Chapter 49.2

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Although he only anxiously waited for three minutes, Tang Wan truly felt like every second was as long as a year. Terrified and on edge, he watched the door of the back cabin until the door opened once again. Zong Hes frame appeared in the doorway, still dragging a person with one hand. Just as Tang Wan was about to happily exclaim, he saw Zong He fling the person to the ground like he was brushing away mud. The other groaned, proving that they were still alive.

“Zong He!” Tang Wan saw the blood on his body and his heart seized. He pulled at his seatbelt, he couldnt feel its parts clearly and couldnt open it!

Ji Yan quickly unbuckled the seatbelt. Tang Wan stood up and nervously ran over. He wasnt expecting to still be dizzy from being rolled around. Before he could take two steps, his head throbbed. He immediately bumped into the steel plate beside him. Zong He dodged to catch Tang Wan and held him tightly in his arms. When he looked at the man in his embrace again, he noticed that he had already stained Tang Wans clothes with blood. Zong He furrowed his eyebrows and upset flashed through his eyes. He wordlessly took the towel that Ji Yan offered him, wanting to wipe Tang Wan dry. However, the more he wiped, the dirtier he got. Zong Hes expression darkened.

Tang Wan sensed the others intentions, and the corners of his lips curved up slightly, “Its alright, we can just go home and wash it off.”

Zong He released him and wiped his hands clean. He very carefully maintained his distance from Tang Wan.

Tang Wan pursed his lips and reached out to grasp Zong Hes hand, “The scent cant be wiped off. Itll be alright when we go home and wash it off. I dont have a cats sense of smell, so I cant smell it.”

Zong He lifted his gaze and his golden eyes stared into Tang Wans smiling gaze. He noticed that the other wasnt afraid of or trying to avoid him. Only then did he toss the towel back.

The fighter aircraft one again reverted to its standard aircraft form, and the lounge became much more spacious. Zong He sat opposite to Tang Wan and wordlessly took the initiative to tightly grasp Tang Wans hand.

Tang Was was still in a state of shock. He only realized afterward that he had just experienced an assassination attempt. He had almost reached the gates of hell once again. He had also been shaken around the aircraft so many times that he didnt even have the energy to curse or speak. The pair sat quietly like this, the atmosphere incredibly awkward.

Ji Yan examined the person Zong He had brought back. He spoke, breaking the awkward atmosphere, “This is a person who has undergone specialized training, but not from the army. Who sent them?”

Zong He coldly said: “If they were after me, they wouldnt have sent such few people.”

Tang Wan snapped out of it. He pointed at himself, “Could it be that theyre after me?”

Zong He remained silent, his gaze becoming colder.

Seeing Zong He like this, Tang Wan returned to his senses, “Zong He, are you really……Da Zhuang?”

Zong Hes expression shifted and he faintly uttered an “en”. The atmosphere became even more awkward.

Grieved, Tang Wan lay down. The Da Zhuang he had eaten, slept, and bathed with, the Da Zhuang he had carried in his embrace like a child, the Da Zhuang he had rubbed until he was a ball of fur, the Da Zhuang who was so weak that he could barely jump had unexpectedly turned into a partner who was a killing god. When Tang Wan thought it over, it was no wonder that he had never seen Da Zhuang and Zong He together and the two looked so similar. He had even wondered if Da Zhuang was Zong Hes illegitimate child. How could he have never thought that Da Zhuang was just Zong He transformed?!

Lin Bo had clearly said before that Da Zhuangs spiritual strength was unstable and was cultivating his spirit. At the time, the person who was cultivating their spirit was Zong He. His spiritual strength wasnt stable enough, so he had shifted into a juvenile form.

No wonder Zong He hadnt wanted to divorce him the moment he opened his eyes, not even letting him leave. No wonder Zong He knew him so well. Tang Wan was crushed and he used a pillow to cover his face. He had the heart to cry, but he no longer had a child.

“I must be dreaming.” Tang Wan only spoke after a long time, his voice muffled.

Zong He remained silent for a while, “En, I also hope that you are.”

The couple once again sank into an awkward silence. Tang Wan immersed himself in the feeling of his child being gone. Zong He was immersed in the embarrassment of not knowing how to explain himself, and killing off Tang Wans enemies. He didnt utter a word for the entire ride home.

Only when the aircraft reached the apron did Zong He stand up. He expressionlessly picked Tang Wan, who was still despondent, up by the waist and carried him.

Tang Wan opened his eyes and struggled, wanting to be let down, “I can walk by myself.”

Zong He despotically loosened his grip: “Youre not comfortable?”

“Its a lot better, I dont have an incurable disease!”

Zong He still didnt allow for an explanation, carrying Tang Wan down from the aircraft. Lin Bo saw that the pair was covered in blood and anxiously ran over. The old man ran so fast that it seemed like he was flying, “Who was injured?”

Zong He shook his head, “No one. Hes dizzy, let Qi Xinming look at him.”

Tang Wan rubbed his throbbing head and reluctantly admitted: “Search for what doctor? I have a healing ability.”

Zong He was unhappy, “Your all-purpose ability doesnt heal very well.”

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “You were even more anxious than I was.”

Zong He carried him to the treatment room, “Of course, I care more about you than you do.”

That tone was not at all unpleasant to hear, and Tang Wans heart warmed. The big cat was uncomfortable with other things. But when it came to liking him, he was never uncomfortable.

After Doctor Qi finished examining Tang Wan, he said, disheartened: “He had been frightened and had been intensely shaken. I can prescribe some calming medicine, and hell be okay after some rest.”

To a military doctor like Doctor Qi, this type of problem didnt need to be medically treated at all. It would be a waste of time and resources. Actually, they should be examining Zong He right now. Had the Marshal regressed after using his spiritual strength? After all, it was the first time he had used so much of his spiritual strength after he recovered.

Then, Doctor Qi saw the Marshal carefully carry his partner so he could take him to rest.

Doctor Qi quieted. He could already determine from the Marshals facial expression: There wasnt anything wrong with him, he had made a full recovery!

Tang Wans emotions eventually stabilized after he was laying on the bed. He saw Zong He grab some clothes to go shower. Tang Wan, who had finally calmed down, thought of losing the child he had raised for a year, and rose from the bed, distressed. He pulled out Zong Hes clothes from the wardrobe and balled them up on the bed. Damn it! This big cat had unexpectedly never said anything, not even a word of explanation. He even calmly went to shower!

When Zong He came back from his shower, he was hit in the face with a ball of cloth that Tang Wan had thrown!

Tang Wan didnt give any explanations and pushed Zong He out the door. He angrily pointed two fingers at the other: “One, you got rid of my child! Two, when you got rid of my child you didnt even give me an explanation! What kind of attitude do you have?! Go reflect on your actions, otherwise, you would have no way to return!”

Zong He blankly held the bundle Tang Wan had tossed at him. He didnt understand what Tang Wan meant.

“Go! Dont come back until youve thought up a good explanation!” Tang Wan angrily slammed the door, turned several locks, and quickly changed the password.

Zong He stood there with the bundle for a full ten seconds. When he finally reacted, he realized that he had been kicked out of the bedroom by his partner. The Marshals face suddenly darkened. With a cold expression, he pressed the switch, only for the system to remind him: Permission has been changed!

Zong Hes entire body stiffened and he stared at the door. He strove to stamp down the urge to hit the door with a paw. He opened his communications device. It was the first time he was so unsure of what to say: “Cant we just give birth to another identical one?”

Tang Wan only sent back an emoticon, Shen Zhu Ge with an aloof face: “tui!”

Could it be identical? He wasnt one to begin with! It was an attitude problem, attitude! Was there any meaning in hiding it from him for so long?!

“Marshal!” Lin Bo, who was standing at the bend of the head of the stairs, silently saw everything and waved, “Come to the study, I swapped in a new sofa for you. Think about it.”

Zong He: “……”

— — — —

Zong He, who was living in the study, had a bellyful of fire and went to investigate everything, “I want to know who was acting behind the scenes.”

When his subordinates saw that he was so angry, they didnt dare to ask any more questions. They simply took the man he had brought back with him to interrogate, and answers were quickly revealed. Major General Lian Ya, who was in charge of information and intelligence, personally reported: “This is a group of illegal mercenaries. They would do anything as long as they were paid.”

Lian Ya was stone-faced and his words were meticulous. He was responsible for collecting intelligence. He was supposed to report it without the slightest amount of bias. How it was interpreted and settled wasnt within his responsibilities.

Zong He angrily said: “In such an age, how can there be such an organization? Theyve been uprooted!”

As one of Zong Hes four major deputies, Lian Ya had followed Zong He for many years so his words werent limited by their positions. He directly reminded: “Marshal, this type of thing isnt under our Imperial Armys control. The ones we fight against are outside forces. Murderers, gangsters, perverts, and hired mercenaries are under the Public Security Forces.”

Zong He said indifferently: “Then ask Luo Wei if he can take care of it. If he cant, then he can just shut up!”

Lian Ya listened on with a cold expression, then called Luo Wei directly. With a frigid stare, Deputy Lian asked: “Our boss was attacked by hired mercenaries when he went out. The boss asked if you would handle it. If you wont, hell handle it himself.”

The other leisurely, delightedly said: “The Marshal can just investigate it. If you want to use our place, well give our full cooperation.”

After Lian Ya closed the communicator, he grimly kept the recording as evidence, “Ill let Mervyn handle catching and arresting them. Ill give you the detailed information as soon as I can.”

Zong He nodded, “Youve gone through a lot of trouble.”

Lian Ya looked at the big cloth bundle on Zong Hes sofa, and there was finally a trace of emotion on his blank face, “The Marshal has also gone through a lot of trouble!”

Zong He, “……”

It was natural that Tang Wan wouldnt cook dinner. Zong He had become accustomed to eating Tang Wans food. He had always said that he wasnt a picky eater, but after a few bites of his home chefs food, he wouldnt eat more than a few bites.

“Did he eat?”

Lin Bo doubtfully asked, “Who?”

Zong He pointed upstairs with a calm face.

“Oh.” Lin Bo suddenly realized, “You were talking about Fūrén. You can ask him yourself, youre a couple. As an old man, what do I know?”

Zong He put down his chopsticks, went upstairs, and rang the bedrooms bell. Carrying a bowl of soup, Ji Yan just so happened to arrive. Seeing Zong He, he hesitated for a moment, wanting to go back.

Zong He coughed and awkwardly said: “Come back here.”

Ji Yan obediently went over. With the couple arguing, he didnt know what he was called over for.

Tang Wan had been sleeping all this time. After showering, he called out Jin Xiao Pang and Mulan. He had one in his arms and one on his head. There were traces of Zong He sleeping on the bed, so he slept very soundly. After sleeping for two hours, when he almost had his fill of sleep, Tang Wan awoke when he heard the bell. He casually pressed the intercom above the bed, “Who?”

Zong He solemnly pointed at Ji Yan.

Ji Yan tactfully replied: “Fūrén, come up and drink some soup. And you can sleep more at night?”

Tang Wan mutedly answered: “The door is open. Come in.”

Zong He took the soup from Ji Yans hands, pushed open the door, entered, and closed the door behind him, leaving Ji Yan outside.

Ji Yan: “…….”

Aw poor Ji Yan (つ﹏<)・゚。

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