Chapter 46.2

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In his heart, Tang Wan felt that their preferences really were omnivorous.

Tang Wan opened the system in his mind and found the chameleons inside. Looking at its furless skin, he suppressed his unhappy expression and bought one.

“Im introducing it to everyone. This is a chameleon, an animal that once lived on Earth. There was also a certain group of people that liked them, raising them in their homes as meng pets. They have a very special ability, comparable to advanced technology.” Tang Wan placed the chameleon on the table, letting the people observe it clearly. He specially glanced at the barrage, looking to see if this group of people dared to touch it. The facts were proven; the people of the future were formidable. They were really all daring enough to touch anything!

The barrage was talking about its body and the feeling of its skin. Tang Wan accepted it.

Tang Wan pulled a few sheets of multicolored paper from a drawer, left over from a craft he had done earlier. He lined up the papers of the seven colors of the rainbow. Tang Wan took a small stick and poked the chameleons butt, pushing it to move forward. At this time, the people noticed that for every color the chameleon was in front of, it would shift to that color. It was the same as its background!

The audience applauded: Amazing! This ability is really amazing!

I know of a giant mythical creature on a deserted garbage planet that eats garbage. A lot of people went to go and catch it, but couldnt get one. It can reportedly make itself invisible. Is this little thing that things ancestor?

Tang Wan was shocked. Damn! The evolutionary version of Godzilla was here!

Afterward, everyone was talking about the two new types of creatures that had just been summoned. Tang Wan actually didnt want to raise any more furless creatures, feeling that it burned his eyes too much. He simply told them the story of Godzilla, the most incredible bald brother. He could beat up Ultraman, that cool!

The audience knew that Tang Wan was chattering to amuse them, but they still listened in rapt attention. They talked all the way to 9 oclock. Tang Wan told everyone: “Shouldnt we all shower and go to sleep?”

The audience didnt want to leave, yelling out: We can listen to this story for two hundred more years!

Tang Wan laughed: “But I cant talk for two hundred more years!”

Audience: You have to believe in yourself, you can do it!

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry. They still believed he could do it. However, whether the audience wanted it or not, Tang Wan needed to go offline, “To make it up to you, well summon a great devil!”

The audience was left on a cliffhanger. Just what kind of creature could be called agreat devil by Tang Wan?

Tang Tang is too evil. I cant sleep in peace for a few days!

I want to see it now. I dont want to sleep, I want to see! I want to see! I want to see!

The audience was being noisy. Tang Wan thought for a moment, “Ill tell you an old tale then. After I finish it, you must go to sleep.”

The audience sincerely agreed: Okay~

Tang Wan solemnly sat up straight and began: “Once upon a time, there was a mountain, and on top of the mountain, there was a temple. In the temple, there was an old Buddhist monk. What was the old Buddhist monk doing?”

The audience was curious: What was he doing?

“The old Buddhist monk was telling the little Buddhist monk a story. What story was he telling?”

The audience was still curious: What story?

Tang Wan couldnt contain himself and wanted to laugh, “What he told was, once upon a time, there was a mountain, and on top of the mountain, there was a temple. In the temple, there was an old Buddhist monk telling the little Buddhist monk a story, and what he told was&#k2026;&#k2026;”

Audience: !!!

Come on, I want to sleep!

Negative comment! Negative comment! Negative comment!

This story will last an entire night!


Having angered an entire row of audience members, Tang Wan laughed as he went offline. When he thought of them being so mad that they would jump about furiously, he was in a very good mood.

As a result, “Ill tell you a story” became another popular Internet phrase after “Your IQ is only suitable for transporting seedlings” and “Shen Zhu Ge, wholl lick your face”.

Not long after Tang Wan finished his live broadcast, a teacher at Research Institute for the Evolution of Living Creatures gave the students an assignment, “Go watch Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuangs live broadcast. Look at what pets he has. Look at what the ancestors of the giant mythical creatures are like. Take good notes, you will be tested on it in the future.”

The material of an Internet stars live broadcast would be on an exam!

This Internet star was definitely an angel!

The group of students, who scratched their heads every day over their exams, were tempted to give sacrificial offerings to the fairy Tang Wan. Finally, they could openly go online! They were watching an Internet star to study!

As a result, these messages were left on Tang Wans Weibo: Millions of students kneel before your live broadcast!

Suffering students kneel and beg the little big brother for mercy!

Millions of students write letters in blood, begging to see meng pets!

Little big brother, quickly do a live broadcast! My assignments are waiting for you to give me more material!


After he saw these messages, Tang Wan asked: Students?

Comments: Bitterly, suffering, students!

Tang Wan sent them a little small red flower: Students are the flowers of the Empires future. Study hard every day and you will improve. Struggle for the betterment of the Empire!

Students: Its like seeing a bald, middle-aged homeroom teacher! Hes an old class, youre a younger class!

Other fans: Whats your class monitors ID?

Students: Our class monitor isturtledove!

AfterTurtledove looked at the countless familiar IDs, he sneered and angrily gnawed on a Big Mac.

‘Turtledove felt that waiting for a live broadcast every day was a waste of time. Looking at Tang Wans live broadcasting records, he determined that Tang Wan decided to broadcast on the day of, once every three to five days with uncertain frequency. So he sought out the teacher and asked: “Why dont you directly hire him to become a teacher here? I saw his previous live broadcasts, and he knows a lot about the subject.”

The true bald, middle-aged homeroom teacher gave him a lecture: “Nonsense! Could anyone just become a teacher! An Internet celebrity coming to our school to become a teacher, where would our school put our face?”

‘Turtledove was disappointed. What generation was it that still needed face? Face wouldnt make a stomach full!

— — — —

Just when Tang Wan opened his eyes early the next morning, he was contacted by Good Baby Production Companys Bo Li Qiao: The 10 million endorsement fee has been discussed with the upper levels. The money and the contract is ready. When you have time, we can meet up on the StarNet and sign the contract.

Tang Wan immediately responded: Today is fine, you can set the specific time.

Bo Li Qiao: What about 10 oclock in the morning?

Tang Wan: Okay!

The place the two had agreed on was where they had met before. When Tang Wan got out of bed, Zong He had already washed his face and brushed his teeth.

Looking at Tang Wans beaming expression, Zong He slightly raised his eyebrows. “Youre in such a good mood?”

“Of course, theres a lot of money coming in. I should be able to get the endorsement fee I spoke to you about earlier today. Im meeting and speaking with them this morning.”

Zong He agreed: “You dont need to cover your face, go confidently.”

Tang Wan laughed and nodded. He went to go wash his face and rinse his mouth in an excellent move. He thought of something after he picked up his toothbrush and turned his head to tell Zong He: “I want to eat seafood egg soup in the morning.”

Zong He listened to his lively tone, and the corner of his lips immediately curled up, “Alright. Oh, we also discovered who Crazy Luo Bei is. However, its not that this military genius doesnt have the money to attend military school, he goes to a nobles academy.”

“Noble?” Amazed, Tang Wan stopped his hands movements, “A sixteen-year-old noble young master plays games with gun battles? The talented commander of the thousand-man regiment?”

“En.” Zong Hes darkened eyes took in Tang Wans astonished expression, “His instincts arent too bad. You can play with him, but this childs methods are too ruthless. Hes destructive in battle, and when you play with him, you can restrict him a little.”

“Does this child have a very blood-thirsty side in reality?” Tang Wan frowned, “It would be a pity if he grew up crooked.”

— — — —

At 10 oclock in the morning, Tang Wan and Bo Li Qiao met at the place where they met the last time. Looking at Tang Wans completely uncovered face, Bo Li Qiao stared blankly for a few seconds. He suddenly asked a question similar to Xu Mis: “Do you want to come to my company as a spokesperson?”

Tang Wan laughed and tactfully declined: “I can just rely on my pets and my face to eat. I dont need it.”

Bo Li Qiaos gaze fell on the ring on his hand, and he felt that what he had said was a little foolish. “Then its fine, we can speak about Jin Xiao Pangs endorsement.”

Bo Li Qiao gave Tang Wan a copy of the contract. “This is what we had agreed upon in advance. We dont need Jin Xiao Pang to do much. You just need to supply photographs and we can print its image on the logo on merchandise.”

Tang Wan read the contract carefully to ensure that it didnt have any problems, “Okay, you can tell me what style of photograph you want three days in advance, and I can give them to you.”

“Good good good, if there are special requirements, we can send a photographer over. At that time……” Bo Li Qiao laughed, “Is that okay?”

“Yes,” Tang Wan smiled and said: “I can go to the photography studio and wait for you. You can take whatever picture you like.”

Bo Li Qiao was relieved with Tang Wans cooperation, “Then there arent any problems. Happy cooperation!”

Tang Wan signed his name, and Bo Li Qiao saved the video recording after he signed his own name. The amount wasnt small, so he did everything in detail.

After the official business, the two began to chat. Bo Li Qiao suggested: “The toys from before sold very well. You can come up with a few more.”

Tang Wan thought, “What about a cat nest? Theyre beds for cats with fun designs.”

“Would they be classified as household goods?”

“Itd be classified with the cat scratching boards: fun things.”

“Thats good, do canines have such things? Like wolves and foxes.”

“Yes,” Tang Wan solemnly guaranteed: “You can see the ones for canines very quickly.”

There were still three sled dogs, the little devils that could tear down a house!

After going offline, Tang Wan wasnt in a hurry to make cat toys. He planned to design the cat nest first and then find someone to make the materials. He planned to sell it to the company that made childrens daily necessities. Then he customized some of the parts for the cat sticks. He could make tutorials, teaching beastmen how to make cat sticks for their children.

Just when he opened the graphics software, Ji Yan went upstairs to call him: “Fūrén, His Majesty the Crown Prince has arrived. The Marshal wants you to come down for a little while.”

“Crown Prince?” Tang Wan cocked his head. In other words, the future successor of the Empire?

How fresh. His Highness, a living Crown Prince!

Tang Wan went downstairs and saw the cultured and refined youth sitting in the living room. He was in his early twenties, had blonde hair, and his eyes……they were unexpectedly heterochromatic!!!

Tang Wan immediately felt his heart skip a beat, fuck! Its a heart-moving feeling!

But the moment His Majesty the Crown Prince saw Tang Wan, his entire being was stunned speechless.

You know Zong Hes gonna drink gallons of vinegar (ゝω・)ノ

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