Chapter Ch54.1 – I Want a Child Whos Identical to Da Zhuang

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Tang Wan agreed to meet with little Luo Bei; it didnt have any other meaning. It was Zong He who had said that the child was a noble, but he was a little unstable and bloodthirsty. He could very easily grow up to be abnormal. Since the other had called him Gē once, he didnt think it would be bad to meet him.

What he hadnt expected was that the place where he agreed to meet the other was the cafe where he had wanted to meet the little cutie. The decor was low-key, but luxurious, and had its implications. When Tang Wan arrived, he couldnt help but laugh. More than half a year had passed, but things had remained the same. Coming back here, he felt that the matters of that time were a bit absurd.

Tang Wan was smiling. Ji Yan looked at him and felt that it was baffling. Tang Wan saw the curiosity in his gaze, and said with a smile: “Before you were here, I had come here alone for a date.”

Ji Yan nodded, “It truly is a good place to have a date.”

Tang Wan laughed: “It wasnt a date with the Marshal, but with the furry, good-natured little cutie I had liked before. I wanted to catch up with him. Unfortunately, the Marshal sent someone to grab him. I havent seen the little cutie, and he had been blackmailed. He might never know who I am. I really regret it.”

Ji Yan was dumbstruck. He wanted to say that he was too brave. The Marshal not beating you to death was true love.

As soon as Tang Wan thought of it, he wanted to laugh. However, there was still some regret, “At the time, I had spent a lot of money on that little fellow, nothing more. I just thought that his beast form was cute and his fur was good to rub.”

Ji Yan didnt know what he ought to say. His gaze towards Tang Wan was incomparably admiring. All this because he had a lot of fur?

Tang Wan was still smiling, “But now, my taste has changed. I dont think that kind of soft little cutie is good for me. My favorite really is in Da Zhuangs category, the kind of big cat that would grow up to be like the Marshal, super handsome!

Ji Yan breathed a sigh of relief. This counted as true love.

Soon, the door was pushed open by a waiter, and Tang Wan turned to the door with a smile on his face. He wanted to see what little Luo Bei looked like. From the others voice, he should be a wild and unruly teenager. When Luo Bei mischievously sprang up from behind the waiter, Tang Wan had only one thought: Fuck! This child is crazy!

“Gēge~” Tang Tingye happily ran over and threw himself on Tang Wans back like a clingy baby. Tang Wans head was full of black lines, “How could it be you?”

“Im Crazy Luo Bei!” Tang Tingyes laugh was like a childs. Only in front of Tang Wan could he laugh like this. He had none of the aloofness and grandeur he normally did. He stuck himself to Tang Wans body, not letting go, “Gē, I really miss you, and I worry about you so much! Why dont you contact me?”

Tang Wan didnt know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at his younger brother, who was acting spoiled for no reason, “Sorry, I forgot.”

“Thats alright, I forgive you. Even if you forget everything, you still remembered that you had a younger brother named Xiao Ye, which means that I must be the most important person in your heart.” Tang Tingye had rubbed enough against Tang Wans back. Sitting beside Tang Wan, he beamed as he looked at him. He resembled a kitten waiting for its fur to be brushed. Tang Wan was amused. He couldnt see that nights boldness from this child at all.

Tang Wan couldnt help but give the childs head a few rubs, “Youre so happy meeting me?”

“Of course! Gēge is the best!” Tang Tingye beamed as he placed his head on Tang Wans shoulder. He said with narrowed eyes and a low voice: “I want to take my brother home.”

Tang Wan smiled, “Thats not possible. Now that my identity had been revealed. Others will gossip if they see me. If you want to see me in the future, you can go directly to the Marshals residence.”

“En! Ill pilot the mecha you sent me!”

“No! It burns the eyes!”

Tang Wans heart vehemently refused that steel panda!

Tang Tingye frowned, “No, its cute. This type of big killing machine is the cutest.”

“Haha.” Tang Wan awkwardly laughed twice. He didnt know what to say. This childs tastes were very similar to Zong Hes. They were both&#k2026;&#k2026;unconventional!

After talking to Tang Tingye all afternoon, Tang Wan went back to talk about it to Zong He, “Did you know that Luo Bei was Xiao Ye? What else can you say you made friends with? Hes a noble, you can directly say that hes my younger brother.”

Zong He: “En.”

“What does youren mean?” As long as there was something that couldnt be explained, The Marshal would answer with a word.

Zong He solemnly said: “Its time to return to my normal work and start to correct things that arent within the army.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips. The topic had been changed a little too harshly.

Zong He was still solemn: “In the future, I might live in the military department when things get busy.”


“If I dont return, Ill send someone to pick you up in advance. The only thing of concern is that you cant do live broadcasts there.”

Tang Wan said with a deadpan: “I can remain at home by myself.”

“No,” Zong He solemnly said: “You cant leave me.”

Tang Wan held back his laugh. “Relax, I can leave.”

Zong He: “……I cant leave you.”

Tang Wan pfftd and laughed, “Youre admitting it too quickly!” He still thought that the big cat would be more unreasonable.

Zong He held Tang Wan in his arms, “There isnt anything that I cant say. I care about you more than you do.”

Tang Wan closed his eyes; he was moved by his words and couldnt help but wrap his arms around Zong Hes neck and took the initiative to kiss him. This big cat knew how to strike at his heart! All the previous matters had been blown away by the wind; they were trivial.

— — — —

The day that Zong He said he would make a formal return to the military had quickly arrived. The Imperial family also attached great importance to this matter, and wanted to hold a press conference. Even the power to command the Imperial guards and β Ursae Minoriss guards had been given to Zong He.

The new uniform was quickly sent to their home. Tang Wan watched Zong He try on his uniform and excitedly held his face. He was too handsome! Zong He was still suited for military uniforms! He was simply walking hormones!

At the succession ceremony, His Majesty formally transferred the military power to Zong He. General Gu Yankai was the Chief of Staff. There had been many conspiracies, saying that Zong Hes injuries had been arranged by the Imperial family. Now, they had all been slapped in the face. The Imperial family proved with their actual actions that their relationship was still very good!

As soon as the news was released, the entire Empire was impassioned: The god that stabilized the country has returned!

At the press conference, the media took a picture of Zong Hes entire body, which the people of the Empire all downloaded one after the other. They claimed that they pasted the picture of the Marshal in their rooms. If they had the Marshal in the room, they werent afraid of anything!

Tang Wan watched and couldnt control the beating of his heart. He couldnt help but forward the news and boasted: My familys man is so handsome!

The fans were angry: When it wasnt announced, you were hiding it like a steamed bun! Not even a hint! As soon as there was an announcement, theres so much PDA! Have you ever thought about us single dogs? Kick over the dog food!

As an Internet start who never gave in to the fans, Tang Wan alone provoked tens of billions of fans: Youre all jealous ah, bite me ~

Fans: …….

Why didnt we blacklist such a man?!

When Zong He took office again, many people sensed something. For example, letting him return when the foreign wars continued, wasnt this to intimidate the border? This was a signal to the outside: Zong He is still alive. What are you being unrestrained for?

In the afternoon, the sunlight was just right. Tang Wan was sitting in the newly installed hammock above the grass, and looked at his system, content. He joked with Zong He, who was sitting below him and taking the rare opportunity to enjoy the sun: “If theres a war, I might be able to help you. In the future, I can still summon battle squads of white tigers, lions, bears, dinosaurs, and so on.”

Zong He laughed and boldly said: “No need.”

Tang Wan looked at his cutie and laughed. It wasnt that he didnt want to fight shoulder-to-shoulder with his partner, but that his broad arms were enough to support the sky. He didnt need him to do anything at all. He really was content in this lifetime!

As the news of Zong Hes awakening spread abroad, there was also news about Tang Wan, who had the ability to summon ancient earth creatures. Together, the couple caused the few other empires who didnt know the truth to become nervous. Tang Wans ability made them think of a man with the power of an emperor, echoing the power of the beast god. One hundred years ago, the king of space pirates crisscrossed the entire galaxy. It was said that he could summon thousands of troops to fight, and he could fight against an entire army by himself. If that Tang Wan had the same ability, who dared to challenge the Ende Empire when the two men teamed up.

When the Imperial family heard this, they deliberately sent someone to find Tang Wan: “Can we test the ranking of your spiritual power?”

Tang Wan was idle at home with nothing to do, and the Imperial family had sent someone over personally, so it wouldnt be good for him to refuse, “If you want to test, then you can just do it~”

Testing spiritual strength was simple. The spiritual strength didnt need to be used; only a spiritual strength receiver needed to be worn on the head, and the results would come out in three minutes. Tang Wan was a little worried. He had been poisoned before, and no one knew what state his spiritual strength would be in. He was also thinking about: Did the Imperial family want him to be above average, or below average?

Zong He sat to the side and watched. Because Tang Wan was nervous, he awkwardly comforted him, clumsily appeasing: “Dont be afraid, even if youre a C rank, Ill still love you.”

Tang Wan pursed his lips, “Thank you. My ability had awakened, so how could I be a C?”

Zong He paused when he was rebuked, and remedied: “When you hadnt awakened, it might have been a C, and I didnt dislike you.”

Tang Wan was unhappy. “When you were lying immobile in bed, I married you.”

Zong He: “……”

It was originally supposed to be comforting, but now it had become a quarrel.

The Imperial doctor who had come to do the testing wasnt young. The old uncle, who was fifty or sixty years old, was happy to see the pair like this, “You two have a good relationship.”

Tang Wan was speechless. This uncles tinted glasses were awful. They were clearly arguing. He thought about it, then decided that it was enough. Why would a couple hurt each other?

“Heavens, its unexpectedly an S rank!” As soon as the test results came out, the doctor was shocked. If he used it to summon creatures, what kind of monsters would be summoned? The doctor was already confident that Tang Wan was usually hiding his strength. Summoning meng pets was a mere trifle; he should be able to summon giant, mythical monsters.

Tang Wan was also surprised. Had he completely recovered from the poison?

“Zong He, I seem to be very powerful.”

“En, its just a lack of control.”

“Ive already worked hard, your standards are too high!”

Zong He cocked his head, puzzled. Speaking of this again and again, was he angry? He quickly said: “I dont dislike you.”

Tang Wan pouted and unhappily looked at this stupid-mouthed man. When the doctor wasnt paying attention he whispered and gestured to Zong He: “tui!”

Zong He unhappily pressed him down and kissed him!

Tang Wan flushed and became listless. He pointed towards the doctor, who was tidying up the equipment. There was someone there, dont be like this!

Zong He looked at his timid appearance and wanted to give him another kiss. At this time, they head the doctors sigh of regret: “Your children will definitely be S ranked! Im calling it ahead of time!”

As soon as he spoke about children, Tang Wans thoughts halted, and he took the opportunity to ask the question he had always wanted to know about, “Will our children be beastmen?”

The doctor smiled: “They should be. Analyzing from a scientific perspective, the childs genes will generally take after the stronger of the two parents. According to my many years of practical experience,” The doctor spoke confidently, “It should be a small, beautiful tiger. If not, Ill admire you.”

Tang Wan took a deep breath, his heart thumped. He raised his head and looked up at Zong He, who was half a head taller than him. He solemnly thanked the doctor and pulled Zong He away.

Zong He was at a loss, “Where are we going?”

“Nonsense! Were going to the hospital! I want a son who looks like Da Zhuang!”

Zong He: “……”

Lin Bo, who was strolling around the home, heard his words and was so excited that he dropped his melon seeds. He called ahead for Zong He: “An aircraft? Quick! Bring me one! The Marshal needs to go to the hospital!”

Zong He: “…….can you all listen to my opinion for a bit?”

From the Marshals perspective, it wasnt reasonable to have children now, since his relationship with Tang Wan had just been going on the right track. Now, it was a time for deep affection. Getting a child would undoubtedly divide Tang Wans attention.

Tang Wan hugged his arm and excitedly pulled him out, “Your opinion isnt important!”

Baby???? 《《o(≧◇≦)o》》

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