Chapter Ch47.1 – You Look Like an Old Acquaintance

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Once Tang Wan saw His Majesty the Crown Prince, he was inexplicably reminded of a white cat with heterochromatic eyes he had raised before. It was very beautiful and good-natured. Its cry was coy and very coquettish.

The Crown Prince restrained his surprise. He stood up, politely asking: “Should I call you Biǎo Shū or Shī Mǔ?

Looking at Tang Wan, who was close in age to himself, the Crown Prince muffled his laughter. When he was addressing people, there was still a little bit of confusion.

“Shī Mǔ?” From the others attitude, it seemed that he was regarding himself as a member of the younger generation. Tang Wan looked doubtfully at Zong He. What was going on between the two?

Zong He had seen Tang Wans absent-minded expression when he first saw the Crown Prince. There was something that he had taken even more to heart; when he saw Tang Wan and the Crown Prince together, he was in a very bad mood. However, he couldnt continuously hide Tang Wan and not let him meet other people. Zong He uncomfortably said: “Call him Little Uncle. I dont have a dumb student like you. I still have to teach you during times of war!”

Tang Wan thought to himself that his position in the family was incredible. He was being calledUncle by the Crown Prince, and when the Crown Prince became the Emperor in the future, he would have the Emperor as a big nephew. Zong He glanced at the seat beside him, hinting to Tang Wan that he should come and sit. He must sit beside him, 100% possessive.

The Crown Prince awkwardly laughed, and took the gift from an attendants arms, preparing to give the present.

In everyones eyes, he was extremely talented and all of his teachers praised him as a genius. Only his Uncle would discontentedly call him dumb and even beat him up.

The two bodyguards at his side looked at the Crown Prince sympathetically. It wasnt easy to learn from the Marshal because he was a natural military commander. He wouldnt tell you how to fight the battle, but would discuss it with you. If you couldnt keep up with his train of thought, he would smack you on the head and call you an idiot!

The Crown Prince had been smacked a countless number of times on the head by Zong He. Like a big cat smacking a kitten, hed use his paw topa-pa, from the age of five to the age of twenty.

“This is the wedding gift that my mother prepared. Uncle had hidden it so well that we didnt even know that you had gotten married. Now, Mother and Father are very apologetic. They want to invite both of you to come share a meal and so they can give an apology.”

The Crown Prince directly handed the gift to Tang Wan. After the other received, he sat back down.

Tang Wan courteously thanked the other, then looked at the others gaze, embarrassed. He was afraid that hed get lost in thought. It wouldnt be polite.

However, the Crown Prince felt that Tang Wan looked a little familiar and subconsciously stared at him more. At this time, Zong He spoke, “If you dont have any other matters, you can go back.”

Tang Wans fingers stopped and he uncomprehendingly looked at Zong He. Was he ordering the guests to leave? He hadnt even finished a cup of water!

Zong Hes expression sank more and more, his entire body exuding a terrible aura. The Crown Prince understood his uncles temperament very well. Even if he didnt know why, he immediately stood up, “I just remembered that I had something to do, I wont trouble you anymore. When Uncle wants to bring the Little Uncle over to have dinner, please let us know in advance and we can let people prepare.”

Zong He gave an indifferent “en”. His gaze was urging him to quickly leave.

The Crown Prince made a swift exit.

Tang Wan: “…….”


It was very difficult for him to finally spot a heterochromatic feline beastman. Why couldnt he talk to him a little more?!

Seeing that Tang Wan was still holding the gift box like he was holding a treasure, Zong He resentfully asked: “You like that?”

Tang Wan blinked, suddenly sensing that Zong Hes mood wasnt quite right: “You, dont tell me that youre drinking vinegar?”

Zong He gave him a cold smile, “Is there even a chance for me to drink it?”

Tang Wan thought that he was correct, “Right, theres no chance.”

Zong He turned his head with a cold expression, not looking at Tang Wan. Besides, he was purposely being contrary.

Tang Wan was also unwilling to respond. This big cat, when he said that he would vent his anger, he would vent his anger. He just didnt understand why the other was unhappy. He was harder to raise than a little milk cat.

— — — —

When the Crown Prince boarded the aircraft, the middle-aged man that had been waiting on board unexpectedly asked: “Why did you come out so fast?”

Carlos gave a bitter laugh, “I was driven away by Uncle.”

“Eh?” The middle-aged man laughed quietly and teasingly asked: “The Marshal is the only person in the entire Empire who dares to not give you face.”

The Crown Prince sat down and took a drink from a water bottle, then sighed, “It cant be helped. I had been pulled by the ears and lectured by him since I was young. I can only retaliate when hes too old to catch up to me.”

The middle-aged man was amused, “Those requirements truly arent very high.”

Carlos pursed his lips, and there was still uncertainty in his heart, “Even if I wait until hes old I still might not be able to best him. Hes only older than me by 10 years. When hes old, Ill also be old. Tsk, it would be difficult to change my fortune in this lifetime.”

The middle-aged man laughed and shook his head. The joke was almost over, but he still curiously asked: “Why did he drive you away?”

Carlos narrowed his eyes, aggrieved, “I felt that his partner looks like a certain someone. I just looked at him a little more. Teacher, say, why does he have such a small heart?”

Mr.Bertram, who had always been by Carlos side and taught him how to behave and deal with foreign affairs, was amused and smiled, “Just for this?”

Carlos restrained his laughter, “Yes! However, I really do feel that this Little Uncle looks familiar.”

Interested, Bertram listened to what he was saying.

Carloss eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he solemnly said: “He looks a little like the Crown Princess, especially when he was younger.”

Mr.Bertram laughed and said: “With such words, dont tell me that the Crown Princesss looks changed after he grew up? How could there be a person who looked like the Crown Princess when he was younger?”

Carloss expression became more serious, his eyes darkening: “Compared to when he was young, the Crown Princesss temper changed. He was more lively when he was young. After he fell sick and stayed at home for half a year, he became more quiet and gentle. He was unfamiliar when speaking to me and didnt remember a lot of things that had happened. In addition……” Carlos hesitated, “When he grew up, he looked a bit different.”

“Looked a bit different?”

“His appearance hadnt changed too much, it was just the feeling. Right now…….agh! Hes too reserved and too perfect. He doesnt quarrel or make any noise. He does things like a machine, perfectly carrying it out. I dont know how to interact with him.” Once he was reminded of the Crown Princess Tang Yu, Carlos had a headache.

Bertram advised: “But he has undoubtedly met the standards for becoming the future Empress. The Crown Princess was also Gods favorite. His spiritual strength had reached S level; such a thing cant be found in the entirety of the Empire. At that time, it was because of his spiritual strength that he was appointed as Crown Princess among the numerous nobles.”

Carlos laughed, “Who knows? Well speak after we see what the future brings.”

Bertram immediately perceived a different meaning from his words, “What doesWell speak after we see what the future brings mean? Your way of thinking is very dangerous!”

Carlos shrugged, “Im saying that well be interacting more in the future. Theres no other meaning.” He subconsciously rubbed his nose. He had just smelled something familiar on Tang Wans body. It was a scent that had disappeared from the Crown Princesss body.

His memory was astonishing. Scent could also be clearly imprinted in his memory.

So Tang Wan, just who are you?

— — — —

Tang Wan placed the Crown Princes gift in their bedroom. It was a set of violet jade horse ornaments with exquisite workmanship. The largest could go on top of the table, and the smallest one was a pendant, so it could be worn around the neck. Tang Wan picked up the decorative ornament, somewhat spellbound.

Zong He resentfully asked: “You like his gift that much?”

That sour tone was very much like a territorial big cats, who also wanted to toss out other peoples things.

The corner of Tang Wans lips twitched. So this big cat still didnt know why he was drinking vinegar. He put down the pendant in his hands and smiled: “Its alright. I was showing my manners. I must look like I liked it very much.”

Zong Hes fur was smoothed over, and his lips curled, “If you like it, then take it.”

Tang Wan did as he wished and pushed the box to the side to show that he wasnt paying any attention to it. The truth was that his heart was dripping with blood. This toy looked very expensive at a glance, but he didnt know how much it could be sold for.

As expected, Zong Hes expression cleared up a bit.

Only then did Tang Wan say: “I just felt that the little jade horse would really suit Da Zhuang. It would look very good around his neck. Da Zhuang hasnt come in a while; is this child really that busy?” Tang Wan really thought of him as a child he had raised, like his biological child. When Tang Wan thought of Da Zhuang leaving as he desired and not returning, his heart squeezed uncomfortably.

Zong He looked at Tang Wans gaze with a calm expression, and sucked in a deep breath, “Ill send someone to pick him up on a rest day.”

Tang Wans eyes brightened and he asked, pleasantly surprised: “Wheres Da Zhuangs house? Ill also go pick him up!”

“You dont need to go,” Zong He sincerely told him: “He lives far from here, very far.”

“Oh.” Tang Wan could only drop the subject.

Every time Zong He refuses to tell Tang Wan hes Da Zhuang I die a little on the inside (ᗒᗩᗕ)՞

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