My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran Away

Ch54.1 - I Want a Child Whos Identical to Da Zhuang

Chapter 53.3

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Tang Wan was in a good mood. He had half a bowl of rice at lunch and told Ji Yan: “Im going to have a live broadcast for an hour in the afternoon. Check the lawn, I want to let them out to sunbathe!”

Ji Yan asked worriedly, “As for your cold, it has been cured? You dont need to rest a little more?”

Tang Wan kicked a chair with a flushed face, “……cured.”

Ji Yan obediently steadied the chair, and looked at Tang Wan with an astonished expression. How could he be angry again? Wasnt it a good thing that he had been cured?

In the afternoon, Tang Wan called out the three sled fools, foxes, kittens, rabbits, and parrots. He quickly released them onto the grass.

Xiao Gou Dan was still lazily lying down on the ground, unwilling to respond to anything. After a long time, even his households cats werent afraid of him. A few little milk cats even thought that the sunshine around it was very good, and gathered together to bask in the sun. Finding it not aggressive, they grew more and more daring. A kitten had even climbed onto its back and fell asleep.

As soon as Tang Wans live broadcast started and the scene was broadcast, the audience was delighted: Its decided, all of Tang Wans meng pets can coexist peacefully!

The little lion would soon become a giant, and then all of the little kittens could lie on it and sunbathe!

Tang Tang, just show your face, we all know what you look like, but youre still wearing that cat mask. Is there any meaning to it?

The most down-to-earth noble! The Marshals wife ah, what are we talking about today? Talking about the old monk on the mountain?

Millions of letters written in blood, begging him to show his face on the live broadcast, forming a big wave!

Tang Wan was helpless, “Havent you all gotten used to it over the past year?”

At this time, there was a low, obvious threatening, meowing sound. The camera lens turned and found that the husky was fighting with the pure white highland. The cat was also fully grown, and weighed more than ten kilograms. It jumped up and pressed the husky to paste it with several smacks.

The husky only know how to cry, and didnt know how to retaliate. Tang Wan helplessly introduced to everyone, “It has never won a fight, but never lost a shouting match. In fact, the three of them have a collective name: the three sled fools.

Audience: ……pfft!

Then, Tang Wan very responsibly shared history of the three sled fools with everyone. He hugged the Alaskans neck and rubbed it. This big, chubby dog was very cute when it hadnt gone crazy.

At this time, Tang Wans communicator vibrated and he opened it. He didnt think much about the voice message sent by Crazy Luo Bei, so he clicked on it.

Crazy Luo Bei: “Gē, that Kneel Down, Call Me Daddy is the Marshal? When you two have free time to play games, take me with you. Im learning about tactics from him.

Tang Wan: “……”

Audience: “……”

Now, everyone knew that the game ID “Kneel Down, Call Me Daddy” belonged to the Marshal!

He really was a ferocious and handsome tyrant! Incomparably powerful!

Tang Wan suddenly felt that the name was harmful to the Marshals image; it was too immodest. He quickly explained: “I dragged him to play, and I chose the name randomly as well.”

This time, the audience couldnt remain calm. Soon, the fans on Tang Wans Weibo also knew that the Marshals wife especially adored the Marshal. Even when playing a game, he would choose a game ID which would make other people kneel down and call him Daddy. It must be to maintain the Marshals omnipotence. As for why the Marshal would play this kind of common game, it was because his wife coquettishly asked, dont you understand?

The fans also listed a hundred ways the Marshals wife had acted coquettishly towards him. They wrote especially clearly with vivid imagery, allowing people to imagine countless little yellow books.

Because he both respected and hated Zong He, the little Duke Tang calculatively revealed his secret account during his brothers live stream, so that everyone in the Empire would know that the aloof Marshall was especially henpecked. It was a pity that afterwards, his depressive mood from getting his brother stolen hadnt lifted at all. The rumors online made it even more difficult to swallow. If he hadnt lost his brother, he wouldnt have been married to Zong He. Little Duke Tang simply picked up a carving knife and angrily cut up a piece of wood until it became saw dust.

Tang Wan also took a deep breath when he saw the comments on Weibo and felt that he couldnt recover. Crazy Luo Bei had spoken at the entirely wrong time! In this moment, Zong He sent a picture to him, “I noticed that this was being sold on my way back, you ought to like it.”

When Tang Wan opened it to look, it turned out to be a cute panda pendant.

“Youre buying one for me?”

“I figured I was going to make you a big one.”


“A mecha, ten meters tall.”

Tang Wan asked in amazement: “…..Do I need to pilot it out?”

Zong He calmly responded: “Yes, mechas are a mans romance.”

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “Its romance for a straight-as-steel man! Dont bring it home, we cant put it anywhere!”

On the other side, someone probably heard Tang Wans shout and asked: “Marshal, should we still do it?”

Tang Wan quickly yelled: “Dont do it! Even if you do, itll be useless!”

Zong He solemnly said: “Of course, when Fūrén really wants something, he would say he didnt want it.”

Tang Wan was stunned, then flushed. When had he given him such a fucking impression?!

Three days later, Tang Wan face went slack when a mecha in the shape of a chubby, three story tall panda was sent to his house. Correct, he liked pandas, but he didnt like all pandas!

No matter where he was in the house, he could see the steel panda if he just glanced in that direction. Tang Wan couldnt see its cuteness at all, just feeling that it had a very ferocious expression and that, in the next second, it could shoot out light rays or trample the building flat.

However, Zong He thought the gift he had given was very good. When he gave Tang Wan the ring last time, the other was overjoyed. This time, he had also adapted to his tastes. Facing the others praise-seeking eyes, Tang Wan wearily said: “Just put it there, I wont pilot it, I wont.”

Zong He encouraged him: “Dont be afraid, go up and have a look.”

No matter what, Tang Wan wouldnt go up, “I dont know how to pilot it!”

“It doesnt matter, you just have to be confident!”

“God damned confidence, its not a matter of confidence! I cant pilot it!”

Zong He frowned, “You would only need to glance at it to know how to pilot it.”

Tang Wan suddenly felt that his own IQ had been ruined.

Zong He earnestly said: “You need to learn how to protect yourself. When you need it, it can become a weapon that will protect you.”

“Where would there be so many dangers?!”

“A soldier must think of danger in times of safety.”

“I refuse!”

Zong He was a little angry, “Why?”

“Isnt it too ugly?”

Zong He: “……you clearly like this kind of thing. When you looked at the picture, your eyes were shining.”

“But making it so big really just made it ugly!” Tang Wan held his temper and coaxed: “Actually, I feel that its not necessary. I have you, so Im not afraid of danger. Youre simply my god of war.”

Zong He remained silent for a while, then he suddenly smiled, “That makes sense. Then well just place it somewhere.”

Tang Wan: “……”

He truly just wanted to give it away!

Being threatened with inadvertently seeing this giant steel panda everyday, Tang Wan couldnt stand it. With nothing left to live for, Tang Wan took a picture of himself with the panda in the background and uploaded it to Weibo: My familys darling knew that I like pandas, so he made me one. Sorry, Im planning on giving it away.”

The fans first reaction was: Fuck! He unexpectedly showed his real face!

There were both laughing and crying reactions: Fuck! Its worthy of being the Marshals gift! Its too manly!

Gifting a steel panda, we commoners wouldnt understand the Marshals romance!

The most important point is Tang Tangs hopeless gaze!

Hahahahahahahaha such a big panda! Hahahahahaha~

Dont give it away! Sell it to me; no matter how much it costs, I want it!

I laughed until I couldnt breathe. My Tang Tang is a perfect big beauty, with a hopeless gaze!

Tang Wan saw them laugh and his heart was knocked even more off balance. Unexpectedly, there wasnt a single person who comforted him. He was afraid that these fans were fake!

Someone asked: My Tang Tang, you clearly are good-looking, why are you relying on your talent to eat?

Tang Wan replied: Probably because I married well. After all, other people wouldnt have gifted me a steel panda.

The fans laughed again. They loved Tang Wan, but also didnt know how he had survived when the Marshal was unconscious. Thinking about it, they felt that it was very cruel. However, they continued to laugh. The Marshal loved him to the deepest level. Unexpectedly, he had given him a thoughtful gift. Unfortunately, it wasnt romantic at all.

There were also a group of little lemons that would be sour until tomorrow. They said that they would flip over Tang Wans dog food so that he couldnt make a public display of affection!

Tang Wan wearily called over two soldiers, “Please pack up this mecha for me. I want to send it to someone.”

The two soldiers were surprised and asked: “Send it? The Marshal gave this to you!”

“The Marshal should be angry when he returns.”

When Tang Wan turned around and saw the giant pandas head, he didnt know whether to laugh or cry, “No, it must be sent away. Well find a freight ship and ship it over to the Dukes residence. Give it to the little Duke Tang. Say that I cant understand it and that Im letting him play with it.”

That night, Zong He came back and found that his gift was gone. He was very unhappy.

Tang Wan pulled himself against Zong Hes neck and coaxes, “When we got married, you didnt send anything over to my brother. Wouldnt you be said that you were too insensitive? I only have one person in my family, how could you be a big brother? Arent you his big brother?”

Zong He had a calm expression and suddenly felt that what Tang Wan had said was very reasonable.

“In the near future, I can summon a real giant panda. So, we can just give the giant steel panda to my younger brother as a present from our marriage to the younger generation.

Zong He thought for a while, then nodded slowly, “Do you want to add on something else? Is only one too little?”

Tang Wan laughed, “Thats also fine, you can give anything you want.”

Zong He immediately told Lin Bo, “Go to the military department to order a fighter plane. Sent it to the child to let him play with it.”

As for money……Zong He took advantage of Tang Wans wandering attention and gave Lin Bo a meaningful glance. Take it from your side!

Lin Bo: “……”

— — — —

Little Duke Tang, who had received the steel panda, happily sat on the balcony, quietly enjoying the big toy. It was cute no matter how he looked at it. As long as it was given to him by his brother, it was the best. It would be seen from the gift that his brother sent him, he still cared about him!

The fighter plane didnt receive such good treatment. The little Duke was still upset about the man who had robbed him of his brother. After he appreciated the giant pandas outstanding appearance, the little Duke tentatively took a big step in his life: “Gēge, Im in the Imperial Capital. Can we meet? QAQ (chubby rabbit standing on its hind legs, bowing with its hands held in front, selling meng.JPG).

At least someone is happy in this scenario ʱªʱªʱª (ᕑᗢूᓫ∗)

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