Chapter 53.2

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After they finished eating, Tang Wan released Gou Dan, and let the little children who liked the sunshine run around.

Gou Dan was a little simple-minded. It didnt care about Mulans hostility. It spread over the ground and moved about lazily.

Tang Wan took a picture of this scene and posted it on Weibo: There is a child at home whos even lazier than Jin Xiao Pang~

Fans: The main point isnt correct! Youre the Marshals partner, why didnt you say so earlier?

Leave, rival in love!

When will the Marshal take over his duties? Is he now acting?

Have you rested enough? You havent announced it to the public!

Isnt Da Zhuang your child, isnt he, isnt he?

Ahahahahah, theres a new child!

Lion! Fuck! This is indeed a more powerful creature. It was also a tyrant on earth!

How ferocious!

Believe me, its really aggressive!

I dont know how its different from a lion beastman?

This should be considered a ferocious beast.

What cant he summon?

Hes worthy of being called the Marshals wife, too awesome!

Hey hey hey! When did you and the Marshal get married?!


Tang Wan automatically filtered for the useful news. He didnt see what he didnt want to see. After he knew what the comments were roughly saying, he said to Zong He, at a loss: “I have a bad feeling that theyve imposed the aura of invincibility that you have onto me.”

Zong He sighed: “Because were lawful husbands.”

Tang Wan: “……”

He didnt know if he was happy or unhappy. Sure enough, this big cat wasnt as easy to understand as the little cat.

However, after his identity was revealed, there werent any arguments online, nor was there a single person who scolded him, which was a good thing. He had no choice but to lament: Having privilege, too cool!

At this time, Zong Hes communicator rang. He glanced at it, and apologetically said to Tang Wan: “Something happened with the military department, Im heading over.”

Tang Wan exited Weibo, “Go, will someone be coming to pick you up, or will the guards send you over?”

Zong He pinched Tang Wans cheeks, “Not asking me to stay?”

Tang Wan rolled his eyes, “Is there any use in staying? The country comes before the family. The matter in the military isnt small, so hurry and go!”

The corners of Zong He lips curled up, and he left with a smile. Who else could be such a sensible partner?

Just after Zong He left, Tang Wan received a message from Luo Bing Jun: I know what the catmint you spoke of before is! I summoned some!!!

Surprised, Tang Wan replied: I want, I want, I want!

Luo Bing Jun smugly asked: How much do you want? However much you want, this master can make it for you!

Tang Wan: 100,000 pots, thank you.

Xiao Luo: Sorry, I dont have that much.

Tang Wan was unhappy. Who had said that however much he wanted, they could make it?

Tang Wan: Give me ten pots first!

Xiao Luo: Ill send it to you, give me an address.

Tang Wan sent the delivery address to him. Unexpectedly, he received it that afternoon. Luo Bing Jun was very quick. Looking at the bountifully growing catmint, Tang Wan couldnt help but send a message to Luo Bing Jun: Emperor daren, how much would it cost to hire you to grow plants in my house?

Xiao Luo: Get lost!

Tang Wan sighed, this Emperor was too rude! He unexpectedly cursed, even though he was a noble!

Tang Wan replied: tui!

Xu Mi saw the chat logs of these two people, and was speechless, “You two are both famous and are nobles. When you speak, can you be conscious of your identity? How can you be so vulgar?”

At the same time, Tang Wan, who had been labeled as “vulgar”, asked people to change the carpet while Zong He was away, and placed the cat mint in his bedroom. He imagined that, at night when Zong He would see the catmint, he wouldnt be able to stop himself from shifting to his original form and roll around on the carpet. “Hehehe.”

It was the evening and almost dark, but Zong He still hadnt returned. Tang Wan was a little worried. Why hadnt he come back? He should be back after the matter had been settled?

Tang Wan sent a message to Zong He: Dear, when you will you come back?

Zong He: Im having dinner in the military department. Things should be settled around 10 oclock.

Tang Wan looked at the catmint spread throughout the room with a smile on his face, and laughed. After a busy day, it would be good to relax. In order to catch the sacred moment of a big cat rolling around, Tang Wan also set up the video recording function, planning to record and treasure it.

When Zong He finished and returned, Tang Wan had finished washing his face and brushing his teeth. He sat on the soft carpet, smiling, and asked Zong He, who had just opened the door: “Do you feel very excited? The feeling that you cant control and shift to your original form and roll around?”

Zong He looked around the bedroom. He warily glanced at Tang Wans arrangement of green plants in the corner, and saw that there was nothing unusual. He walked past the door with a cold expression and closed the door.

Tang Wans expression sank. It couldnt be, how could he not react at all?

Zong He asked as he changed his shoes: “Have you eaten your fill?”

Tang Wan sighed in regret, “Im full.”

Zong He asked in concern: “Are you tired today?”

Tang Wan was disappointed, “Not tired.”

It could be said that he had been very excited. He had prepared for a day, but the big cat hadnt reacted at all when he returned. The catmint must be fake, or there was a gene to overcome the influence of catmint when the species evolved.

Zong He undid his clothes and expressionlessly told Tang Wan, “I dont know what kind of thing youve put here, but as you wish, I really will be very excited.”

Tagn Wan jumped up, “Calm down! It wasnt meant to seduce you!”

Zong He suddenly took a long stride and scooped up Tang Wan. He turned around and pressed him onto the bed, “These things are supposed to stimulate me?”

Tang Wan quickly explained: “You truly misunderstood. This is called catmint, and on earth, its also known as cats spring medicine……”

“Spring medicine?”

Tang Wan was quick to cry, “No no no, its just a phrase, thats all.”

The more he explained, the more misunderstandings there were!

Zong He grabbed the two hands struggling in front of him, and then pushed them directly above Tang Wans head. He said very cooperatively: “Okay, Im excited.”

Tang Wan: “……”

Ever since they had rolled around in the bedsheets, there wasnt a single night where the Marshal could sleep still!

The next morning, Tang Wan rubbed his waist and command Ji Yan to remove all of the catmint with a hoarse voice. It would be best to bury it until the end of the world. He never wanted to see them again!

That swindler!

He couldnt use his previous knowledge in this world, otherwise the one who would be tricked to death would be him!

Luo Bing Jun very happily paid him a return visit: “How was that catmint? Was it good? Is it good to raise?”

Tang Wan grit his teeth and told the other: “……Good! Very good!”

Luo Bing Jun happily called over: “Then thats good. If you still want some next time, Ill summon some more for you. Ill let you know first that I cant use my ability when Im shooting a movie or singing. Ill panic.”

Tang Wan only wanted to say that he should fucking go and grow grass on a garbage planet! The agricultural department thanks you!

Luo Bing Jun couldnt feel his friends resentment at all. He also happily invited him: “I found a new game again. Do you want to play? It would absolutely be fun!”

Tang Wan coldly refused the invitation, “Im not going, Im not in a good mood.”

Luo Bing Jun was disappointed and said: “Well, Im going! With a klutz like you, I could find a bit of a presence.”

Tang Wan laughed coldly. He didnt want to be with him. Tang Wan knew that he didnt have good intentions!

At this time, Xu Mis voice came from the opposite side: “Youre not allowed to play games. Go practice your songs, and then practice them ten more times!”

“Im your ancestor! I practice everyday. Does laozi rely on these acts for his meals? Laozis family is very wealthy. If it doesnt work out, I can still go home and inherit hundreds of billions in family property! Laozi can still be a noble; when you see laozi, youll have to kneel down and call me Daddy! Are you afraid?”

Xu Mi was so angry that he violently shout: “You bastard! You bastard ah! If you cant do it in a few days, you can leave!”

Tang Wan, who wasnt in a good mood, was amused by the other. If Xu Mi continued to follow Luo Bing Jun, he would soon become bald. He would quickly lose his mind!

“Brother Xu Mi, do you want to become my economic man? Dump him! Follow me, follow me!” Tang Wan wished for the whole world to be chaotic and yelled: “Ill pay you well, I need a person who can maintain my positive image!”

Xu Mis silence was like deathly stillness. After a full half a minute, Brother Xu Mi finally choked out: “You two ancestors, let me go!”

Tang Wan was disappointed, “Then thats really a pity.”

Xu Mi was also weary. With Tang Wans identity, who would dare to protect his image? If he didnt protect him well, then he could only despair.

Luo Bing Jun secretly stared at Xu Mi, “Youve unexpectedly experienced rejection, haha. Tang Wan, let the lion eat him. No, throw Jin Xiao Pang over and knock him out!”

Tang Wan furiously hung up the communicator; he was annoyed to death!

After a while, Xu Mi sent a message to Tang Wan: If you need a person to maintain your image, I can do it temporarily. In the future, if you meet a better one, I will withdraw.”

Tang Wan was grateful: I am very thankful, Brother Xu Mi. I really need an agent. I hadnt needed one before, but I really need one now! Ill pay you!

Xu Mi also understood. After Tang Wan had announced his identity, he worried that he would be deliberately discredited. His fans were many and varied. Without a good guide, it would be very easy for him to be cheated.

Xu Mi: I dont need you to pay me, Ill deduct it from Luo Bing Juns salary. You can do what you need to do. It would be fine for you just to tell me whenever something happens. My good secret, dont announce it.

Tang Wan was moved and gave the other a kneeling and kowtowing expression, eyes brimming with tears of excitement. He had gained a competent agent by accident. His good luck had arrived.

However, when Xu Mi saw Tang Wans expression, he couldnt help but pursue his lips. He felt that when something would happen to Tang Wan, it would be more difficult to deal with than Luo Bing Jun, because Tang Wan was a person who valued their face more than Luo Bing Jun did. What kind of people were these two ah!

lol Luo Bing Jun….(ノ>▽<。)ノ

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