My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Ch53.1 - Gifting It All to My Younger Brother

Chapter 52.2

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Seeing that it was already nine oclock and the conversation was dying down, Zong He led Tang Wan, “Lets go home.”

“En!”Go home was Tang Wans favorite words to hear.

After they left the Imperial Palace, Zong He could still see that Tang Wan was still very happy from those two words. He affectionately pinched Tang Wans cheeks, “They dont want you, theyre stupid.”

Tang Wans eyes curved with his smile, “Correct! Theyre stupid, youre the smartest!”

Zong He smiled and rested his head against Tang Wans neck. Tang Wan could smell the faint scent of wine and he gently pressed his face against Zong Hes head. He uneasily asked: “Are you really okay? Can cats drink alcohol?”

Zong He didnt make a sound, but it didnt seem like there was a big problem. He closed his eyes, and it was a mystery what he was thinking about. Tang Wan smiled and smoothed out his hair. He quietly looked out at the night scenery. He had been wearing a smile the entire time. Going home was the best feeling!

After they got home, Tang Wan spoke to Lin Bo first, so that he wouldnt worry and could go to sleep early. When he returned to his room, Zong He had already washed off the scent of wine and recovered his solemn appearance.

“Youre too strict with yourself.” Tang Wan really admired him. It was tiring to be a marshal.

Tang Wan quickly reached the bed, and while he used a hand to undo the complicated buttons, the other was already opening his terminal.

At the banquet, he had noticed that there was an Imperial reporter in the corner. He knew that they were going to release news about him to the public. Even if the Imperial family knew his identity, they would give Zong He face, and not pursue this matter again. Tang Wan opened up the StarNet and sure enough, someone had already taken a photo of him and uploaded it to the Internet. The true face of the Marshals wife had finally been revealed.

A lot of people said: The Marshal could still find such a good looking partner when he was ill, he truly deserves to be a Marshal!

Tang Wan wondered, “If you had fragmented that day and split yourself into copies like paramecium, would everyone accept that too? It would only be correct to think that youre omnipotent?”

Zong He gave a bitter laugh, “Probably.”

This point also gave him a headache. He must be all-powerful and couldnt be weak, otherwise, the people wouldnt be able to bear it.

“What is a paramecium?”

Tang Wan very solemnly drew a hairy shoehorn for Zong He to see.

Zong Hes eyes narrowed in disgust.

For a moment, Tang Wan imagined what Zong He would look like fragmenting, with a Da Zhuang sprouting from the top of his head. He found that it was unacceptable, it would burn his eyes!

Tang Wan took the initiative to rub Zong Hes neck, like he was petting a large cat. He coaxed, “Im teasing you, its just a joke.”

Zong He bowed his head and looked at the beaming Tang Wan, who was lying down on the bed. He looked like delicious prey, “Do you know what touching the neck means?”

Tang Wan objected: “Like attracts like; look at how youre thinking. If you were a gentleman, then nothing would come of touching, but if you were a rogue, then even touching a whisker would be taken as seduction!”

Zong He helped him pop open a difficult button, his low voice filled with lust. Upon hearing it, it seemed to have a bit of repressed sex appeal. “Ive never been a gentleman.”

Tang Wans ears flushed and his gaze shifted. He was too embarrassed to look into Zong Hes lust-filled golden eyes, “No ones asking you to always be a gentleman, but can you let me bathe and change my clothes first?”

“I cant wait, we can speak after we finish!” Zong He simply didnt give him any excuses to escape and crudely stripped off Tang Wans formal clothing.


— — — —

At the same time, the Crown Princess that many nobles had been thinking about, arrived at the balcony with a pale complexion. He found Tang Tingye and asked with a gloomy expression: “What do you mean, placing me under house arrest? How do you plan on explaining it to the Imperial family?”

Tang Tingye held his chin, his head not shifting: “I know what Im doing. Do you think that the Imperial family doesnt already know? Youre just a fake, no one would care about you.”

Because of Tang Tingyes words, Tang Yus face became even paler.

Tang Tingye asked with a smile: “Are you happy being the Crown Princess?”

Tang Yu pursed his pale lips. He couldnt tell what Tang Tingye was thinking from his expression, so he didnt dare to answer rashly. Now, not only was his small life was pinched in the others hands, but his mother had been locked away as well. He didnt have maternal grandparents to help him. He didnt even have anyone to ask for help. Whether he lived or died, or even how he died, all depended on Tang Tingyes mood.

Tang Tingye wasnt satisfied with his hesitation, “I asked, are you happy being the Crown Princess?”

Tang Yu kneaded the palm of his hand, and responded nervously: “Of course, hes very outstanding.”

Tang Tingye smiled, but his meaningful glance made Tang Yu tremble.

“You like him?”

Tang Yu lowered his gaze, “Of course.”

Tang Tingye, “Then, does he like you?”

Tang Yu jolted, his face already completely bloodless. He worked hard in all of his studies, to be a perfect Crown Princess. However, he couldnt win Carloss love. The other treated him well only for the sake of keeping up appearances. There were many rules and etiquettes, but they hadnt gotten intimate at all. To this day, the number of times they had held hands was very small; those times had been they were putting on an act in public and had no other choice. He knew that the other had no feelings for him.

The little Duke Tang narrowed his eyes and gracefully wished him well: “I wish you happiness.”

Because of this blessing, Tang Yu almost collapsed to the ground, his heart and soul firmly struck. He lowered his head, restraining the despair in his eyes, “I want to see……Father.”

Tang Tingye was amused, “Youre not going to see your mother, but your father. Your choice is very interesting. Are you thinking of begging him to help you? He doesnt want to see you. I think you should go visit your mother, shes not in a good mental state.”

Only when Tang Yu had seen his mother did he finally understand what Tang Tingye had meant bynot in a good mental state.”

In a day and a night, his mother had already been tortured to the point of insanity.

The lady who had paid careful attention to her appearance everyday was now unkempt and locked in a dark, small, and humid room. When she heard footsteps outside, she hid under the table in a panic, holding her head and trembling.


Hearing her sons voice, Lady Tangs eyes brightened and she hurried out from underneath the table and rushed over to the door. There wasnt a single window in the entire room. She smacked the door and shouted in a hoarse voice: “Son! Quickly help me get out! Go find the Crown Prince! Quickly rescue me! I dont want to be here, its too dark and there are bugs! There are wild animals crying out at night; Tang Yu, please help me out! Arent you the Crown Princess? Why did you wait so long to come to save me?”

As soon as Tang Yu thought of the possibility of hearing that the engagement would be canceled tomorrow, he laughed at himself, “Mother, you think too much. Now, the entire family is in Tang Tingyes hands. I cant even leave, to say the least about begging the Crown Prince?”

“Impossible! You are the Crown Princess. Ive worked so hard to make you the Crown Princess, and you cant even do this. Youre a waste! A useless person! You cant even win over a man, youve wasted your face!”

Lady Tangs words passed the door and heavily struck Tang Yus heart. It made him feel as if he had been struck by lightning. Standing numbly in front of the door, he couldnt stop his tears from falling.

He asked with red eyes: “Mother, if I can take you away now to a civilian planet to live in peace, throwing away the power and glory of the Tang Family and discarding the title of Crown Princess, will you follow me? I can make money in the future, and I can support you.”

“Why should I go?!” Lady Tang reacted instantly: “I am the Duchess! I am the mother of the Crown Princess! I wont go! I want to kill Tang Tingye! Ive been blind and tricked by him for so many years!”

Tang Yu closed his eyes and heard his mothers hysterical crying from inside the room. He couldnt help but chucked, not paying attention to anything else. He felt that the life he had been living was like a joke.

No one had ever asked him what he really wanted. Since childhood, he had been arranged to put on a mask and become someone else, to replace the other person in their life. Now he understood that what his mother had done wasnt for him, but for herself.

Tang Yu dazedly turned around and mechanically walked step-by-step to go find Tang Tingye, “If I break off the engagement with the prince, will you let me go?”

Tang Tingye grinned: “Where do you want to go?”

Tang Yu expressionlessly said: “To a place where nobody would recognize me. I wont step foot onto β Ursae Minoris for a lifetime.”

Tang Tingyu laughed: “Not saving your mother?”

Tang Yus face was pale. He had nothing to say.

Tang Tingye stood up and walked to Tang Yu with a faint smile on his face, just like the gentleman he typically was, “Gēge told me not to be blinded by hatred. I thought about it. The only one in our family who hadnt done anything to us brothers was you. You replacing Gēge was organized by your parents. I should thank your tutors. The Crown Princesss tutors had been arranged by the Imperial family. Their way of teaching is indeed much stronger than your mothers. If I think about it, Im embarrassed to have acted out against you. I agree to you breaking off the engagement!”

Tang Yus eyes brightened, but Tang Tingye suddenly changed the direction of their conversation, “However, I wont be letting you go. After all, youre the child she gave birth to. Even if you were taught even better, you share something with her under the surface. For the sake of your own well-being, you were cruel enough to want to escape to someplace far away. I wouldnt dare to let you go. Im afraid that you would do something that will give me a headache.”

Tang Yu bit down on his lip; he couldnt say a single word.

Tang Tingye smiled: “Okay, lets break off the engagement first. Our family has a good line of business; it wouldnt be a problem to support you. In the future, dont think about leaving. Being at home is good, where you can serve your parents. I think another small house can be built in the rear mountains. You can choose your own location.”

With this sentence, Tang Yus future was determined. Tang Tingye wanted to place him under house arrest for the rest of his life.

— — — —

The next morning, Tang Wan opened his eyes at the time he was accustomed to waking up. Dazed, he looked at the ceiling. Exhausted, he raised his hand and rubbed his stinging eyes. It should be a mistake, how could there be circles spinning on the ceiling?

Zong He pulled him closer and lazily said: “Go back to sleep.”

Tang Wan looked out of the window, “Theres daylight.”

Zong He reached and out and closed the curtains, so that the room darkened and he could no longer see his own fingers, “No, theres no daylight.”

“Oh.” Tang Wan turned over, and unthinkingly burrowed into Zong Hes arms. He fell into a deep sleep.

At this time, Tang Wans Weibo had already fallen into a nearly explosive state of affairs. After the announcement last night, everyone in the Empire knew what the Marshals wife looked like!

Many people had seen Tang Wan, especially when he went to the theme park with Da Zhuang. His fans already recognized him, and had his photos. To their surprise, they noticed thatEating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang was the Marshals partner!

The fans all went crazy, begging him to show his face, to please give them the accurate information!

Was it true? Was that person really you? Can you officially give an accurate statement? Why have you concealed it for so long?

Heavens! Then hasnt my dream lover become my dream lovers partner?!

So, does that mean that when Tang Tang and the Marshal got married, the Marshal was still in a coma?

As soon as these words came out, everyone went silent. Originally, it was shocking and explosive news. The mysterious host was the Marshals wife. Although they didnt know why even though Tang Wan had such a large backing, but he never mentioned it before, it wasnt important anymore. What was important was that Zong He wasnt cast of iron and steel. He was also a man and could be injured and ill.

Many people who had wanted to know about Zong He also paid attention to Tang Wan, hoping to get information from him.

Just as the fans were feeling anxious,Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang posed on Weibo: Its true.

Fans: ???

Zong He finally got to eat some meat ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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