Reaper’s Shades

Elder God\'s Messenger

In the woods, in the middle of the darkness which was his best friend, Huel hid while the wolves tried to sniff him out, some time had passed and he managed to count about fifteen of them, his plan was to reduce their number, little by little.

A wolf was closing in on him, and just as before the swing of his sword cut him off, the animal let out a small howl and he walked away. All the others approached the dead body and began to howl. Huel felt the adrenaline rush through his body, and somehow he wanted to kill them all now, and thats what he did, he felt crazy but confident.

He equipped the scythe in his other free hand, and before any of the enemies attacked him first, he killed one of them, and then another, and so on. The wolves attacked him but he was faster, they hadn attacked together so it didn cause him much trouble.

Now there were only five left after his great slaughter, who were moving away from him now.

A message appeared and he started to run after the rest of them.

[Soul Reave skill cooldown reset!]

[Soul Harvest] and the souls went to the inventory, straight to the soul flask.

[Soul Flask: 10/10 Item is full.]

As he approached, he pointed his sword at one of the wolves seeking to stab him and activated the skill again.

[Soul Reave]

[The strength of the skill will adapt to your current situation! Three souls will be used.]

An even stronger purple aura than before appeared over the sword, which soon penetrated the wolf, and when he slashed it with his scythe soon after, an even bigger aura erupted, covering the body of the other 4, as the aura disappeared, he saw only bodies on the ground, and their souls, of course.

[Swordsmanship has gone up one level: current level 2]

[A new function of the Soul Reave Skill has been utilized! All requirements have been met.]

[Soul Reave: Creates a large burst of aura causing the targets soul to come into contact with another.

The damage depends on the quality of the consumed soul.

You can use more than one soul, to make the skill stronger.]

When this message disappeared, he used another skill.

[Soul Harvest]

The 10 flask slots were filled, the two remaining souls were left hovering in the air until they disappeared.

”Then they disappear, interesting. ”

He still felt a little guilty about killing someone, as he had never done that before.

”But Im surviving, I kill or die, those are the only choices around here. ”

”This skill has become even more useful, it can help me out of some trouble…Ill make sure to always take 10 souls with me. ” He was a very cautious person.

Returning to the goblins camp, the two bodies were still where he had left them, he was looking around for something, he found food, but he was sure he wouldn be able to eat those things, they even looked rotten.

A human-sized chain mail lay beside a trunk, along with other belongings like a backpack and a book.

The chain mail looked like something interesting, so he outfitted it between his white shirt (now red with blood from his first fight) and his tunic.

When touching the book, whose name was The Rise of the Market, a new message appeared

[The system enabled you to acquire new knowledge]

[Mercantile Skill: Level 1]

”Interesting…Maybe this will help me, Ill keep an eye out for books from now on ”

Inside his backpack there was a lot of useless stuff for him, but luckily he found an apple, he was starving in that moment.

Maybe, if it wasn for hunger and tiredness, he would go after the goblins, he didn like that idea of ​​ ”plan ” they talked about, but for now he sat and rested a little, that, for now, had nothing to do with him, and he should avoid unnecessary fights. Eating his apple and looking once more around the camp, he found an old and slightly torn paper, on which he could read in large letters: PLAN OF THE MASTER-GOBLIN and below: In the village ahead, take the place, for the honor of the goblins of the great Diarkia forest, let us not let the filthy humans take over the surroundings, so that one day they may pose danger to our people.

Reading this he felt an obligation to help, they were human, just like him. And meeting friends around here could be really helpful, he thought. He started walking in the direction the goblins had gone before, the sun was already rising, and he hoped the monsters hadn arrived yet.

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