Chapter 51.2

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In the past moments, he looked more mature than his sixteen years, but now, he seemed like a six year old child. Tang Wans heart suddenly thumped, as if he had been forcefully hit by something. Looking at the fluffy head on his shoulder, Tang Wan raised his hand and he gently touched the childs head, “You are……Xiao Ye?”

The dream must have been a memory.

Tang Tingye raised his head and uneasily looked into Tang Wans eyes, “Gē?”

Tang Wan said with a smile, “Im sorry, Ive lost my memory. Ive forgotten everything from before, but I remember a child named Xiao Ye. Is that you?”

“Gē.” Grieved, Tang Tingye held Tang Wan, unwilling to let go, just like a young child in need of comfort. He rubbed his head against Tang Wans shoulder. Tang Wan could hardly breathe.

Tang Wan couldnt bear to push him away. He didnt know if it was because of the memories left behind by the original, he truly wanted to get close to this youth. Tang Wan sighed lightly. Perhaps it was familial affection. The same blood flowed through their bodies. In the end, he was reluctant to let him go.

With a few steps, Zong He approached the two. He raised his hand to grasp Tang Tingyes collar and lightly pulled him aside, like he was peeling off a piece of plaster. He shook Tang Tingye off.

“Lets go back home.” Zong He pulled Tang Wans hand so that they could leave. He had nothing to do with this family from then on. He believed that Tang Tingye could handle the rest of the situation.

As soon as Tang Wan took a few steps, he heard Tang Tingyes anxious cry: “G&#k113;ge! Dont leave!”

Tang Wan looked back with a smile and waved at the aggrieved youth: “Dont worry, Im living a good life now. Dont be blinded by hatred.”

Because of this smile, Tang Tingye suddenly felt relieved.

Gu Yankai went towards the door, “Little friend, for your older brothers honor, Ill give you a privilege.” Gu Yankai pulled over Major General Mervyn and said with a smile: “Leave a few people here to ensure the little Dukes safety.”

Major General Mervyn casually ordered a few people to do so and left with a chilly expression. There hadnt been any battles, so it was even more difficult for Major General Mervyn to bear. His murderous aura made the Dukes guards shiver.

Gu Yankai chuckled and waved at Tang Tingye, “If youre short on manpower in the future, you can ask us. Were of the same family, so you dont have to be polite.”

Tang Tingye watched the group quickly withdraw, his eyes narrowed with a smile. He looked Duke Tang, who was sitting in his chair and seemed as if he had been struck and aged a few years: “Father, look. See how good the partner that Gēge found is. He has military power, and sent people to protect me. Arent you very pleased?”

Duke Tang closed his eyes in despair. His eldest son hated him, didnt recognize him, and even cursed him out. His youngest son had made him a mere figurehead and wanted to control him. His wife and children had betrayed him, and almost abused his child to the point of death. In this household, everyone had revolved around him. He had been the omnipotent one, but unexpectedly, he had been the most ignorant one. Now, he was an old man who had been deserted by everyone. He had really become like what Tang Wan had said: A long, lonely life. It had become the most vicious curse.

And he didnt know if he could hold onto the family inheritance he had cared the most about. His second childs position as the Crown Princess was in danger after Zong Hes fuss. Seeing his youngest sons manner, it would be impossible for his second son to keep his engagement with the Imperial family. He had already lived the majority of his life, what was left?

“A long, lonely life.” Duke Tang said this phrase word by word. His mind was filled with the image of Tang Wan looking at him with disgusted eyes, and his youngest sons taunting gaze. They were both thorns which were ruthlessly stabbed into his heart, so that he felt breathing was difficult.

Time seemed to be at a standstill. After a long period of time, Duke Tang finally took a deep breath and a bit of his strength returned. He said with difficulty, “What do you want to do?”

“Its very simple. Li Mo shouldnt even think about leaving that room for the rest of her life. Tang Lian doesnt have many years left, so he can look on helplessly at his daughter. They can experience despair together. I wont kill them. I only want them to live in suffering, to be freed only in death. As for me, Im a clean child and I wont do anything like killing people.” Tang Tingye had a faint smile on his face, and innocuous told Duke Tang: “Father, Mother is very lonely in the cemetery. Do you want a small house in front of her grave to be built? You can accompany her for a while and conveniently confess. You havent been a good husband or a good father. I think that shell forgive you if youre sincere.”

“You unfilial son!” Duke Tangs complexion turned from white to red in anger. He picked up the cup of tea beside him and ruthlessly smashed at Tang Tingye.

Tang Tingyes expression didnt change. The solider next to him raised their hand and activated their ice ability. The cup and its contents fell onto the floor with a clatter. Tang Tingyes gaze was still gentle, “Originally, I didnt think they would move this quickly. In my plans, we would still have two years. I would only officially take over the Tang Family when I turn eighteen. I would have never thought that my brother would be too capable, finding that partner that can support even me. Ah~ life. There would be inevitably that many pleasant surprises waiting for you.”

In the end, Duke Tang couldnt fight it. Under the successive strikes, he fainted in anger.

Tang Tingyes expression suddenly cooled, and he said coldly: “Find someone to take a look at him. Build a house besides Mothers grave and find time for him to move there. He must live a long life, so he can be with Mother. He isnt worthy of being buried with her even after a hundred years.”

After Tang Tingye finished speaking, he looked towards the empty sky. Tang Wans shadow had long since vanished. However, he knew that his older brother was living well, even if his sister-in-law was too powerful. He was in a rather bad mood.

— — — —

The next morning, Tang Wan groggily felt around with his hand. When he didnt feel the familiar presence, he suddenly realized that he had locked Zong He in the study last night. Tang Wan sat up and laughed at himself. He had been accustomed to sleeping together, so he hadnt adapted to sleeping alone.

Ji Yan entered the room and pulled aside the curtains. He had gathered some clothes for Tang Wan and handed over a moist towel, “Early this morning the Imperial nobles received these pieces of information. Lady Tang died suddenly of illness. In his despair, Duke Tang fell ill, and all of the family affairs were left to little Duke Tang Tingye. The Crown Princess Tang Yu was recalled home by the little Duke. In order to care for his sick father, he took a temporary reprieve from school for six months.

Tang Wan took the towel, and lay down to wipe his face. He doubtfully asked: “Is this piece of news real or fake? She really died?”

Ji Yan obediently responded: “This is the news that the little Duke released. We dont know whether its true or not. If you want to know, I can find someone to go check.”

“No need.” Tang Wan handed the towel back to Ji Yan and sat up, “Its not our familys business, so we wont pay it any attention.”

While Tang Wan was eating breakfast, Ji Yan carried over an invitation, the two characters “Imperial Family” shining and especially visible.

Tang Wan: “……”

He has just sorted out his identity last night. Today, he had been invited to a meal by the Imperial Family. How could his heart feel so restless?

Duke Tang got what he deserved too ((⊂(`ω´∩)

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