in the afternoon.

Luo Bing Jun: Give me the childs communications number, and Ill go find the “little daddy” to carry me in the game.

Tang Wan: If Xu Mi knew that you were like this, hed strangle you to death!

Luo Bing Jun: Oh.

Tang Wan was speechless. Thinking of his friends proper face and Luo Bing Juns frivolous manner and his strong penchant for disobedience pained him.

Not worrying about Luo Bing Juns idiocy, Tang Wan sent the game video to Zong He: Dear, this child is only sixteen years old, what do you think about his talent for commanding?

Zong He: Kiss.

Tang Wan: ?

Zong He: Another kiss.

Tang Wan: Bah!

Theqin he was speaking about what that type ofqin! He didnt need hisdear to come back! Tang Wan wasnt willing to respond to him. Hed stick to the child prodigy!

Zong Hes heart was also heavy. It was Tang Wan who had flirted first, but when he responded, the other was unhappy. Humans were truly difficult to raise!

Tang Wan closed the communicator and asked the live broadcasts audience: “Are you still watching? Its been an entire morning.”

The audience understood that he wanted to log off, and threw rewards one after the other: Watch, watch, watch, please dont close it!

Looking at the gifts, Tang Wan smiled and his eyes narrowed: “Then you guys can watch, Ill make something for them to eat.” Now, Tang Wan needed to support his family members. Once he saw money, hed want it.

Tang Wan first went to the kitchen to chop up the meat for the cats and cooked it. Then, he cut up some vegetables and put it onto a plate for the rabbits. These children couldnt eat too many vegetables, otherwise, it would very easily lead to indigestion. The vegetables could only act as snacks. Once the rabbits saw the vegetables, they all dashed over to fight for them, especially Luo Bei. It just didnt know how plump it was, not holding it to heart at all. Its butt pushed the others aside and it grabbed onto a good number of stalks of vegetables, nibbling with a full heart.

Tang Wan picked it up, then under Luo Beis despondent gaze, pulled out radishes one by one from its arms and put it back onto the plate. With every pull, Luo Bei became even more sullen. Even it was a rabbit, its eyes were very human, and in the end, Tang Wan couldnt bear it. This child couldnt have become a mythical spirit, right? How could it be this smart? It had a very heartbroken expression!

The audience followed, taking pictures: Give it, give it, give it! Isnt it just a radish?

Daddy Tang, stop! Please give the radish to Luo Bei! Ill pay for the radish!

Save the child; the childs gaze is despairing!

Luo Beis heart is saying: Its all mine! Its all mine! Quickly stop!!!

No, Luo Bei should be thinking this: My dad has gone crazy, he wants to starve me to death!


Tang Wan laughed and explained patiently to everyone: “Eating too much will give it indigestion. One stalk is enough, and it cant be gluttonous. It isnt healthy.”

There were still members of the audience that thought: In order to eat, I would choose to die!

The other audience members gave him likes, and in one breath, the barrage turned red, hanging on for a long time, letting him become a legend! This was a real hero, not afraid of death, a pure man!

When the cats saw that the rabbits food had arrived but their own meals still hadnt, they didnt ignore it anymore. They were all sour little lemons. When they saw Tang Wan first feeding the rabbits, but not them, some of them immediately lay down and pretended to be run over, some huddled next to his legs, and still others wanted to climb up his legs, meowing. Even Mulan unhappily gazed at Tang Wan, like it was asking him: I am still your baby?

Tang Wan quickly hugged Mulan. The little male cats could be pushed back a little bit, hed first coax the young lady, “Rice is in the pot, wait for five minutes.”

The cats didnt understand what five minutes meant. They just hugged Tang Wans legs, meowing. Jin Xiao Pang was even more incredible, plopping its butt down right on the rabbits vegetable dish with no one being able to push it off. Being plump was an advantage!

Luo Bei just wanted to beat it up, squeaking with rage.

As soon as they heard one of their own being squeaked at, the other cats could no longer ignore it. It didnt matter what Jin Xiao Pang did, they all went to defend it. Tang Wan quickly separated them and strictly scolded: “No fighting!”

All of the fur children were like kindergarten students who had seen a strict teacher, becoming well-behaved in an instant. Daddy Tangs imposing manner managed to suppress everyone in the area.

Under the envious and jealous eyes of the audience, Tang Wan hugged about ten of them in his arms, giving each of them a kiss and coaxing: “The meat can be eaten immediately, dont make noise and dont fight with the rabbits. How could they possibly beat you? Bullying others isnt good.”

The audience wept while tossing Tang Wan money: Buy meat for the children!

Buy vegetables for the rabbits!

Xuan Feng is still hungry! Daddy Tang, look at Xuan Feng above your head!

Hong Liu grows so fast, it needs to eat more. Buy more bird food for Hong Liu!

Tang Wan smiled and waved a kittens paw, “Little cuties, thank you for giving Daddy Tang money for meat! Xuan Feng and the others ate their fill before they came out. If they ate any more, they would burst.”

With this argument, the audience went mad and still tossed money. Tang Wan was quietly stunned. Normally, he had seen that this group of people werent willing to part with their money. His asking for half a day wasnt as good as waving a cats paw.

Xuan Feng and Hong Liu leisurely ate melon seeds. As long as Tang Wan was with the cats, they wouldnt fly down. Even now, Xuan Feng lived under the shadow of Da Zhuangs paw, unable to free itself.

After the meat was cooked, Ji Yan chopped it up and let it cool. He carried it over and wordlessly distributed the food among the fur children. Rabbits were omnivorous. When they saw the meat, they shamelessly came up to eat it. The cats that had just been coaxed were angered again. Was it okay to steal food? Did they want a war between the two species? Seeing that a cat-rabbit war was about to break out, Tang Wan quickly put away the rabbits, who had already finished eating.

The audience saw Ji Yan, a stranger, enter and their target shifted. They started to take liberties with Ji Yan: Little big brother is so attractive and intelligent, do you have a partner?

Whats your name? Do you have a girlfriend?

Who are you? Whats your relationship with Tang Wan?

Little big brother, do you want to chat?


Tang Wan boldly guarded his own retainer, “How could you all be so misbehaving? First of all, this person is following me for a lifetime, like my little wife. So dont you dare!”

Ji Yans face instantly flushed red. He glanced at the door and opened his mouth, not saying a word.

Tang Wan raised his eyebrow, indicating for him to not be afraid. However misbehaving they are, you would just have to be even more so!

At this moment, a voice came from the door, unhappily asking: “Little wife?”

Tang Wans heart skipped a beat and he turned his head, panicked. Zong He was standing at the door staring at him with a gloomy face.

This time it was Tang Wans turn to quickly cry, “This, Im just joking, hahaha……”

Zong He grit his teeth. Joking out a little wife? He couldnt stand it, “Ill be waiting for you in the room. You can explain it well to me.”

After Zong He finished speaking, he turned around, leaving only a straight-as-steel back for Tang Wan to see, and returned to the room. If he didnt explain it, this situation would never be over!

Tang Wans face was a 囧. It was obviously a joke, he was also able to drink this type of vinegar? Had the big cat also turned into a lemon? He waved to Ji Yan and indicated that he would pass on the task of feeding them to him.

As the audience watched Tang Wan leave, they all happily tossed money: Caught after courting disaster online, just what is Tang Tang going to go through?

Say, why do I feel like that voice is familiar?

Just how is it familiar? I cant hear it.

Actually, just what is the relationship between Tang Tang and Marshal Zong He?!

Is there still any use asking? Theres a lot of proof showing that Tang Tang is the Marshals mysterious wife.

I dont believe it! Dont believe dont believe dont believe!

Tang Tang said that his partner was in a wheelchair, that he was very ill! How could the Marshal be in a wheelchair? When the Marshal returned to β Ursae Minoris, he was walking by himself! Theres photographic evidence!

Everyone in the audience looked at the photograph, and couldnt refute it. With Zong Hes straight and rigid back, no matter how they looked, it didnt look like he was sitting in a wheelchair. It didnt match up. What was the relationship between Tang Tang and Marshal Zong He? The audience was baffled. They collectively let the issue go. There was a member of the audience with alittle content creator tag in front of their ID and a large pit in their brain that said: Tang Tang is probably the partner of one of Zong Hes subordinates. Tang Tangs partner is in the military, an injured officer. Zong He just took them into his home to look after them.

With that, everything was explained. A large portion of the audience clapped: Thats right!

There was also a group of smart people who just wanted to watch, not saying anything. Haha, as long as they were excited.

At this time, Tang Wan had already returned to the bedroom and saw that Zong He had just been changing into his home attire. He was still wearing a regular white shirt. Tang Wan closed the door and leaned against it, watching the others back. Only then did he say, “Ill buy you some more comfortable home clothes. Wearing a military uniform every day, are you tired of it?”

After Zong He finished changing, he sat down on a chair. He asked with a disgruntled expression: “Youll buy me some clothes, so I should forgive you?”

Tang Wan tskd. Was he being contrary, or just being uncoaxable? Cats, they really couldnt be spoiled all the time, or else they would rise to the heavens. Tang Wan calmly walked over and plopped his butt down on Zong Hes legs, raising his arms and tightly circling them around the others neck. He resentfully asked: “Then what do you want to do? I cant even joke, do you want to rise to the heavens?”

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