Chapter 44 – The Vixen Tang Wan, Who Can Anger People to Death

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Noticing that Zong Hes gaze had grown colder and more dreadful, the Madams heart trembled, her scalp numb. She hadnt seen her son for several years and never thought that Zong He would already be taller than her by almost two heads. His entire imposing demeanor was not as delicate as it had been in the past, and wasnt a child she could control and hold in the palm of her hand again.

The maid by her side whispered her advice: “Madam, dont forget. Before we came……”

The maid hesitated, but Madam Zong understood what she meant. She couldnt forget what the Empress told her before she came.

Madam Zong took a deep sigh and said with a chilly expression: “Im not arguing with you. As for the matter of your illness, I have spent a great amount of time thinking about it. I just want to see you.” Madam Zongs expression gradually eased, and she grievously looked at Zong He. “When you woke up, you didnt come to see me. I am your mother, and you are my child!”

Zong Hes eyes flashed with ridicule and he gave off an apathetic “en”, not swayed at all.

Tang Wan shook his head. Zong Hes “en” was truly enough to anger people. He helplessly went to pour a cup of tea for Madam Zong. If she really repented and wanted to mend her relationship with Zong He, not disturbing them in the future, Tang Wan felt that he could still accept it. After all, she was Zong Hes mother, and filial piety was the most important virtue. With the wordsfilial piety pressing down on his head, the one making things difficult was Zong He. At worst, they would finish the matters between them and never see each other again, neither bothering the other.

Tang Wan poured the tea in a cup in front of the table. Madam Zong glanced at him, then closed her eyes in disgust. She didnt hide her haughty tone, “What were you born into? What do you do in the family?”

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. He really wasnt up to standards in her eyes. He wasnt living off the other, relying on the Zong Family. Why was he receiving such anger? Tang Wan placed the tea on the table then frankly and calmly said: “I dont know, I have amnesia. I had to beg for food on a garbage planet before I got married to Zong He. I personally steeped the tea youre drinking. Ive never seen such fragrant tea.”

Madam Zong frowned, so angered by Tang Wans words that she almost jumped up. She already almost couldnt bear being in the same room as Tang Wan, an unknown stranger, let alone drink the tea he made. Looking again at Tang Wans earnest demeanor, Madam Zong doubted if he was deliberately trying to embarrass her.

The corners of Tang Wans lips twitched. This elderly lady really wasnt difficult to handle.

Zong He pulled Tang Wan beside him with one move, one hand around his waist and the other picked up the teacup. He casually tossed it into the garbage bin. The meaning was to not indulge her; if she doesnt give you face, then you dont have to give her anything to drink.

Tang Wan understood. Though Zong He said that he could anger his mother to tears, Madam Zongs face was white. Zong Hes ability to anger people was also very good.

Madam Zong saw Zong Hes clear intentions to protect Tang Wan, curling around him and not giving any importance to his own mother. Her entire body shook in anger, “Do you really need to act so aggressively against me?!”

Zong He tilted his chin and pulled Tang Wan closer. He provokingly said: “What if I am, and what if Im not? There isnt much meaning in communicating with you.”

Their mother-child relationship was already so weak that they had no need to speak to each other. Him raising her, her having given birth to him, and disregarding how she treated him in the past was already considered extremely benevolent. She had come to his household and criticized, picking apart his partner in every possible way. Zong He felt that he had already given his cousin a lot of face by not having people drive her away.

With red-rimmed eyes, Madam Zong resolutely slammed her hands on the table, “I dont agree with your marriage. There are people whose personality is compatible with yours, whose status is appropriate for you, and can help you in every aspect. But you dont marry them, instead you marry this person of unknown origins. Have you gone mad?!”

Tang Wan tskd. Even people better than him would have their bottom lines. Being insulted like this, he was already unhappy. The Princess really didnt knowacting coquettishly towards men for a good life andhusbands getting along well!

Immediately, Tang Wan grievously pressed himself against Zong Hes shoulder and looked at him adoringly, head tilted. Like a little kitten, he whispered, “Dear, are you mad on my behalf? I just cropped up on a garbage planet, I dont have status, and I dont know how to properly speak and socialize. I dont even have a diploma. Ah, Im illiterate!”

Zong Hes breath caught, his entire body stiff. He lowered his head and looked at the incomparably lovable partner, who let him do as he desired, lying in his embrace. He knew Tang Wan was doing it on purpose, but he couldnt stop the rush of hot blood towards his forehead. He solemnly said with a cold expression: “I dont need other people to help me, I just need you.”

Really incomparably bold!

Tang Wan cupped his hands around Zong Hes face, giving him an enthusiastic kiss, “Love you~”

Madam Zong was so angry that her entire body was trembling, her chest violently heaving. The scared maid beside her had a pale complexion, unceasingly kneading her shoulders. She hated that she couldnt kneel down for Zong He and Tang Wan. If they provoked her a few more times, Madam Zong might faint from anger.

Zong Hes gaze was as cold as before, completely lacking emotion. He wouldnt concede at all.

Tang Wan blinked, provocation drawn across his whole face. I dont have anything, so what if you dislike me, your son likes me. What are you going to do? Bite me?

Madam Zong evened out her breaths with great difficulty. With a glance at Tang Wans gaze, her forehead throbbed. She pointed at Tang Wan, who was lying in Zong Hes embrace and not properly standing, and irritably asked Zong He: “What do you like about him? Whats the difference between him and the criminal male vixens that seduce people?!”

Zong He praised with a blank face: “Hes good looking, and he likes cats!”

Tang Wan cutely nodded his head and shamelessly, quietly meowed: “En! Im good looking, I can act coquettishly, I dont have an ounce of a nobles reserve. He just likes this type of thing!”

When he finished speaking, Tang Wan couldnt bear it anymore and buried his face in Zong Hes neck. He couldnt help but laugh. Madam Zong, this princess, would never imagine that there would be such shameless people. He hoped she wouldnt faint in anger.

Zong He tilted his head to look at Tang Wan. He had never seen him being so mischievous before. It was very pleasing to look at, and he couldnt look enough. Seeing Zong He stare, Tang Wan winked and couldnt help but smile, eyes curved.

Madam Zong almost fainted in anger, giving her maid a scare. She quickly kneaded her head, incredibly busy.

Tang Wan still hadnt finished. He exaggeratingly turned around, saying towards Madam Zong in a tsundere manner: “I love him, dont think of breaking us up. You dont even know what I do. I sell face on the Internet. I have a billion fans. If you break us up, Ill go cry online about this malicious mother-in-law. Im good looking when I cry, and theyll clamor to scold you. Then wouldnt that be very bad?”

Madam Zong clasped a hand over her heart, so furious that her chest panged. She fumed between gritted teeth: “If you like this type, you can always raise a few! How could this kind of person be Zong Hes person?! He even sells his face!”

Zong Hes unwavering gaze was fixed on Tang Wan, “Raise for what? I dont need to sell, and I eat enough. Its enough just to have him.”

“You……” Madam Zong ferociously slapped the table a few times, unable to speak even a word.

The maid nervously urged: “Young Master, please speak a little less. Dont really make the Madam suffer an accident.”

Tang Wan nearly laughed out loud and he pinched Zong Hes waist, letting him know that it was almost enough. The old emperors little princess was almost the same age as the current emperor, and was higher in seniority than the current emperor. Now, she was an unparalleled woman. They should be the first ones to make her so angry. However, if Madam Zong really was angered into needing rescue in the Marshals residence, it would be a smear on Zong Hes reputation.

Zong He patted Tang Wan, letting him know that he shouldnt be afraid. He unhurriedly told his mother: “If you want to pull me back, then Ill go visit and even share a meal with you once a month. We can pretend to be a caring mother and a filial child. We can forgive and forget the things youve done in the past. If you still want to control me and want me to follow down the path youve drawn, even going so far as to manage my familys current affairs, then we have nothing more to talk about.”

Madam Zong gasped and her eyes turned red, tear uncontrollably falling down, “You want to anger me to death, how could I have given birth to this unfilial son?! You wont be a good noble, insisting on serving in the army! Im telling you, you must divorce this low-status person. Its for your own good. Im your mother, how could I harm you?!”

Zong He laughed grimly: “It looks like we dont have anything good to talk about. Ill speak with you whenever my temper changes. See her off.”

Madam Zongs gaze froze. “Who dares?”

Zong He apathetically said: “If you dont leave, Ill leave. Ill leave together with him.”

Madam Zong angrily stood up, “Return!”

Zong He was already unwilling to respond and tugged on Tang Wans hand, leaving in long strides.

Tang Wan turned his head towards Madam Zong, earnestly telling her: “Ive pulled your son along. In the future, our childs surname will be Tang. Thank you for giving birth to such a good son. It really is convenient for me; let me bow to you.”

Once they were at a distance, Tang Wan was still slouched. He shrugged, then casually nodded.

This time, Madam Zong was so furious that she had to sit down, not even having the strength to stand up. She had never seen a person like Tang Wan before! One Zong He was enough to make her mad, and finding a partner that was like a vixen would anger her to death even more. “How could there be a person like this?! How could he?! How could he?!” Madam Zong gasped for breath with a hand over her chest, tears streaming down.

Lin Bo stood behind a pillar, calmly cracking melon seeds amidst the chaos. He saw that Madam Zongs complexion was deathly white and her lips were drained of color, hating that she couldnt breathe in the next second. “Call the military doctor and have him come quickly.” Lin Bo hurriedly arranged it, but his heart was filled with endless admiration for Tang Wan. In all his years, he had never seen someone with the courage to anger Madam Zong to this degree.

After boarding the aircraft, Zong He pulled Tang Wan closer in his embrace and pressed a kiss to his forehead. He guiltily said: “Youve been wronged.”

Tang Wan smiled and shook his head, “No, Im not familiar with her. Whatever she says, Ill take it as a strangers words. The one whod been wronged should be you.”

Zong He laughed mockingly, “Im used to it.”

Tang Wan wrapped his arms around Zong Hes shoulders and wordlessly comforted him. Zong He had gone through a life or death experience and lay in a coma for three years. During this time, there wasnt a single word of concern from his mother. In the year after he arrived, he still hadnt heard of Zong Hes mother. He really didnt know what she was thinking, arranging for Zong Hes divorce the moment she arrived.

Anyway, he made her terribly angry this time, so in the future, her head should hurt whenever she sees him. She should be well-behaved for a while.

After the aircraft departed, they hovered above the ground. For a while, the two gazed at each other, laughing. Tang Wan asked: “Are you eloping with me? Or am I eloping with you?”

Zong He rubbed the ring on Tang Wans finger, “Youre eloping with me. I really am penniless.”

Tang Wan immediately puffed up his chest and delightedly said: “I have money! I can make money to support you!”

Zong He licked the corners of his lips and leaned closer to Tang Wan, “Before I let you support me, theres something I still need to confirm. You just said that you loved me. Was that true?”

Tang Wan laughed and held the others face and planted a kiss on his lips, his forehead resting between Zong Hes eyebrows. Disgruntled, he asked: “Idiot, what do you think?”

Tang Wan was immediately pressed back onto the seat, kissed until he was breathless.

— — — —

The relevant people had already left, so sitting and stewing in anger would be meaningless for Madam Zong. After they left, she directly departed for the Imperial Palace to cry towards her nephew, the Emperor.

His Majesty had a headache. This little Aunt was nearly the same age as him and was higher in the family hierarchy than him. Even if she was pressuring him, he couldnt say anything. He could only hold his temper and say a few coaxing words. Soon, His Majesty was also bothered and claimed that he had something to do, using this excuse to quietly slip away, leaving behind the Empress with a helpless expression on her face.

The Empress also had an incessant headache. She gracefully poured Madam Zong tea, “Little Aunt, dont cry. Drink some tea and calm a little.”

Madam Zong wiped her tears and sighed, her expression full of distress.

The Empress urged her: “Younger cousin had already grown into an adult. You cant raise him like this. You must listen to him and use roundabout tactics.”

Madam Zong scowled, harshly asking: “Me, listen to him? I gave birth to him, why should I listen to him?”

The Empress didnt panic and calmly poured more tea, grace in her every movement, “Because you can no longer control him, and he wont obediently listen to your words. Compared to a normal mother and child, you two dont even have the most basic of affections. If you dont think of ways to re-earn his heart, then in the future you wont even be able to be mother and son.”

The Empresss words didnt give Madam Zong much face, rendering her speechless because what she had said were all facts.

“Let him like whoever he wants to like, commoner or not. There isnt anything bad about commoners. Right now, nobility is just a title. In front of the law, everyone is equal. Nobles are also obligated to pay taxes, and the commoners also receive protection. You cant look down on commoners.”

Madam Zong retorted with a dissatisfied expression: “That little vixen isnt a commoner, hes a low-life from a garbage planet! You also know that the people born there are from sentenced sinners with filthy blood. Their children will also have a low-lifes blood. I wont allow the Zong Familys descendants to have a low-lifes blood!”

The Empress calmly replied: “Alright then, you wont even be able to have a mother and childs relationship, you can only be enemies.”

“That little vixen! He not only……he!” When Madam Zong thought of Tang Wans demeanor and words and the way that he was delicately hanging off of Zong He, her chest throbbed in fury, “Not only does he have a low-lifes blood, he doesnt have any manners at all! Hes just a little vixen that befuddles men! Growing up like that, he still acts coquettishly! He! He! Angers me to death!”

The Empress narrowed her eyes and sighed helplessly. This mother really didnt understand her own son. With Zong Hes character, how could he accept a little vixen that only knew how to seduce men? If he really was that superficial, he would have found many such vixens, not only finding a partner when he was almost thirty years old.

Waiting until Madam Zong left, the Emperor finally stealthily ran back, asking his wife: “She left?”

“Left!” The Empress laughed helplessly, “Younger cousins temperament is too stiff, not listening to his mother at all. He really made her unbearably angry, and that little partner of his also isnt one to be bullied. The husband-wife pair angered the little Aunt together until she cried. This time she really felt wrong, coming to us to cry.”

“Pfft!” His Majesty laughed into his sleeve, “If theres free time, we should call them over for a meal. I havent seen him in such a long time.” After speaking, His Majesty also worried and panicked. “This mother and son pair still havent settled matters. When Zong He was younger and couldnt rebel, he still wasnt willing to obey her. Later, he did rebel and simply didnt listen, almost being beaten to death by his mother. After Uncle died, the little Aunt probably went a little mad. Fortunately, they dont live together, otherwise, Tang……”

“Tang Wan.”

“Right, the child wouldnt survive past three days. His surname is Tang? Then isnt he from our daughter-in-laws family?”

The Empress unhappily pinched her husbands waist, “You need to call them Princess! Not daughter-in-law! If other people hear you, it would affect His Majestys prestige.”

The Emperor covered his waist, grimacing in pain, “Yes yes yes, what you said was right! Let our son see how his cousin has recovered, and ask the pair to come over for a meal.”

— — — —

Wandering outside for a while, Tang Wan dragged Zong He towards the front of a shop for custom-made clothing. Right now, small shops couldnt be seen. There were only larger, well-known shops. The quality of the clothing they produced was guaranteed, “Were going to order you a few sets of loungewear to wear at home.”

Zong He refused, “Dont make then, its not proper.”

“Who isnt proper?” Tang Wan retorted, how could not wearing a military uniform be considered improper? He looked at Zong He, who was wearing his proper uniform, and was tired for him, “Normal people dont wear military uniforms at home. Everyone isnt proper then?”

Zong He furrows his brows. As a soldier, if he had Tang Wans confrontation posture, he would have long since been given eight hundred drills to run. Unfortunately, Tang Wan was all soft skin and tender flesh. Zong He would hate for Tang Wan to be subject to any grievances, and he couldnt let him be wronged. He could only “be wronged” himself. He enduringly tugged on Tang Wans clothing, “Youre not proper.”

Tang Wan looked at his own body, “What about my clothes arent proper?”

With a cold expression, Zong He closed the top button of Tang Wans shirt, “The button wasnt closed. The collar is too wide and the waist is too low.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips, “What kind of clothing do you want me to wear? Are they proper? Normal people are dressed like this, I dress very securely! Im not bearing my chest!”

Zong He scowled, “Youve gone mad!”

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. From the others expression, he might have really gone mad. Bearing ones chest was immoral, he understood!

Zong He patted his shoulder, solemnly saying: “When you leave home, you should dress a little more properly. At home, you can dress as you wish. Its not that you cant go about bare-chested; you can do it in the bedroom, with the curtains drawn and the door shut.”

Tang Wan held his forehead. The actual crazy thing was standing in front of someones shop, talking about the problem of being bare-chested in such a serious manner!

Zong Hes heart softened, “Fine then, Ill get you a set of military uniforms that can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Itll wrap you up completely and protect you from harm.”

Tang Wan quickly shook his head, he didnt want it at all!

“Im not a soldier, I cant wear it.”

“Youre the family member of a soldier, you have the privilege.”

“I should use my privilege here just because I can?”

“Supposedly, theres a day for the family members of soldiers every year, and you can get a discount when you go shopping.”

Tang Wan nodded, the last statement did seem to have its practical uses.

At this time, he heard Zong Hes question: “You dont have fur, so will you be cold in the winter? How about I make you a fur coat?”

“You, remain calm!!!” In Tang Wans mind, a big black bear immediately popped up, the cubby and motionless kind!

The corner of Zong Hes mouth curled up, finally amused by Tang Wans reaction.

Tang Wan only reacted to this, so the big cat would tease him!

Tang Wan also laughed, “Isnt your heart black ah!”

At this moment, an aircraft passed through. An old and white-haired elderly man just so happened to see Tang Wan standing at the entrance with Zong He facing him. He couldnt see Zong Hes face, but Tang Wans laughing expression was clean and distinct. The elderly mans eyes suddenly widened in shock, looking at Tang Wans familiar face. His face instantly drained of blood and he shuddered. He told the young attendant behind him: “Were returning home, were returning home right now.”

The attendant unexpectedly responded, “Lian Bo, did you drop something? I can call someone to deliver it here.”

“No,” The elderly man wiped away the sweat that had already formed on his head, “I need to see the duke now. Were returning!”

Its not quite New Years for me, but Happy New Year to those where it is!! (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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