Chapter Ch50.1 – Just What Happened That Year?

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The moment Tang Wan heard that there was something off with the footsteps, he quickly sat up. He saw that it was Zong He, then snorted, in a bad mood. He had originally wanted to get up, but he pointedly lay back down again. He pulled the two cats into his arm and continued to sleep!

Zong He sat beside the bed and poked Tang Wans back. The two cats sniffed out the scent beside his body, quickly jumped out of Tang Wans arms, climbed up the windowsill, and hid. Even Jin Xiao Pangs movements were very agile.

Tang Wan hugged the pillow tightly. He didnt want to talk to the person behind him.

It was the first time that Zong He had put aside his pride to talk to a person, “Is it still hard to bear?”

Tang Wan cocked his head slightly, still not wanting to make a sound.

Zong He poked him again, “Youre still scared today?”

Tang Wan sullenly pursed his lips. His heart softened a little from Zong Hes coaxing. He should be the first person to see Zong He like this. Truthfully, he was a little happy.

Zong He saw that Tang Wan was still ignoring him, and he had no choice but to poke him again, “I wanted to tell you, but there wasnt enough time.”

Tang Wan hmphd unhappily, “Nonsense, there were clearly many opportunities for you to say it. You just never did! Was it very fun to trick me?”

Zong Hes expression darkened. There was nothing he could say.

Tang Wan turned over and looked into Zong Hes eyes. “Didnt you just want face? You feel that telling me that you can only shift into a little weak milk cat would make you lose face, is that right?

Zong Hes eyes brightened and he quickly nodded.

Tang Wan angrily rolled his eyes, “Then did you think about how I felt when I raised you as a son? Now my son is gone, how will you compensate me? Have you thought about my psychological gap? I cant see Da Zhuang anymore!”

Zong He took a deep breath and looked at Tang Wans chattering mouth. How could he put it in a manner that seemed reasonable? He really couldnt get his point across, “Then what do you say we should do?”

Tang Wan was speechless. He was just angry, but he hadnt actually want to do anything to Zong He. He just wanted him to sincerely apologize and to know that he wouldnt conceal anything from him in the future. After all, they werent originally familiar and he had wanted a divorce. Zong He also had no choice but to shift into such a form. He hadnt trusted him at that time and so didnt tell him the truth.

He was angry because their feelings had already developed very well, but Zong He still kept it from him. This made his heart feel choked up. Adding on the face that he could no longer see Da Zhuang, Tang Wan found it hard to bear.

Zong He asked: “If you dont know what we should do, why are you still angry?”

“I……” Tang Wan was so angered that he immediately sat up. What kind of reasoning was this?

Zong Hes eyes were very solemn. He truly felt that if he didnt know what to do, then he shouldnt be angry. Whenever a course of action was undertaken, the target must be clear. This had always been a Marshals combat norm. If there was no target, then there would be no action. His gaze towards Tang Wan was tolerant, as if he was telling him to sit up, that he was above average, and that he was reasonable.

Tang Wan had nothing to say, “From what youre saying, Im in the wrong because Im angry?”

Zong Hes expression sank, “If you want to settle accounts with me, then I also want to settle accounts with you as well.”

Tang Wan angrily asked: “You settle it then, you still have the face to count ah! Isnt this one of those trivial matters that leads to divorce?”

Zong He stood up and placed one knee on the bed, his entire upper body looming over the other. He looked down at Tang Wan and asked him especially carefully: “Whose daddy are you? How many times have you asked me to call you daddy? Do you still remember?”

Tang Wan was scared by the other sides movement and craned his neck backwards, his lofty manner instantly halved, “Can you sit down properly when you speak?”

Zong He thought of when Tang Wan had pressed him to the bed to keep him from moving and forced him to obediently admit his wrongs and call him daddy. He became even tougher than he was before. “You can sit down after I finish speaking.”

Tang Wan nervously pushed the person on top of him and discovered that he couldnt be moved. He once again adopted a lofty manner, “I can only take you as a child when you turned into a little milk cat. When you like this now, even if you called medaddy, I wont acknowledge it.”

With a calm expression, Zong He directly pushed Tang Wan down, flipped him over, and pressed down on his back, “When you pressed down on me like this, I didnt get angry, but youre angry with me now.”

Tang Wan angrily beat the pillow, “Youre here purely to take revenge against me!”

Feeling the restless hands on his body, Tang Wan immediately blushed. He really had rubbed Da Zhuang like this….but! Before, Da Zhuang was a clumsy child. It definitely hadnt been this erotic!

“Didnt you not call medaddy?” Tang Wan flushed, already not daring to continue arguing about theDa Zhuang problem. He felt that he had already been served up as a light refreshment on the others platter, the kind that could be eaten at any moment, “Ill call youdaddy, alright? Daddy, please let me go!”

Zong He hadnt expected Tang Wan to behave like this; he was speechless. His stiff hand pressed into his shoulder, where there wasnt any place to put his claws.

Tang Wan wasnt a person like Zong He, who regarded face as the most important thing, “Anyways, well settle matters tonight. I say, whatever animosity is left, well solve it together. You made me lose a son, so thats the final matter!”

Business people never suffered losses; they always reminded the other to recognize their own mistakes.

As for the loss of theson, Zong He truly had no explanation. Originally, he was still a little angry, but since they were like this now, the atmosphere had changed. Zong He simply pulled himself closer to Tang Wan and kissed his ear, “Ill repay you with an exact copy.”

Tang Wan was still unhappy, “No, the child can follow in my footsteps. Theyll be human, hairless and bald.”

Zong He couldnt convince him, so he remained silent.

Tang Wan had another reason, “You didnt call medaddy and I called youdaddy, but I still lost my son. Dont you owe me now? You still havent repented, so what did you return for?”

From those words, Zong He had to bite his lip to stop himself from talking. He angrily flipped Tang Wan over and simply kissed him.

Tang Wan was instantly silenced. Force was his weak point; it didnt matter even if his mouth was more nimble.

After the long kiss, Tang Wan unhappily stared at the person above him. So this was a soldiers style. If he couldnt talk it through, then hed use kisses. Could it be negotiated?

Zong He leaned closer to kiss him again and reluctantly parted. “I dont want to sleep in the study.”

Tang Wan was amused. Seeing the Marshal look so wronged, a large portion of his anger dissipated. He sighed, “Will you still regard face as the most important thing in the future? Have you been reformed?”

Zong He leaned over to kiss the corner of Tang Wans lips, solemnly promising: “Reformed.”

Tang Wan stared at him for a while. Only when he saw the promise in his eyes did he laugh, “Just knowing your wrongs is fine. Can you get off of me first? Its hard to breathe when you press down on my like this.”

“Youll get used to it with more exercise.” Originally, it didnt have any other meaning. Where couldnt they exercise? Soldiers were simply this straightforward. However, they hadnt thought that the meaning would change in such a situation. Tang Wan blushed, silently watching Zong He play a rogue in such an earnest manner. Zong He was also aware of the ambiguity in his words. They looked at each other for a few seconds. Zong He kissed him again. Not only did he not have to sleep in the study, he had done what he ought to do.

Tang Wan subconsciously struggled a few more times. When he could break away, there was nothing left he could do. He might as well simply steel his heart. If he was going to do it, then just do it. They had been married for so long, could he remain pure for a lifetime? Their relationship was strong; when they were about to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit, they heard an unexpectedbang! on the desk followed by a cats screech. Tang Wans heart jumped, “Jin Xiao Pang!”

Terrified, Jin Xiao Pang shrank under the table, wrapping its arms around its tail and licking the fur. It looked at the soup it had pushed over onto the ground, and it couldnt help but reach out with a paw. It licked and licked, and smacked its lips after it finished licking. It was reluctant to part with the soup.

Tang Wan looked at Zong Hes gaze, which was filled with unfulfilled desires, and smothered a smile. For this bowl of soup, if it wasnt cleaning it up, then it wasnt interested.

Zong He grudgingly sat back up. At this time, Lin Bo came to knock on the door, “Its so early, they shouldnt have fallen asleep yet. Marshal, Major General Gu has arrived.”

Zong He pinched Tang Wans face unhappily, “In a moment, Ill……”

“You dont have to come back,” Tang Wan had calmed down now and coolly spoke: “I think it would be better for you to go back to your study so you can deepen your impression. Right, I cant just let you off so easily. Im a principled person!”

Zong He: “……..”

Things were getting spicy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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