Chapter Ch52.1 – I Am Simply the Marshals Wife

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After sleeping in his study for an entire night, Zong He, who had been aching all over, went downstairs only to see a nervous Tang Wan. He said disapprovingly: “You can go if you want to, and dont go if you dont want to. Theres nothing to be worried about.”

Tang Wan was still worried, “Its not good like this. The main point was to invite me to get to know β Ursae Minoris nobility. As a leading role, if I dont go, I wont be giving the Empress any face.”

Zong He still kept his manner, “Theres nothing bad about that. The Empress isnt a narrow-minded person. Look at you.”

Tang Wan was at a loss, “If I go this time, would all of the nobles recognize me?”

Zong He suddenly changed his attitude, “Then go. It would be a perfect time for you to announce your status and tell everyone that this is what the Marshals wife looks like. You dont need to guess any more.”

Tang Wan: “……”

“You were married off to me when I was still a handicapped person. Dont we have a couples deep feelings?”

Tang Wan was unhappy, “I dont understand what youre trying to show off.”

Zong He unyieldingly responded, “Humans truly are hard to understand.”

Tang Wans lips twitched and his gaze was increasingly unhappy, “I truly dont understand big cats. Little cats are better.”

Zong Hes expression chilled, “Are you talking about Da Zhuang again?”

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Dont be so sensitive, I didnt say anything.”

Tang Wan looked at Zong Hes solemn gaze and suddenly wanted to laugh, “Pfft! You want to save face too much! I really didnt say anything!” Zong He angrily went downstairs. The more Tang Wan spoke, the more Zong He felt that the person who was correct was himself.

Tang Wan sighed, his old ancestors werent lying. Big cats and little cats were hard to raise.

Since he couldnt hide, he had to summon up the courage to participate. Ji Yan quickly hurried and went to prepare Tang Wans formal attire for the dinner banquet, and Lin Bo gave him the gift he needed to bring.

Tang Wan looked around again, but there was nothing he could help with. He simply summoned the kitten army and started a live broadcast: “Come and pet them!”

For petting cats, it didnt matter what time it was, the audience wouldnt dislike it. At this time, a familiar ID popped out, and a row of rewards came flooding in. Tang Wan was shocked: “Crazy Luo Bei, did you truly not make a mistake? How are you so enthusiastic today?”

Crazy Luo Bei: Not a mistake, Gē. I hope youre doing well. Im giving you money so you can buy things for yourself.

Tang Wan laughed. From this, he had truly misunderstood him. This child wasnt poor, but could earn a lot, “Im not your Gēge. Wouldnt it be better for you to simply buy a gift for your Gē?”

Crazy Luo Bei: No, my G&#k113; definitely wouldnt want it.

It wouldnt be good for Tang Wan to meddle in others personal affairs, “Then I can only accept it. Thank you for the rewards.”

After chatting with his fans for a while, Tang Wan logged off at noon and went to make lunch. Zong He found him in the kitchen and saw that he had made a good number of dishes. He doubtfully asked: “Your mood is unexpectedly so good?”

“En!” Tang Wan happily said: “I was rewarded a lot of money by a nouveau riche this morning. I got rich, and Im in a good mood so I made more delicious things.”

Zong He frowned, “……they didnt have good intentions!”

Tang Wan placed the meat onto the pan, “Youre also jealous about this?”

Zong He humphd, “Of course, those who dare to fool around with you will all be killed.”

Tang Wan rolled his eyes, jealous cat!

In the afternoon, his clothing arrived. Tang Wan tried it on. This seemed like the armys formal attire, but it was unexpectedly made to fit his body well and the measurements were correct. The creamy white color paired well with his skin tone. This style was very fitting for someones painting.

Zong He, who was standing next to him, reminded: “The family members of soldiers cant dress like the nobles. We cant be informal.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips, “So even the neck has to be bound so tightly?”

Zong Hes expression was solemn, “Yes.”

Tang Wan didnt have a choice, “Okay, Ill listen to you.”

If this vinegary cat was put into a pot, he wouldnt need any seasoning to make a plate of sweet-and-sour cat.

In the evening, Zong He personally accompanied Tang Wan to the Imperial Palace. WIth Ji Yan by Tang Wans side, he wouldnt be wronged, “Ill find and speak to my cousin. After a while, Ill come pick you up. If you dont want to talk to them, you dont need to talk to them. I already told my cousin to not let you speak too much to those people. Its alright if you just sip some tea and eat some refreshments.”

Tang Wan took advantage of Ji Yan checking the environment outside to cup Zong Hes face and give him a quick kiss, “Relax, Im yours. Who dares to disrespect you?”

Zong He raised his eyebrow, “Mine?”

Tang Wan pinched the big cats cheek, “Yes, yours. Remember to pick me up later. Im going.”

Zong He watched Tang Wan leave. Suddenly, he wondered if Tang Wan had been hinting something?

The matter of Zong Hes visit to the Dukes residence couldnt be concealed from the Imperial family. On β Ursae Minoris, the Imperial investigator wasnt a useless person. Zong He concealed it from the Empires citizens and nobles, saving them a lot of trouble and the Imperial investigator didnt care at all about it. Zong He looked forward to Duke Tangs misfortune. He almost strutted in and told the Emperor: This is my partner, you took in a fake!

In the morning, when she had discovered the reason for Zong Hes visit, the typically graceful and calm Empress was furious, “This engagement is canceled. Using a fake to fool us for so many years, and that one is even born from an affair!” The Empress was actually a very generous person, the kind that could balance a bowl of water in her hands. Even if she couldnt see eye-to-eye with a child from an affair, if she had known before that Duke Tang was keeping a little lover outside, she would have had to rethink allowing the child to be the Crown Princess.

Then the Crown Prince smiled consolingly, “If we take the initiative to withdraw from the engagement, wouldnt it be telling everyone that we married a fake? Besides, could it be that you want me to fight with my uncle? I would die.”

The Empress was teased by these words, and much of her anger dissipated. She wearily said: “Tang Wan is already married. This type of thing cant be spread outside. There really needs to be a reason for canceling the engagement.” She looked at her nonchalant son, “Do you like the Crown Princess?”

The Crown Prince laughed indifferently: “Haha.”

The Empress could tell that her son didnt like him.

This engagement must be dissolved. How it would be dissolved would depend on how tactful the Tang Family would be.

That night, seeing Tang Wan enter the large banquet hall with a waiter showing the way, the Empress did not go down. She stood upstairs with narrowed eyes, quietly observing him. The corners of her lips couldnt help but curve up. From his external appearance, Tang Wan had a smile on his face, seeming cultured and refined. His gaze was mild and polite, but he kept a proper distance away from everyone. He truly wasnt the bewitching little vixen Madam Zong had spoken about.

Disregarding what background he had come from, Tang Wans words were natural and unrestrained. In the face of so many nobles, there wasnt a place where he was lacking in manners. No one could say that he was brainless and only knew how to act coquettishly. With a smile, the Empresses recorded this moment and sent it to Madam Zong: Because you vented at me, they deliberately angered you. See for yourself, this is your Zong familys little Fūréns true face. You stole something good!

When she said this, the Empresss heart ached. This clearly was her familys child!

The Empress looked at the Crown Prince, who was standing beside a window. The other was sticking a finger out to move the windchimes on the windowsill. His beautiful heterochromatic eyes gradually narrowed to slits. It was a mystery what he was thinking. The Empress sighed regretfully. This Tang Wan could have such a bearing without any training. If he had been provided with a Crown Princesss resources, this child would have absolutely been a perfect Empress who could help Carlos hold up half the sky. This perfect Crown Princess candidate and Carlos were unexpectedly destined to meet, but not fated to be together. It really was a pity.

In short, the Empresss anger towards Duke Tang had increased greatly again.

Soon, Tang Wan was surrounded by people and nearly all of the nobles knew what the Marshals wife looked like. Only then did the Empress come down from the second floor to rescue Tang Wan from the crowd, “As family members, since were meeting for the first time, we should have a proper talk. Everyone can chat first, Im taking this person away.”

Nobody dared to stop her and politely opened up a path. They watched Tang Wan being pulled upstairs by the graceful Empress.

The nobles who were friends gathered in small groups of three or four and whispered, “The Marshals wife is really good-looking. Supposedly, the pure Asian beauties background arent very good, but that cant be seen from his mannerisms.”

“He looks a bit like the Crown Princess, and his surname is also Tang.”

“So, when the Crown Princess is mourning his mother, the Empress not only did not care or ask questions, she also personally threw a banquet. Doesnt this go against common sense?”

“Shhh! Speak less and ask less!”


Tang Wan sat beside a window on the second floor. In this position, he could see all of the nobles below. He could also see the garden outside, his view was expansive and he was sitting comfortably. The Empress had deliberately found this seat for him.

The Empress took the refreshment that the maid offered and enthusiastically said: “Taste this snack, I made it myself. Call Zong He up later, so that we can share a meal as a family.”

The Empresss appearance was gentle and pleasant. With just a glance, he could tell that she would be an easy person to get along with. Tang Wan smiled and thanked her. She truly deserved to be called the mother of a country. She could comfort people with her words.

“The main purpose of todays banquet is for you to get to know every major nobles family. You dont have to communicate with them, but you should know who they are, so that you wont offend them if you meet in the future.” The Empress smiled at Tang Wan and calmly introduced them one at a time. Tang Wan ate the snacks while he was memorizing people. It didnt matter if they were male or female, he memorized them all.

In this time, they had managed to clear this many nobles without mentioning the issue with Duke Tangs family at all. Tang Wan calmly sipped a mouthful of tea. Tsk, the Imperial family already knew. The Empresss ability to concentrate and her boldness was admirable. Had Zong He gone looking for his cousin for this matter?

Nearly half an hour later, Tang Wan was still talking to the Empress, and had already figured out all of the powers. At this time, Zong He, an uncle, and young heterochromatic-eyed Crown Prince came up to the second floor together. The Empress stood up with a smile, “Lets go. Well let them speak leisurely and then we can go eat.”

Tang Wan stifled his laugh. This Empress was very interesting. She didnt care if she abandoned them?

Zong He walked towards Tang Wan and pulled on his wrist. His eyes were gentle as he asked: “Well leave after the meal?”

Tang Wan smiled, “Ill listen to you.”

He had also determined that Zong He and the Imperial familys relationship was very good. Then, when he thought of how he had misunderstood the Emperors infidelity, Tang Wan felt guilty. Fortunately, he now knew the truth. Otherwise, his mouth would be saying one thing while he would be madly cursing the other in his heart. He would be very sorry.

With a simple meal, the atmosphere was very harmonious. The Emperor really did look at Zong He like he was looking at an older son. He must share a drink with Zong He. Seeing that he was in good health, his eyes curved up happily with his smile, always wanting to pat Zong Hes shoulder. Zong Hes temperament was a little cold, but was helpless under his cousins gaze. He was even a little unhappy; when the other leaned over, he would shrink away. He just wanted to pour wine for the other and let him eat and drink and not spew nonsense.

The Crown Prince helped his uncle drag his father back, also with a face of helplessness.

Watching from the side, Tang Wan thought it was delightful.

The Empress gently told Tang Wan: “Their relationship is very good. During the time Zong He was injured, your cousin couldnt sleep for several days. Carlos kept saying that Zong He had only been injured to save him. To save this son, the other had been sacrificed.”

Zong He unhappily raised his glass and poured its contents down his cousins throat, “Im not your son, youre not that old. Drink more and talk less.”

Tang Wan looked at Zong Hes curved lips and he also smiled. Fortunately, Zong He still had a family. His mother wasnt reliable, but the Imperial family treated him very well.

The Crown Prince was sitting at the side, entirely with the attitude of a younger generation. He didnt speak much until he finished his meal. Only then did he glance at Tang Wan and coincidentally, Tang Wan was also looking at him. The two pairs of eyes were staring at the other. Tang Wan smiled, not speaking to him.

Carlos asked with a smile in his eyes: “I heard that you lost your memories?”

Tang Wan nodded, “En, I forgot everything I was supposed to forget and everything I wasnt supposed to forget. I dont plan on treating it.”

Carlos laughed, “Truly, there are some things that are better off being forgotten. If its forgotten, then leave it be.”

Zong He had already poured drinks for his cousin. Though he hadnt drunk much, he was still a little tipsy. He narrowed his eyes and watched Tang Wan and Carlos speak. He was a little upset. Tang Wan was afraid that his next words would be to send the Crown Prince away. He quickly turned around and asked, concerned, “You didnt drink that much right?”

Zong He shook his head and look at his cousin, who was already lying down on the table, sleeping, and said bluntly: “Didnt drink a lot.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips and almost laughed out loud. If he took a picture of this and uploaded it to the Internet, he didnt know how much interest it would rouse. As he thought of this, Tang Wan quickly shook his head. He couldnt be such a devil, he needed to be a good man!

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