Chapter Ch53.1 – Gifting It All to My Younger Brother

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“Zong He, what did you do when I was sleeping?” The one who had the power to make use of his log-in was his partner. Tang Wan calmly stared at Zong He, who was eating. He couldnt understand why Zong He would do something like this.

“To prove my status.” The Marshal attentively served his partner dishes, “Eat more, youre too thin.”

Tang Wan looked at the others good mood and a rare smile shown on his lips. He didnt argue anymore, “Alright, its fine if youre happy.”

After their meal, Zong He pulled Tang Wan closer and gave him a few kisses. Tang Wan just wanted to roll his eyes. This big cat was really sticky!

In the afternoon, Tang Wan brushed Zong Hes fur. Then, Luo Bing Jun sent a message asking: An official announcement?

Tang Wan: En.

Xiao Luo: Very brave, young man.

Tang Wan: Inadequate!

Xiao Luo: Do you want to play video games, young man? Then call Luo Bei~

Zong He sensed that Tang Wan was absent-minded while he was brushing his fur. He resentfully asked: “Who?”

Tang Wan quickly explained: “An ordinary, very ordinary friend. He asked me if I wanted to go play video games with him.”

Zong He raised his eyebrow and asked: “Do you want to go?”

Tang Wan was truly a bit moved. He had slept all morning, and he had nothing to do now. He could play some video games to relax.

“Ill go with you.”


Zong He had already shifted to his human form, and was setting up a new account.

Tang Wan saw that he was serious, and didnt stop him. After going online, he pulled in Luo Bing Jun and Crazy Luo Bei. After the three were online, Luo Bing Jun asked: “Are we just playing, or playing for a ranking?”

Crazy Luo Bei remained silent. Luo Bing Jun could see that this kid was Tang Wans fan. Whatever Tang Wan said to fight, he would fight without question.

Tang Wan was embarrassed: “Wait a moment, Ill pull in another person.”

Luo Bing Jun: “What? Have you found another fantastic big god?”

Tang Wan looked at Zong He again, and said with a suppressed smile: “Its his first time playing.”

Luo Bing Jun: “Little rookie!”

Tang Wan thought for a while. This was really difficult to respond to.

Tang Wan looked at the name “1111” that Zong He had given himself, and aggressively changed it: Kneel Down, Call Me Daddy!

Zong He: “……”

Zong He didnt play video games, but he knew strategies. After he entered this type of thing, he could understand it after becoming a little familiar with it. He came up and said with a cold voice: “Listen to my commands.”

As soon as Luo Bing Jun heard what he said, he closed his mouth. It seemed like the person who he had just called a little rookie wasnt him.

Tang Wan didnt hear his trivial words, and he was a bit out of sorts.

This time, Tang Wan and Luo Bing Jun still ran together. They were dumbfounded from beginning to end. Zong He commanded Crazy Luo Bei, and they killed one-fifth of the people in the entire map. Their output damage was sky-high.

In the second round, Zong He still has his gun and the child. While he was hiding, Tang Wan, who was behind him, didnt know where he went. When he told Tang Wan to lie down, he quickly did so. When he told him to hide, he hid. During the entire time, no one had managed to hit Tang Wan. Afterwards, Zong He asked: “Is it more fun to play games with me, or with them?”

Tang Wan understood. Even here, he was still drinking vinegar!

“To be honest, playing games with you isnt exciting at all.”

Zong He: ?

Tang Wan said, bored: “I was being protected the entire time, and I didnt fire a single bullet. I was dumbfounded the entire time. I didnt know what was going on, and the enemy had already died. What could I do? I was very desperate.”

“Is it not good for me to protect you?”

Tang Wan earnestly said: “Good, but I still want to be a bit excited.”

Zong He indulged him: “Alright, Ill listen to you.”

During the third round, Zong He didnt take notice of Tang Wan, letting him die once he went up.


Tang Wan sullenly wanted to cry, “Excited! Especially exciting!”

Zong He solemnly asked: “Do you still want to be excited for a while?”

Tang Wan grit his teeth, “No, Ive had enough.”

Zong He laughed, “Then thats good. What does it feel like to be protected?”

“Especially good!”

Zong He was satisfied. He swept across the battlefield with “Crazy Luo Bei.” Tang Wan was a bit puzzled. He didnt know if it he was mistaken, but he felt that the two were somewhat competing against each other over the kill count, seeing who had the higher number.

This evening, everyone remembered the man called “Kneel Down, Call Me Daddy”.

The posts were all talking about this gods identity.

This big gods ID number?

After the fight, Luo Bing Jun secretly asked: “That Kneel Down, Call Me Daddy” is your family member?

Tang Wan: En, I brought him!

Luo Bing Jun: Then youre especially headstrong.

Tang Wan laughed coldly, pei! This is called assertiveness!

The next day, the Internet was still passionately discussing the identity of “Kneel Down, Call Me Daddy”. He was playing with “Crazy Luo Bei”. Soon, Luo Bing Jun and Tang Wan were also dug out. The three of them had been on a live broadcast together before, so much of the audience knew them. Everyone already knew that Crazy Luo Bei was Prevailing Over Buddhas side account. They were all guessing which great god owned this side account that Crazy Luo Bei brought over!

Tang Wan secretly cursed: “The day you all know that this person is the Marshal, you all will definitely be stupefied.”

Zong He changed into his military uniform and came downstairs. Seeing that he was going out, Tang Wan smiled and approached him, helping the other fasten his epaulet. His gaze was soft: “I think I can summon a tiger. Should I summon a tiger from Earth?”

Zong He lowered his head and kissed Tang Wans forehead, “You have me, what do you want to do with other tigers?”

Tang Wan smiled and showed him a photograph of a tiger, “Dont you think its very formidable? We can raise one at home as a kitten. It would be able to understand me and would protect me when necessary.”

Zong He looked at him and unhappily said: “Its just a fat orange cat.”

“……I understand. The Marshal is simply a lemon essence. His daily hobby is being sour. Whenever he sees anything, hes sour and jealous.”


Tang Wan was speechless. He was unexpectedly so generous as to admit it!

“What if I bring over a girl?”

“No, the only furry tiger in the family is me!”

Tang Wan smiled and sent the other off, “Okay, Ill listen to you, I wont raise a tiger.”

Then, when Zong He returned home, he discovered that there was a little lion in his house!

He had unexpectedly learned to take advantage of military affairs! Zong He resentfully used a resentful gaze and scared the little lion into peeing.

When Tang Wan heard that Zong He had returned, he went to the door to greet him. With a glance, he saw the terrified, paralyzed little lion. Tang Wan hurried over and called out the little lions name, distressed: “Gou Dan!”

Zong He was unhappy, “Its too dirty, quickly return it!”

Tang Wan regretfully rubbed Gou Dans fur, “Wasnt it you who scared it?!”

“This kind of thing cant protect you. Its too unreliable.” Zong He took a step forward, and the little lion trembled. Zong He tskd. It was clear that he didnt like it.

Tang Wan achingly put the little lion away, he was too miserable! The child was so scared that it peed. Just what kind of aura did Zong He have?

That night, the powerful Marshal pulled Tang Wan intimately close, and rubbed against the back of Tang Wans neck. He leaned over and gently bit him. Understanding his intentions, Tang Wan immediately blushed. If he didnt bite the back of his neck, then he would bite his Adams apple. What was wrong with this big cat!

— — — —

In the morning, before Tang Wan woke up, a big piece of news arrived on the Internet: The Crown Prince and Crown Princess dissolved their engagement!

It was said that the two split peacefully following negotiations. There wasnt someone being bad to another; it was just that there werent any affection. In addition, the Crown Princess was observing the mourning time for his parents. His mother had just died, and his father was seriously ill. He truly didnt have the inclination to maintain an emotionless engagement, so he took the initiative to break up and wished to be good friends with the other in the future.

This event had become the biggest source of gossip among the people of the Empire. The Crown Princesss achievements these past few years had been outstanding; he didnt have much credit, but he didnt have much fault either. Aside from looking pretty, he hadnt done anything noteworthy.

When they appeared together, they were very formal. They didnt even make any public displays of affection. They truly couldnt see each other with any feelings. Now, they were dissolving the marriage, everyone was curious. Who else on β Ursae Minoris could become the Crown Princess?

After Tang Wan woke up and heard the news, he only had two words in his heart: “As expected.”

He knew that the Crown Princess couldnt continue it. For their face, the Imperial family wouldnt want a fake. However, now that he was married, bye bye~ He didnt care about these matters; he just wanted to live a good life.

After breakfast, Lin Bo handed Tang Wan two invitations. Now, when Tang Wan saw the invitations, his head hurt, “Again?!”

After he finished reading it, he had a stunned expression, “The Gene Research Institute and the Biological Evolution Research Institute both want me to go to them, but I dont want to. Do I know how to be a researcher or a treacher? They give me too much credit.”

Zong He: “Then dont go. Its enough to raise so many furry creatures.”

Tang Wan thought about it, and realized it was true, “Lin Bo, please help me refuse. I really dont have the time.”

Zong He solemnly said: “Those long-furred creatures should also be dealt with.”

Tang Wan reached out with his hand to touch Zong Hes head, “Marshal, youre already a mature big baby. You cant be so possessive.”

Zong He tilted his head, not letting Tang Wan touch, “I was immature before? Were you talking about Da Zhuang?”

As soon as he mentioned Da Zhuang, Tang Wan became aggrieved, “I was thinking of Da Zhuang. Take his form and let me hold you.”

Zong He wordlessly refused. That form was too weak, he didnt want to shift.

Tang Wan wasnt happy, “You made my lose my son, you have to compensate me.”

Zong He put down his chopsticks and asked solemnly: “You really want a child?”

Tang Wan silently ate his bun, “If it looks like you, then I want one.”

“If it looks like you?”

Tang Wan hesitated, “Well, I need to think about it.”

Lin Bo was listening to their conversation from the side, and was worried, “No matter if its a beastman or a human, its fine. Children are the same to everyone. If you dont want to raise it, Ill raise it!”

Tang Wan and Zong He looked at each other. The most anxious one was Lin Bo.

The pair, who didnt know how to respond, pretended to be deaf together. Tang Wan used his chopsticks to push around a few boiled peanuts, “You arent going to the military today?”

“Im still on holiday. I typically dont have to go; the imperial decree still hasnt come down yet.”

“Then thats good. Since no one is looking for you, you can rest at home and eat more.”


Lin Bo came over and looked at the two who were pretending to be deaf with a wooden face, “Im saying that since my legs are still nimble, I can raise a child for you. You really arent going to consider it?”

Tang Wan took a napkin and wiped his mouth, “Ive decided to record a video of Gou Dan to put on the Internet. The audience definitely hasnt seen it before.”

Zong He: “En.”

Lin Bo: “……”

Youll never catch the attention of these two deaf people!

Someone here really wants a child….. ౧(*മ് ധമ്)੭ु⁾⁾

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